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  1. Just finished the album and while I like the album. The introduction interlude feels kind of not needed, the interlude STYLE in the album is kind of annoying. Along with that 2 CLOSE and LOW LIFE just weren't very good in my opinion and the rest of the album is pretty solid however there are some standouts that I wish the album had more of songs like TAKE ME, SOUTHWIND and Out of Control. BITE DOWN first 2 minutes are so insanely heavy I can't get enough of it but sadly it ends on such a weird note and kind of closes out the album feeling very lackluster. Overall the album is pretty solid with some drawbacks but at least has a few really good standouts that I hope we get to hear more of in the next album hopefully. 7/10 Favorite Tracks: TAKE ME, SOUTHWIND, Out of Control Least Favorite Tracks: 2 CLOSE and LOW LIFE
  2. I finally got around to finishing this album and I have to say it was really good and kick me in the teeth from start to finish good shit my dudes 8/10
  3. It's pretty solid I liked the last single more but this one still isn't too bad
  4. This was a surprisingly pretty great acoustic rendition of such an insanely heavy song really really looking forward to Thank God It's Friday acoustic rendition and Your Numbers Up
  5. Revisited this album and it officially reached God tier status for me so hyped for LP2 these guys are going to be HUGE
  6. Holy shit that was heavvyy, really looking forward to this album!!
  7. Damn this album is so good still spinning this one quite frequently even still an AOTY contender for me Get Scared did a amazing job with this album it really sucks they broke up
  8. It's pretty solid aside from Mushroom Cloud that song is 3 2 1 Boom levels of stupid
  9. I honestly did not expect to love this one as much as I did but, FUUUUUCK this album hit me like a train. Drunk probably has to be one of my favorite album openers this year. Does such an outstanding job setting the tone for what you're going to get yourself into listening to this record. Crooked Soul, The Color Black and Gates Of Ivory are the heaviest ones on the album and I'd have to agree with church on this it does heavily take influence from Prog Metalcore, but still doesn't make it any less amazing for me at least. Rory's soaring melodies actually go surprisingly well with the sound and his screams are pretty good here too also the breakdowns in The Color Black and Gates Of Ivory gave me massive architects vibes in the best way possible. Now while the Heavy songs on this are killer in my opinion it's the softer moments here that really made this become a AOTY contender for me. Sleeptalk, Burial Plot, Already Numb and Starving to Be Empty does such a great job of blending a soft/heavy sound kind of in the same realm of Dispose by The Plot In You. Already Numb is a beautiful ballad that hit me in my soul and Starving to Be Empty has a guest vocalist she does a great job. The closer Crash and Burn is just on a whole other level definitely has to be one of my most favorite album closers this year as well. Overall when I heard the Singles I thought this would at least be in my top 10, but after sitting with this album all day and feeling all the things it made me feel, this takes the number one spot as of right now. But there is still TONS of other albums still coming out this year so we'll see how long it stays there but in conclusion, the album made me cry like a little bitch and got me in my feels and made me headbang and cry at the same time so 10/10 Favorite Tracks: Drunk, Sleeptalk, Already Numb, Gates Of Ivory and Crash and Burn
  10. This SLAPS another album to add to the list of upcoming releases for me to listen to good shit man looking forward to hearing the rest!
  11. I wasn't born until 2 months after The Marshall Mathers LP released
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