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  1. Like some of his songs. Don't like this one. 'Singing' isn't well done and neither is the flow. I like the lyrics a little i suppose.
  2. While better than Defy, and it is an improvement... it can still be better. The Flood and their self-titled proved that. Still gonna headbang to it though. I like it! Right track yes. But Jamie's Elsewhere is leagues above this. But id say this isn't (too) far behind?
  3. Whoa. More Post-Rock genius from the boys themselves.
  4. I feel like alot of people are being unfair with this song just because of the vocalist change calling it generic and watered down. I personally don't see it. This guy has crazy screams and sounds extremely similar to Mike Hranica. With TDWP being my favorite band in Middle/High School perhaps I'm a little biased. But I welcome this change. Along with how their songwriting has changed. Bass is audible, that's an improvement in mixing. The solo proved, while not 5th dimensional its still Fallujah. The solo sounds like it could've easily been on Flesh Prevails or Dreamless. The rest of the song sounds like Harvest Wombs. I think its a good mixture of everything. Though not a perfect song. Feel free to disagree with me but I can't wait for the upcoming record. That's the real test of it can live up to Fallujah's past records. Great song!
  5. Some really good guitar work here. Pretty good! Also really good atmosphere!
  6. Hmmmm. I wonder if this is any good... interesting to say the least.
  7. Holy Hell won? Jeeeez. I thought nobody really picked it up. Mine would've been Time, The Valuator. But it wasn't on here.
  8. Mate Feed Kill Repeat is a very very interesting album. Not that it'll be better than their other releases... but it's the strangest album I've heard. Listen to it if you enjoy Slipknot. You wont regret it. Or maybe you will. I don't know. Listen with an open mind, you'll need one. Thanks for posting!
  9. YES! Wow i'm so happy they decided to do this. Elite as an instrumental? I'm ecstatic.
  10. Shoutout to the dude using Chidori in the cover. Is this release worth the listen unlike the bands fast few albums?
  11. A genius band that everyone should acknowledge. Beautiful work!
  12. There is a TON of experimentation with these singles. I kinda like it because it keeps me guessing. Thanks KL
  13. New DRAGONLORD? What? Wow this is a pleasant surprise! Thanks a bunch!
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