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  1. ooft wasn't expect the hate in here after skipping through it .. i've been listening to these cats for a looong time and am enjoying the shit out of it vocals are as good if not better than KC was to my hearers
  2. i love it .. if they were going to deviate from "standard" emarosa, this kinda catchy funked out indie-skewed noise is right up my alley thank you for the upload - brb, singing into a brush to this shit in the mirror
  3. this album fucking rules, dog years gets my #1 vote after however many listens Aesop is always hot hot heat
  4. sweeeet thank you for this .. Jason sounds heaps like beau bokan to me on that Burn It single in sections
  5. this is so goddamn good .. between this and the other singles, the full length is already going to be a cracker
  6. ooooh lordy .. neat little belated xmas gift
  7. keen for the day when this horrid shit dissapears forever .. every reincarnation is pure poo
  8. my top 3 on the album would be worst thing i've ever done, hope and you're an island apologies for the derail, viaduct is fucking sick and im a happy camper.. carry on folks xoxo
  9. @ShesMyRushmore yahuh, check out their latest album "this is your brain on love" .. they're in the midst of recording too For example, this song is about as MTB as it gets (to my ears) >
  10. yep this .. probably my favourite band of all time but I was struggling to enjoy much of their stuff after OMNI so i wasn't as bent out of shape when they announced they were breaking up thankfully rare futures have filled their void for me
  11. fucking great stuff .. only this guy can make something so amazing and have it be a parody of the thing he is making fun of at the same time for the most parts
  12. WELL SHIT .. this destroys, Judgement day makes me want to put my head through my closet door
  13. yeppo this is some super shit .. thank you for sharing
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