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  1. This guy sings in cursive. Like the beat tho
  2. I love this so much, I've always loved Miguel's vocals and he just shines on this. This is definitely gonna be an earworm for the next few weeks.
  3. Happy to see Jake Hill on this, it was a pleasant surprise.
  4. Let's be honest with ourselves here, disturbed is pretty much the nickelback of alternative metal, I mean it's very consistent and I dig that but i'd just for once like to be pleasantly surprised sheesh.
  5. I honestly just came here to save that art to my collection
  6. you gotta respect this man's grind. He drops something new almost every week and it's always something different
  7. This is pretty much About that Life pt2 and it's hard as fuck
  8. This is such a breath of fresh air. The last album was a chore to listen, I'm happy they decided to get back that creepy cinematics-esque vibe, no one does it like them.
  9. Not the car crash; Dropping school over a girl. I should've elaborated on what I meant sorry.
  10. Bio summed up in one phrase: Young and Dumb Btw if you guys like this I'd strongly recommend Vaboh as well.