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  1. Rescuer - With Time Comes Comfort Impending Doom - Any album after their first one Standing On Oblivion - Beyond The Blackout For All Those Sleeping - Any album I Scream For Ice Cream - Delicious EP Despite My Deepest Far - Dimensions Syopsis - Dimensions of An Underlying Race Misguided - Every Passing Dream Shoot The Girl First - Follow The Clouds The Oracle Effect - Gondolonia Betraying The Martyrs - The Hurt The Divine The Light The Curse of Hail - Illusions EP That should do for a while. A lot of underground stuff here. Mostly from 2012 - 2013. Exactly what you want.
  2. This one took a while to get here. This is good shit. \M/ Heavy as fuck! This band DEFINES heaviness!
  3. This is fantastic. More like this please Scarlett. It's 2010 all over again.
  4. Cant respect this guy or his music, since he clearly wants to shoot our president. 3 edgy 5 me.
  5. Hope its better than their last couple of releases. They were so stale. The hype is real!
  6. What a beautiful ass! It's also very good. Vocals resemble Jonny Craig a bit, imo.
  7. love the breakdowns
  8. My heart skipped a beat! I thought this leaked!
  9. Love these guys! Thank you!
  10. ey you guys been holding on us
  11. The one rapper i genuinely enjoy. Good work on upping this guys. Love ya to death!
  12. 1. Blackbear 2. While She Sleeps 3. Shadow Of Intent Worst: Kendrick Lamar
  13. We could possibly be looking at an album as good as their debut. We'll wait and see. Fantastic tracks!
  14. why is this here