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  1. Isn't Capitol H "reworked" too @joshraptortire ? Either way thanks!
  2. Coming from somebody who's 31 and has loved this band for 15 years. What the cinnamon toast fuck?
  3. Was not expecting this for another week. Thanks!
  4. I'm going to say it's an LP based on length.
  5. 5/12 songs have features. Why they're all singles is beyond me.
  6. Yeah this is easily one of their best records.
  7. Finally I can stop bitching in the chat box ? thanks so much.
  8. Everyone who's heard the full album says it's one of their best. Getting really impatient over here.
  9. I have a feeling this record is going to completely shit on Vacancy and Cult, and I don't even dislike those albums.
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