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  1. Kinda slept on this when it first released because I was just super busy but this has been in my rotation alot lately. It's a great single to follow up her debut and has me excited for whatever is coming next.
  2. This is pretty good but I hope we get some more stuff like we got on I Let The Devil In on this next album still super hyped none the less!
  3. I thought this was going to be garbage but this is actually really good. The first thing I've really liked from them since Wrong Side Of Heaven era hope the rest of the album is good
  4. Anybody else STILL taking in how amazing this album is? Still a MASSIVE AOTY Contender for me
  5. At first I thought this was okay, but the more I listened to it the more I fell in love with it and now I can't stop jamming it. I still hope we get some straight up heavy songs, they said this album is diverse like common courtesy so I hope the rest of the album lives up to that. I'm very interested in seeing how the rest of the it turns out and hopefully we'll get a release date soon.
  6. Each single is better than the last and the blending of the genres just keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to whatever these guys are gonna do next
  7. Alright I'm officially hyped for this album. Holy mother fuck of a shit this thing was relentless, and pummeled my eardrums to the ground in the best way possible. Good fuckin shit bois.
  8. I've been a fan of Toothgrinder since Nocturnal Masquerade and I really enjoyed Phantom Amour even though it was a major departure from their previous sound, so after sitting with this album for a month this is another great album and really showcases how talented these guys are. It's continuing with what they were doing on Phantom Amour but taking it to new places with some sprinkles of their older sound. Now while this is a really good album I don't think they've quite found the balance between their new sound and their old sound just yet I have a feeling if they keep going like this though they'll have the perfect balance come album number 4. Overall it's a 8/10 not a perfect album but still a damn good one. Favorite Tracks: The Silence of a Sleeping WASP, My Favorite Hurt, no surrender in The House Of Leaves, The New Punk Rock, too soft for the scene TOO MEAN FOR THE GREEN and I AM
  9. Finally got around to listening to this one and honestly this is a MASSIVE step down from their Debut. They hit the Sophomore slump big time with this one. There's some good parts here and there but overall the album is really bland and falls flat on it's face. I really hope they do better with LP3 4/10. Favorite Tracks: Right Now, American Sun, All My Heroes Are Dead, Survivors Prayer Least Favorite Tracks: Truth to the Weak, Trust, Victory, Out of Time, Another Level and Break the Cycle
  10. After sitting with this album for a month and it being the first album I've listened to of TDWP, this is a easy 10/10 and another AOTY contender for me. This album is massive and every song is amazing and each song has something special to them. I went back and checked out their previous albums and those are great too, but I'd still have to say this one is my favorite and in my opinion is their best album to date. Favorite Tracks: Switchblade, Lines Of Your Hands, The Thread, Isn't it Strange and Spiderhead
  11. This introduction goes hard and has my attention, very interested to see if they either went back to their roots or will they make another abomination like their god awful self titled.
  12. 1. Fit For An Autopsy- The Sea Of Tragic Beasts 2. The Devil Wears Prada- The Act 3. Issues- Beautiful Oblivion 4. Norma Jean- All Hail 5. Varials- In Darkness 6. Toothgrinder- I Am 7. Saint Asonia- Flawed Design
  13. This album is definitely in my top 5 for this year
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