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  1. Carrie "Pipes" Underwood here with a christmas album. Wow. Nobody is complaining.
  2. How do you make a compilation like this without including LUCIFER?
  3. Re-making the best Death Metal/Progressive Death Metal album ever into Synthwave? Worth giving a chance!
  4. Heyyyy. This is a pretty good record.
  5. PM me your site if you can Never listened to Movements before! I need to give them a try, as i know i'm missing out.
  6. Album Title: "Talk of the town" Album artwork: A star collapsing, planets being torn apart, unimaginable heat and gravitational pull Me: Oh.
  7. Heavy. Metal. Classic. People were naturally scared after Ozzy left Black Sabbath, but after this they weren't worried anymore. This is one of the most creative and innovative heavy metal acts in the 80's. Ozzy is and always will be the Prince of Darkness.
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