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  1. This is good, Very good. Very solid instrumentation on this. It has a slight Renaissance Era vibe to it kinda like Assassin's Creed's Soundtrack which is one of my favorite Video Game soundtracks.
  2. The choruses are why I loved this band and damn do they deliver on this, TTLB was bring imo I only listened it once fully but this sounds like I'm gonna love it as much as Hollow Bodies.
  3. Man you must have gotten 100% on all your book reports.
  4. I agree 100% here's that video: But I must point out something: Listen to the main riff of this drop and the song: Coincidence? Maybe
  5. Really solid trap hip hop project, This guy knows how to take advantage of the trap sound without sacrificing flow or delivery or even lyrics. Best Hip Hop project of my year so far.
  6. Easily Slaves for me..Finally Craig got some vocal justice on this thing, Routine Breathing was absolutely unlistenable for me and I only I only enjoyed a handful of tracks from TAWAE but this was a masterpiece, he really shone on pretty much everything. Another great of this month was definitely Michael Barr With that wonderful Revenge Ep, it's as vengeful and hard hitting as ever, I also enjoyed Aaron Carter's Love a bit more than I'd love to admit, This is as one was great also with Loathe's gritty style really being balanced well by the much softer Holding Absence. Honorable Mentions: The Plot in You - Dispose-(OVERHYPED, but really deserving of alot of credit) Rich Brian - Amen (Very Decent Rap Album imo) Traitors- Anger Issues (The fucking name says it all, holy fuck does this beat your brains to a pulp of deathcore mush) Secrets- Secrets (I still haven't given this a good enough number of listens but I must say I am very impressed both in the lyrical content and the delivery of alot of songs on this project).
  7. Why is it that 90% of these new Hip-Hop artistes are just cheap ass versions of real men? this dude is legit like the Lil'John you would get out of a back alley from a hooker who is too worn out and dried up to continue so now she sells shit she makes from all the worn out condoms she has collected. Also this mfer is a predatory rapist..Sad
  8. I'm not surprised there, Do you listen to anything with hard vocals?
  9. This song is just OK, it has been an honest buildup to the best song they have done (Vice Grip) and I honestly expected the band to plateau after that perfectly done record but they are plummeting, fast, I've officially lost all hope in them ever making a better record beyond Ire. This is about as good as Snake Oil and Water or Dark Days, which weren't very good at all, guys if you want real metalcore I implore you to delve into the world of Attila, they know song writing much better than Jason or whatever this douche's name is ever does.
  10. I must say they delivered this is a wonderful track.
  11. That was me in 2016 with Saosin, honstly it didn't suck but I guess I expected a SAOSIN or a Translating the name and it didn't hit the mark, I got my itch filled from Ghost Atlas, All I'm saying is don't overhype it because then you might be really disappointed.
  12. Hey guys I was wondering if any of you fine gentlemen knew any band that completely rips the style of issues, much like how polyphia is ripped by skyhaven. I mean a direct knock off.