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  1. Fuck I just lost a fuck tonne of blood cumming to this masterpiece *Grabs dick again* Well fuck
  2. Hearing the reactions to this album, I should've stayed away I'm glad I didn't though. Personally I'm not a metalhead, I love metalcore, Post hardcore etc but I'm also a heavy electronic, alternative, r&b, pop etc listener and I must say this album hits a sweet spot of blending so many parts of my favorite genres together in a seamless way it's amazing. I came in expecting this to be worse than TTS (My favorite BMTH album) in my opinion but honestly I think they are about the same in terms of enjoy-ability for completely different reasons tho. My personal score is an 8.5/10 Mini Review (OPINION): I apologise if you feel something - (not a fan of the beginning however as the vocals come in I like it, also love those EDM type vocal chops that are dancing around ever so often ) MANTRA - (BMTH IS BACK! this fits more on TTS imo, would've been one of the better cuts on that album, amazing chorus and I like the lyrics, good enough favorite part is that bridge near the end, amazing synth section and the vocals here are wonderful) Nihlist blues - (Amazing instrumentation here, love the drop-esque chorus, amazing basses post chorus, the lyrics are amazing and I love the vocals) in the dark - (love the atmosphere, vocals,the guitars are amazing and i love the melodies as well as lyrics) wonderful life - (nice enough lyrics, love the instrumentation wish it had more screams on it especially since Dani Freaking Filth is on it, those screams after he says I got bounce tho holy shit REEEEEEE motherfuckers, I love that breakdown alot.) ouch - (I love every single thing about this instrumental piece, the vocals are amazing, the chords, that chopped horn section with the glitchy drums, the drumming, the synths, the lyrics, honestly my favorite track on the album even though it's not a song) Medicine - (wonderful pop rock song and not very distant from most of their past work just alot more poppy and it works well, chorus is catchy as hell, lyrics aren't that amazing but they work, love the electronic bits sprinkled all over the song, too many repeats of the chorus imo tho but still amazing) SHIT - ( at first listen didn't like this that much but that falsetto chorus is catchy as hell and makes up for the boring beginning imo, the main riff is great too, love the breakdown that solo and screaming are worth the wait) why you gotta kick me when i'm down - (Reminds me alot of All in by ISS a song I really loved, similar way of going about the rhythm, love the rap singing, that chorus is so huge definitely an anthem, love the lyrics aimed at those who don't get the growth, That drop at the end is filthy!) fresh bruises - (reminds me of those lo-fi electronic songs, love that bass an drum section, I can definitely hear the influences from garage and house ect, again I love those pitched vocals) mother tongue - (So bright and poppy, I mean not a single dark lyric or anything but I get why and it really shows his appreciation for his wife, amazing chorus, love the electronic influences in this one as well) heavy metal - (haha those lyrics are aimed at so many of you guys, I dig it especially those beat boxing sections, amazing melodies, that end tho br00tal as fuck) i don't know what to say - ( those string sections are well executed, love the progression of the song and the lyrics are very heartfelt, RIP, best way to finish the album and I think this song captures alot of the best elements of the album) All in all I love this and am certainly looking forward to the follow up to this album
  3. At first I was like okay, but now I love this
  4. I dig but I keep calling them versty for some odd reason
  5. This guy sings in cursive. Like the beat tho
  6. I love this so much, I've always loved Miguel's vocals and he just shines on this. This is definitely gonna be an earworm for the next few weeks.
  7. Happy to see Jake Hill on this, it was a pleasant surprise.
  8. Let's be honest with ourselves here, disturbed is pretty much the nickelback of alternative metal, I mean it's very consistent and I dig that but i'd just for once like to be pleasantly surprised sheesh.
  9. I honestly just came here to save that art to my collection
  10. you gotta respect this man's grind. He drops something new almost every week and it's always something different
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