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  1. I'd like Cemetery Bloom if all that build up had pay off
  2. So with my revisit of this album I enjoyed it way more than I did in the beginning. When this was first released I loved it but very quickly forgot about it, now with my revisit this album is a still great there's only 2 songs on here that I didn't like which is Cemetery Bloom and The Void and Cemetery Bloom only bothers me because all of that build up was to lead into Five Finger Parkway Drive. The Void isn't a bad song just so meh and really kills the momentum the record has going for it aside from those 2 Parkway Drive killed it with this record, Winston is a beast of a vocalist and the guitar work on this is great. Overall they got pretty experimental on this one while still sounding like Parkway Drive. Aside from the 2 tracks I mentioned this is a great follow up to Ire packed with tons of emotion and still pretty heavy. Unfortunately the two songs I mentioned really do kill the momentum when listening to it front to back, so for that I'll have to give it a 8/10. If Cemetery Bloom lead into something actually good this would've been easy 10/10. Favs: I Hope You Rot, Shadow Boxing, The Colour of Leaving, Chronos, In Blood Least favs: Cemetery Bloom, The Void
  3. Can't wait for 320 on this holy shit this rocks and great opening track for the record I'm all for it
  4. This song is really weird but I love it and I'm so excited for this record, the only thing I don't like is that they did my biggest pet peeve which is release the closer as a single. But aside from that I am so hyped for this album and FINALLY A FUCKING RELEASE DATE
  5. It's a mix of thier old stuff with their new stuff I dig it waaaaaayyyyyyyy better than Madness and Gossip for sure, I'd say this album will be at least solid
  6. Pretty good single looking forward to the rest of the album it almost sounds like they are evolving the Sempiternal sound something BMTH hasn't even done so that's pretty cool too
  7. Man so many different influences on this record but it's still great overall it's like if BMTH Sempiternal era, Linkin Park, The Plot in You had a massive orgy and this would be their baby but even then there's tons more influences on here really looking forward to their follow up
  8. Has anyone been able to find the bside Sick Of It All from this album?
  9. My favorite ABR album just got a whole lot better this remix is SOOOOO GOOOOOODDDD
  10. This is actually pretty good, really hope we get a new ADTR album soon tho
  11. Definitely the best song of the singles so far and it's actually not too bad got some Comatose vibes from this, while it is a bit repetitive it's got a pretty catchy chorus, hopefully there's more songs like this on the record
  12. Daaaaammnn this is some good shit right here. First time listening to the band but now I gotta check out more
  13. Better than the last single but still pretty boring
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