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  1. Disturbed really helped shape my music taste today. They deserve a lot of credit for all they've done. David is a really chill dude. Their earlier stuff really has good riffs and solos. As for this album? It's their odd 1 out in my opinion. Not particularly a bad thing.
  2. This is actually pretty cool.
  3. Didn't expect an instrumental from Lights. Not complaining though. I will miss her voice nonetheless.
  4. These guys are STILL making music? Damn! Very stellar fun death metal.
  5. "I Am Yours" just brings me back memories of middle/high school everytime i hear it. I love this album!
  6. So happy to see this. But track 21: 'Juice speaks from heaven'? Fuck off.
  7. I knew it would leak today. So happy. EDIT: So... they sorta sold out. Not really 'that guy' in most instances other than BMTH (still given praise for being so fluid yet still sounding decent) but.. They kinda did. The sound for (most) tracks just doesn't feel like Pvris. Now, given. Lynn's vocals are really good. That's nothing new. Without her this record would mean nothing. Pvris may have sold out, went to a more poppy sound, but it's still worth a listen regardless. Give it a try. It might be for you. Decent effort. But i know Pvris could've done better. It means a higher sample rate. They sound better than the other tracks because of it. Best simple way to explain it really.
  8. Glad to see an official release. Took quite a while though.
  10. One of the best post-hardcore/metalcore albums. Period.
  11. That's the date when they had their very first live show.
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