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  1. This is a big one. But most people will overlook this guy.
  2. Joel is back on board (Dingir, Lugal Ki En) so... here we go. Finally, this record could be equal to if not surpassing their magnum opus Dingir. Let's jam this shit.
  3. blah blah blah THIS IS WEEB SHIT blah blah blah
  4. Oh yes. These guys are very consistent. I was waiting for this one.
  5. As soon as i heard her street cover of Blink 182 i was done listening to her. Every time i hear her i just think "How much of this is fake?"
  6. I was wondering where these guys were. I heard "There Is No Ice in Iceland" and I fell in love.
  7. I love this album, it's peak alt rock from the 2000's. But.. they couldn't include condor? Or how about a working demo like they did on End of Silence? Is this remastered at all? Sorry but this doesn't really look worth it with the radio tracks. Nobody really likes those or wants those on albums like this. As far as I know.
  8. Stopped being good after Recovery. In fact i don't really like the guy as a person either. But im thankful for this nonetheless. Take a listen to his debut album Infinite. Definitely interesting considering it sounds NOTHING like Eminem.
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