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  1. Mothership is still the best DGD album. This song is just alright. I want some more Tillian and Mess harsh vocals intertwining instead of separate.
  2. Since when do people not like DGD here? Denzel Curry - Taboo and Mac Miller - Swimming deserve to be in the list.
  3. Got excited there for a second then I remembered Tillian isnt on this band anymore. Wish he got to feature on one track at least.
  4. I never understood why people delete songs off albums after a few listens. For me theres always a chance that songs I dont like at the start become my favourite on the album. Also Im surprised so much people dont seem to like Care.
  5. The ending of Gospel Burnout is so groovy. I didnt care for Care or Count Bassy when I first heard them but now I love them.
  6. I've listened to it a few times now. I think Mothership is still my favourite album from them.
  7. I have listened to that, I kinda counted that as solo work when I guess it really isnt. DGD's sound just suits him better imo
  8. Is it weird that I heard Jonny Craig's solo stuff (A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer) first and loved it before I heard anything from Tillian. My first DGD song was Strawberry Swisher Pt. III and I love all the DGD stuff with Tillian. However I'm not really fussed on DGD with Jonny AND I'm not really fussed with Tillians solo work.
  9. I'm finding it hard to hold out for the actual release. But I think it will be worth it in the end.
  10. Going to hold off listening to this, having 3 tracks off the album pre release seems like too much. Cant wait for the release though, Ive been on a DGD binge recently.
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