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  1. This album is really good, I thought his last album was pretty good too but this one has alot more emotion in it, these beats are top notch and are great at setting the tone of each song, Token really put himself out there on this one and every bit of it payed off, great unexpected release to end off this year. Do not sleep on this one especially if you can't stand Mumble rap like me.
  2. I wonder how far the silver Scream and Disease is from this list
  3. Who's still jamming this fucking masterpiece everyday since release
  4. 1. Helix 5/5 2. AEON 5/5 (Still most brutal song on the album) 3. Agony 5/5 (This is a great way to kick off the new songs) 4. +81 4/5 5. Lost in Forever 4/5 6. Outgrow 4/5 7. Ritual 5/5 8. Hail to the Fire 5/5 9. Devilcry 5/5 10. Just Confusing (this one was just super weird) Weird/5 11. Apollo 5/5 12. Sanctuary 5/5 (Beautiful Closer) This was my first Crystal Lake album and goddamn I'm impressed, these guys are gonna be huge someday. I hope they get more exposure now that they are signed to Sharptone because they definitely deserve it, although I do wish they would have replaced Just Confusing with another brutal banger like AEON but other than that the record slays 9/10.
  5. IT IS TIME!!! Thank you @drownwithmatt !!!!!!
  6. Holy shit this is so fucking brutal looks like we have one more contender for AOTY hopefully
  7. This albums just keeps growing on me more and more I'm even starting to like LOUD
  8. I'm pretty late on this one but I wasn't all that Impressed with MANTRA but this song is the first song I've really really enjoyed since the heaven and hell album
  9. It's looking for a bullfight underneath the spotlight
  10. I fuck with this, I'm checking out Moonbearer rn pretty good so far good shit thanks KL!!
  11. Yes definitely worth it some of the best stuff they have put out in forever
  12. I can't stop listening to The Seventh Circle
  13. Absolutely loving this record favs are The Seventh Circle, Death Is Not Defeat, Holy Hell, and A Wasted Hymn
  14. Just finished the album this is their best record since FWAM, it has the right balance of brutal bangers and Over The Top Ballads. This is also a great Swan Song for Oli hell of a note to go out on! Love the album I give it a 9/10 even though their marketing strategy was kinda stupid this still none the less is a great album
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