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  1. I know I was originally interested and I still am but unfortunately life's not giving me enough time right now but of something changes I'd love to join the staff
  2. Because legally rise can't do shit about with it that quiet go into audacity and amplify that part you'll hear what he said
  3. I agree I feel kinda bad about it too because Council of The Dead is really good and has alot of great songs but Two Faced and their last album seem to stand out more it seems
  4. No that's how it ends at the end it's very quiet but he's talking about rise records at the end
  5. Okay after a few listens instrument wise it's really good but Aaron sounds waaaay too much like Caleb Shomo here
  6. Another amazing song! These guys never disappoint it looks like they are exploring more of the sound of their last album really looking forward to this, welp I got my answer lol either way can't wait!
  7. Well at least there's finally a home for this emoji
  8. ABR always coming through, this mix of Messengers is sooooo good I'd love to see this done to Constellations
  9. Glad to finally hear some original music from these guys looking forward to the album
  10. Pretty solid album has alot of great catchy tunes on it I'd definitely give this a 8/10.
  11. Damn Periphery looking to open pits the fuck up in 2019
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