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  1. Oh yes. Highly anticipated. Edit: What a fantastic solid release. Probably their best album, which is saying alot. Dropped the groove and picked up the thrash. @Edgekrvzher
  2. Very nice to see her here. She has done guest vocals for Fallujah in the past. I.E: The Flesh Prevails (Title Track)/Alone With You
  3. I normally use a VPN all the time, but it only just started to give me this error. Hmm. Well, it also doesn't work while im off of a VPN on Vivaldi which is strange. Using Microsoft Edge works though. I don't understand at all. But i mean, whatever lol Thank you for cluing me in!
  4. @mR12 Do you have any idea why this won't let me download anything? It's been like this for a couple days.
  5. Very very unorthodox R&B. I'm enjoying this.
  6. I don't see this being any good. But nonetheless i will jam it with an open mind.
  7. LOL same. I never bothered to jam the new Slipknot. We could be missing out who knows? But anywho, kind of unsurprising. I just wish Diamond Head and Valiant Hearts would've made it higher. GG everyone. 2019 was a fantastic year for music, albeit not the best. 2020 will be crushing i believe.
  8. Why don't we take the square and push it somewhere else?
  9. Oh fuck. Thanks @Lord Kingdom for mentioning the vocalist of Valiant Hearts is the same guy from this band. I'm so hype. EDIT: @Edgekrvzher The same vocalist of Valiant Hearts fronts this band as well. Be sure to not miss this one!
  10. Be sure to check out Clockwork Angels. Really underrated album from their discography! RIP Neil Peart
  11. Ima wait for the album. I'm sure this'll be dumb brutal though.
  12. I don't think the title of this album is proper grammar, but whatever. lmao
  13. So, is this actually good or is it exactly like everything they've released after War is the Answer? Edit: Still basically FFDP. There is little to no evolution or change with these guys i swear. Disappointing track overall. Very generic alternative metal.
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