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  1. I hope the rest of the album is better than the single. Also, that album art is great.
  2. Okay, this is kind of a mess of a song. These guys were my favorite band in middle school. Every single new release just sounds like Mike yelling and trying his best to perform harsh vocals; but he just can't quite do it anymore like on "Plagues" or "With Roots Above And Branches Below". It's just kind of sad to me. I miss what they were geniunely. I know they will probably never return to their original metalcore sound but thats why i liked them. And the sound now just doesn't compare with the sound they had then. But i will say. What artwork for TDWP. Is that Dan Seagrave? Jeeez. I love that lol. Anyway, the Lights feature also felt really out of place too. Sadly the whole song feels like a near-incoherent mess. If i were to give it a score it would be probably a 3/10 just for having a sound that i don't hear in other bands. Mike may not be that good anymore but he still gives this band a different sound compared to others.
  3. The album art and album titles are a little familiar. Anyhow, i'm starting to get more and more into Hardcore bands lately. I've never even heard this band before in my life. Perhaps it's time to. Because judging from the comments, my middle school me will fucking love this.
  4. This was remastered and re-released 3 years ago. I feel like a 10th anniversary is a little of a cash grab..
  5. Just jammed this yesterday, to sum all of my opinions up at once with this album.. It's good. Not bad but not great. A couple good songs (I Can't Be The Only One, Take Control, The Crownless King). But average.
  6. This guy is a tool. Also, i never liked his music. I might check this out just because i wanna explore.
  7. I guess "Lost Control" is a fitting title for this album then...
  8. Never heard of this band or album. Judging from the comments.. i probably should but don't.
  9. These boys pretty much made Slam. Good stuff!
  10. I figured it was because they're planning on blending the whole album together so it seems more natural when you listen to it as a whole instead of a single. You feel me?
  11. I've been checking every couple of days to see when this leaked. So glad to finally see it.
  12. It's good. Really good. Tool is back for sure. Maynard's voice is clean and melodic. Drums are creative. Atmosphere is expertly set. Riffs get stuck in your head.. Nothing to complain about. I love everything about this song.
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