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  1. dunno where u heard this but i saw them like 6 times now and they even stopped there set because of people who got crowdkilled can get help and kicked the crowdkiller out. but these are only 6 shows of 1000.
  2. An interlude Waiting for the next album to come.
  3. Stick to Your Guns, Counterparts, The White Noise, My Enemies & I, Silverstein, The Plot in You, Like Moths to Flames, Sworn In and WCAR
  4. My Ticket Home - Above the Great City[Ep] - 2009 Merry Christmas
  5. Introvert is love.
  6. single

    it's ok not to be ok, ok?
  7. can't wait for the release show on the 23rd
  8. Definetely Capsize and Fit For a King!
  9. the fuck is this? dream or nightmare? HYPE!
  10. can someone please give me the lyrics for flower?!
  11. better than the last two albums. fuck hype is real.
  12. so good.
  13. Currently listen to Citizen & Counterparts.