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  1. Also, link please. Because I'm on the official LP merch page right now and there's only 2 options for One More Light Live - The CD and the digital download. No DVD option. Methinks you're full of $hit.
  2. Omg you are beyond cringe. I'd suggest staying in that shell. You've spit nothing but negative in here, and all someone asked is if there was a DVD coming.
  3. Literally no new tracks. Major disappointment. Won't be bothering with this, I've got the vanilla from last year already.
  4. Except it is. It's the same 6 members that released Hybrid Theory. Unfortunately for you and people like you you're incapable of understanding that a group of men have aged and matured and decided to switch it up. Unlike bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden, Linkin Park have decided to not release the same album time and time again. If you go back and listen to Hybrid Theory all the way through to Living Things you'll notice a massive shift in tone as the guys have grown up. The Hunting Party was an attempt to retread the ground that they had already mastered some 15 years earlier, but you can hear in the record that they've outgrown it. With every album since Meteora I've heard you "fans" say "This isn't Hybrid Theory! They've changed! Wah!" Linkin Park never labelled themselves Nu-Metal, they've said as much in interviews and make a point of it on their DVD. Whatever they release - whether you like it or not - is indeed Linkin Park.
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