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  1. This is actually really good I like both this and Dealer hope we get more music like this looking forward to full lengths from both bands
  2. I just finished the record and HOLY SHIT! My mind has been blown with this, it is one album you should definitely listen to front to back for the full experience, because from start to finish it only gets crazier and heavier and even more absurd. Another HUGE AOTY contender for me so many good albums have come out this year already, and we're not even close to being done thank you 2019 for such a great year Also happy 4/20 everybody
  3. I wish they'd do it like Get Scared, they released a FULL length album, and Johnny is also working on his solo career and it's actually really good stuff that is still within the same genre. I don't mind artists doing outlandish stuff like Landon Tewers for instance but when it takes away from the potential of more great music coming from the band it's a big letdown
  4. I like the song but it also pisses me off at the same time because now we are getting only ONE new song off of this EP!!! I really hope they release a full length this year as well because if not that sucks
  5. True I never really get riled about people disagreements like what you like hate what you hate ya know
  6. I just finished my first listen through with 320 and WOW! The album blew me away again there was quite a bit suppressed on that 128 that you hear in 320, I love this album to pieces and has become a very unexpected AOTY contender for me personally. The riffs on here SLAP, the drums here are top notch, the mix between Nick and Brad actually work really well and the gang vocals throughout are a nice touch that make choruses on songs like Calling All Crows and Goodbye Soul soar through your headphones or whatever you're listening with. Final verdict this is an easy 10/10 still. Just grows on me more and more with each listen, and if you loved Demons I'm pretty sure you'll love this one too. I love all the songs but my top 5 at the moment would have to be Calling All Crows, The Dead Days, Enough is Enough, Hell Is Where The Heart Is and Time Keeps Running.
  7. I have been listening to this all day long it's SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD
  8. I just finished listening and on first listen I am blown away. This is going to EXPLODE in 320 and this their best album yet it is Heavier and Catchier than Demons. I didn't think they would be able to top Demons but here we are 10/10.
  9. So as far as the songs go I'm loving Disguise and I'm digging Brand New Numb I agree it'll be the loud of this album most likely, also I haven't seen anyone talk about this but JD's production on this is top notch. I'm really looking forward to the record and why they didn't go with the 2nd one as the official album cover is beyond me.
  10. I believe this settles that anything from the disease era is amazing, I'll have the other 10 bsides now Caleb
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