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  1. Really digging the new album Encoder is a bizarre song though slowly growing on me over than that all the over songs are amazing
  2. This article Vik wrote says the album is due July 24th with the music video
  3. If anyone has the Japanese bonus tracks can you pm me them or upload them here as soon as anyone ha got them
  4. So I am guessing bonus tracks tomorrow then but albums great really enjoying it
  5. Can you post the 2 bonus tracks when they become available either today or tomorrow
  6. Awesome there will be a Japanese version with a few more bonu tracks can you upload when avalible
  7. Wtf is everyone's problem he has a problem that effects him you try keeping your voice heavy with his condition
  8. Where did you find this information on its realise date
  9. Sum 41 Blink 182 Crown the empire A day to remember Good Charlotte Linkin Park (when its announced)
  10. It really is annoying that these days bands have to be heavy and have breakdowns and screaming to be good its amusing cause most bands without are way better
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