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  1. This restores my faith in what this band is capable of. Keep it coming!!!
  2. This is actually kind of good. This song has a really really interesting feel to it i haven't heard before. Props for that!
  3. This is SOOOO good. I'm so happy about this new direction he's taking and a very pleasant surprise. It feels so positive and full of life. I admit i love Asking Alexandria quite a bit, but i really hope he can do both. Also, i highly doubt i'd consider this country. More blues or jazz really.
  4. Looks like its straight from 1990. I love the artwork.
  5. I generally enjoy trash like this. Suicide boys, Lil Peep, etc. But this guy's voice is ridiculous. Who said to themselves "Yeah he has good flow"??? This is awful and this guy is a human std.
  6. Good stuff. After 'The Incredible True Story' his stuff got a little too "sjw" for me. But it seems he shoved most of that to the side. This is really good, and reminds me a little of under pressure. Keep it up!
  7. Love this album. Donald Duck core with clean vocals. Yep. My thing.
  8. Don't mess with this album, it'll throw you into Hell before you try. \M/
  9. Modern day Abandon All Ships. Except without the unclean vocalist. Idk if it would jam this at this point in my life. Maybe a few years ago these guys would've been one of my favorites. I hope to see these guys mature and harness their talent more.
  10. No way. These guys go back. I definitely wanna check this out.
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