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  1. This album for me is his best album since The Marshall Mathers LP 2. There is alot to dig into and this project is absolutely fantastic I love it and Em is at his best here and giving his all. The only flaws I'd say the Album has is some features are lackluster specifically on Unaccommodating and Yah Yah and Em is on his A Game so they stick out like sore thumbs but everybody else fuckin killed it. Now Em does one thing I didn't really dig which was the hook for Marsh, other than that this project is a fuckin masterpiece and Em poured his heart and soul into this giving this a strong 9/10 Favorite Tracks: Premonition, You Gon Learn, Those Kinda Nights, Godzilla, Darkness, Leaving Heaven, Stepdad, Never Love Again, Little Engine, Lock It Up, No Regret and I Will Least Favorite Tracks: Yah Yah and Marsh (that hook is just really bad)
  2. 1. I Bring The Weather With Me: 5/5 2. This Could Be Heartbreak: 5/5 3. Nightmare: 5/5 4. Tearing Me Apart: 5/5 5. O.M.G.I.M.Y.: 3/5 (voicemail at the end transitions great into all fucked up) 6. All Fucked Up: 5/5 7. Fight My Regret: 5/5 8. Some Friends: 4/5 9. Wishbone: 5/5 10. Note to Self: 3/5 (this would be rated higher but the chorus kinda kills this one for me) 11. Blood in My Mouth: 5/5 (fuckin amazing closer)
  3. I love this song but I think it will sound better with the rest of the album than a single.
  4. Omfg this song hit me even harder than when I listened to the live version. Holy shit they just let it fuckin rip on this and it's fantastic I think this is already gonna be AOTY for me, definitely right now my most anticipated album this year.
  5. Another killer single this album has my attention I hope it turns out good
  6. 10. Stray From The Path - Internal Atomics 9. Periphery - HAIL STAN 8. Motionless in White - Disguise 7. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 6. Korn - The Nothing 5. The Devil Wears Prada- The Act 4. Slipknot- We Are Not Your Kind 3. Fit For An Autopsy- The Sea of Tragic Beasts 2. Counterparts- Nothing Left to Love 1. Knocked Loose- A Different Shade of Blue
  7. Just finished my first listen and I loved this EP. I'll have alot more to say after more listens because there is ALOT to digest here. Now if this was a full length album I'd be kinda disappointed, but doing it this way works. Because I know that this isn't something that they're going to ride out for 2 years. Most likely if they're following through their plan they'll release another EP in a few months in another genre, in my opinion doing it this way the genre hopping works really well. If you like electronic/house stuff and liked the weirder stuff in amo give this a shot but if you're still just waiting for Sempiternal 2 stay away from this one. 9/10 Favorite Songs: Steal Something, Candy Truck, A Devastating Liberation,¿, like seeing spiders run riot on your lover and astis
  8. This is probably my favorite old school Motionless album.
  9. Kinda slept on this when it first released because I was just super busy but this has been in my rotation alot lately. It's a great single to follow up her debut and has me excited for whatever is coming next.
  10. This is pretty good but I hope we get some more stuff like we got on I Let The Devil In on this next album still super hyped none the less!
  11. I thought this was going to be garbage but this is actually really good. The first thing I've really liked from them since Wrong Side Of Heaven era hope the rest of the album is good
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