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  1. I didn't see this on the front page... I wonder why. Hope this is good. Usually Ingested brings really good slamming deathcore to the table.
  2. What the heck is this? Not the first time I've heard something like this but, man it's something different. Not bad though.
  3. I don't know if you just have bad headphones/speakers or what but.. It sounds great to me. Bass is more punchy and it can be heard, everything is more upfront in the mix unlike before, its louder than the original record. Maybe you need better headphones? I'm not being mean or anything. A pair of Bose headphones never hurt anyone. Or perhaps you left your equalizer on a bad setting? I'm unsure how anyone could hear this mix as "muddy".. Usually for records like this it's just poor headphones that makes it sound that way.
  4. Crazy town >>> Anything on par with this
  5. There should be a way. Normally if you can root your S10 with Magisk you should be able to install it through Magisk. I own a OnePlus3T so I have a different experience (it is EXTREMELY easy to root). If you just Google around you should be able to find somethin to help you I found This looking on XDA. If you wanna try rooting your S10 you might be able too with a little more research... For me it would be worth it because I need this app on my phone that I own so... But I'm not sure how safe it is to try and root a new Galaxy device. Viper4Windows is also a real thing made by the same guys but people have had problems getting that to work. Its a shame that two great programs like this are so hard to get working. Good luck homie. \M/ EDIT: It seems Samsung is very against rooting but people have found ways around those security measures. I'm not sure what it is like in your situation but it seems possible. Just be very careful if you do this I don't want your phone to get bricked or anything.
  6. It's Carnifex. Heavy, hard hitting, punchy mix. Alissa gives this an "apocalyptic" sound. As in "World War X" being a fitting name. Also, with symphonic elements and a guitar solo!!! Fantastic single. Only bad thing is the mix I think. I hope they fix that before release. The bass drops are behind the mix so it doesn't sound the best.
  7. So sad about Phil leaving. But it seems their replacement is (nearly) as capable. Time is still the valuator. That's what matters. This song is really good. can't wait to hear more.
  8. Beautiful artwork. I remember their singles being REALLY good. I think this is worth checking out. However.. only 7 tracks? Kind of disappointing. A large EP at best really..
  9. If Inanimate Existence was on here i would vote that. Instead im voting for Angelmaker in its place.
  10. Just gave this a try. Everything is more defined and punchy. Doesn't sound over produced either. The 192 KBPS doesn't sound all that good though. The 320 will really bring out the quality. However, if you have android you guys can look into installing "Viper4Android". It's a very powerful music tuner. You can tweak how you listen to music the way you want. With the bass turned up and the spectrum extended this sounds amazing. When I got this all it completely changed the way I listened to music. I highly encourage everyone here to try it. (You need a Rooted device to run this)
  11. What an absolute monster of a Deathcore record. Nothing to complain about really. Its heavy. Very very heavy. In the good way. Exactly what i want.
  12. Nah.. Messengers honestly really needed a touch up, especially with the drums imo. Hated the way they were mixed. I actually didn't wanna listen to it i hated it so bad. Since they remixed it, i've been able to jam it in its glory. And its a damn good record. However i was fine with Constellations. I think maybe the bass should've been heard better but.. i don't see this particularly as a cash grab personally. But even if it is, they can take my money.
  13. These comments are unusually comedy gold. Not complaining.
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