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Everything posted by dorathekiller97

  1. How do you make a compilation like this without including LUCIFER?
  2. Re-making the best Death Metal/Progressive Death Metal album ever into Synthwave? Worth giving a chance!
  3. PM me your site if you can Never listened to Movements before! I need to give them a try, as i know i'm missing out.
  4. Album Title: "Talk of the town" Album artwork: A star collapsing, planets being torn apart, unimaginable heat and gravitational pull Me: Oh.
  5. Heavy. Metal. Classic. People were naturally scared after Ozzy left Black Sabbath, but after this they weren't worried anymore. This is one of the most creative and innovative heavy metal acts in the 80's. Ozzy is and always will be the Prince of Darkness.
  6. Late to the thread. This looks interesting.
  7. Oh this is a no-brainer for me. Post-rock is the perfect genre for this kind of thing imo. God Is An Astronaut We Lost The Sea Hammock April Rain (Personal favorite, except the last track, which has a russian voiceover. Still beautiful stuff, progression, music in general)
  8. dorathekiller97


    Song: 7/10 Post: 0 and/or unknown /10
  9. Pretty early leak! This is that good shit.
  10. From the record label on Youtube... This record has a lot of big names on it. This death/doom monolith shouldn't be skipped.
  11. I don't think i will ever understand the hype with these guys. I don't get their music sadly. I hope you guys think its good! Enjoy something i can't
  12. You'll enjoy any album by these boys. Dark Tranquility is one of those bands where any and every album has something special to offer. Atoma is probably their weakest release. Even Atoma is really good!
  13. Rest In Power homie. This is golden thrash.
  14. So... now promote @Codeorange2 to super deluxe ultra hyper turbo time administrator. Can't wait to jam this one.
  15. *Serious answer* Really good! You're missing a little on the extreme metal side though. I suggest.... these (from this year) I love a lot of your listed releases this year! Convocation Warbringer Cult of Lilith Skyforest (Positive BLACK METAL?) Napalm Death Annihilator And i guess some piano shit. Really beautiful stuff tho. Rob Graves of Red is on this.
  16. This album is a faithful recreation of Heavy Metal's first album ever; "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath. Trivia: Zakk Sabbath's ode to the masters won't be available digitally, "to make the release feel authentic to the time when vinyl ruled the earth. It was such a cool time for those of us that grew up during that time. The fan experience with the physical product is irreplaceable with digital and streaming. We wanted to capture that authenticity." The songs were faithfully recorded in the spirit of the original - live in the studio and with a film crew documenting the process - culminating in a new celebration of the greatest heavy metal band of all time and the record that started it all. The entire record was recorded under 24 hours, just like the original. Thank you so much for uploading this
  17. One of my favorite bands. They always attempt to tell stories with their music, and do a fantastic job. The artwork reflects the music. Do not pass this up. Its perfect for driving at night in a calm environment.
  18. BRB guys, gotta ask my mom if i can listen to this it might be too scary
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