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  1. Not the car crash; Dropping school over a girl. I should've elaborated on what I meant sorry.
  2. Bio summed up in one phrase: Young and Dumb Btw if you guys like this I'd strongly recommend Vaboh as well.
  3. I'm so over this band at this point, The fallout was a great sturgis-core album, Resistance was a great album in general, retrograde blowed and now this, this is just meh....
  4. I really did not care much for this guy before rockstar, White Iverson sucked, his first album was boring and crappy, but this I really like this it is a very decent sing/rap/whatthefuckiswrongwithmusicthesedays album, definitely listened to this more than once.
  5. Yeah I really get why they switched up after REAL because anything following it would not have been comparable.
  6. I think Real was their best album overall and after it they tried to pull what ISS did after New Demons, however DM was not a very memorable attempt at branching off into new territory and this, while better than DM, is nothing close to what Real was. That being said this is still a very solid album 7.5/10 on first listen. Edit: I don't Mind has got to be the most out of place song on an album EVER!!
  7. Attila - About That Life - Try Hellraiser on for size man dope.