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  1. Okay so after having these songs for a day and listening to them a bunch of times I personally am loving the new songs, now believe took some time to grow on me but it finally did, I loved Disease and Infection at first listen and those 2 are my favorites. I'm very excited to see what the rest of the record has to offer and I'm really hoping they are gonna suprise release in 4 days from now but if we just get another new song that's okay too, I know a lot of people are shitting on these singles and that's fine to each their own, but I personally feel it doesn't deserve all the hate it's getting this sounds like it's gonna be a really good record.
  2. Okay so I am a massive Beartooth fan so I might be bias but I fucking love this new song I missed this so much on Aggressive and while I did enjoy Aggressive it didn't hold a candle to Disgusting, but this song right here brings back the disgusting sound and I love it. The breakdown is great, catchy chorus awesome riffs, love the drums, can't wait for the other 2 Disease and Bad Listener seriously thank you KL so much for this. This truly was a very very pleasant surprise
  3. Okay so I actually really like this song buuut 20/20<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Thank God It's Friday. I know they are two completely different things but I listened to this once and then came right back to INK
  4. That one moment you think you are going to listen to a bunch of stuff from leak day but then INK drops a new single and you realize your gonna have TGIF on loop for the next few days. 10/10 Jesus Christ in a washing machine I can't wait for this album to drop
  5. I'm pretty hyped for this record all the previews on Instagram have made this record sound out to be a fucking banger🤘
  6. Here is the offical Album Cover also here's a little bit of an inside scoop 1. Yes the entire album is themed around horror movies 2. Michael Myers, Jason and Jigsaw songs have been confirmed 3. Jigsaw song features vocalist of Less Than Jake The Silver Scream Coming October 5th I'm so fucking hyped, also this song is amazing! has awesome guitar work, great drum work, the breakdowns are fucking insane, catchy as hell chorus, and the screams are on fucking point. Song gets a 5/5 for sure
  7. I just finished the album, I'll give my review after like 10 more listens.I will say this tho "I.O.U." fucking slaps.
  8. This was my first time listening to these guys and I have to say this was pretty good 8/10. Some of my favs are Never Sure, It's Hard, It's Nowhere, How Do You Like Me Now and the closer Sunnyland. Goddamn that closer had me so deep in my feels.
  9. Wow that was amazing so happy these guys are back and are bringing back the heaviness in Metalcore. Now granted I've really been digging the direction Metalcore has been taking I've really missed stuff like this hope a new album is coming soon!
  10. Yea all of their stuff is awesome I recommend "An Ocean Between Us" and "Frail Words Collapse" first.
  11. It's been fixed man, sorry was just very tired when I wrote that and wasn't really thinking about punctuation at that time.
  12. 1.Parkway Drive 2.The Word Alive 3.Jonathan Davis 4.Shinedown
  13. 1.Son Of Robot 5/5 2.Midnight Crusade 5/5 3.Suspended In This Disaster 5/5 4.Care 5/5 5.Count Bassy 5/5 6.Flash 5/5 7.The Rattler 5/5 8.Shelf Life 5/5 9.Slouch 5/5 10.Story Of My Bros 5/5 11.Hair Song 5/5 12.Gospel Burnout 5/5 13.Bloodsucker 5/5 14.Evaporate 5/5 Okay so I'm just gonna go ahead and say I am head over heels for this album. I haven't been listening to DGD for that long but these guys are already in my top 5 bands for sure and this album is in my top three, not sure about number 1 yet but it would definitely be in 2nd place for sure. This album was just a true treat front to back I did not feel bored or sick of it at all It opens so strong and finishes just as strong if not stronger. I love how they explored more of the groovy part in their sound along with that this album has so many good choruses that will get stuck in your head that I personally couldn't help but hum or play in my head when I wasn't listening to the record. I loved the features on this Kurts was phenomenal and while I'm not familiar with Andrew and the band he sings for he did an amazing job for the closer. I know people said the album felt a bit long but I didn't really have that feeling, I love having alot of content to dig into so I was very happy to have close to an hour of new music from these guys especially. The guitar riffs on here are absolutely amazing on here as always along with all the instrumentation, I love how each instrument had a chance to shine even including the bass. This could be an AOTY for me easily and is my top contender. This album got me through a relentless 14 hour move so yea this album is a 10/10 easily, and for people wondering my top 3 albums are this one, Mothership and the self titled. My absolute favorite tracks on this besides the singles because those are favs as well are Suspended In This Disaster, The Rattler (Dude Jon is fucking insane on this one), Slouch, Hair Song, Bloodsucker and Evaporate. EDIT NOTE:I know that it was a run on at first I apologize for that. I was just very very tired and at that moment was not thinking about punctuation.
  14. So going off of First listen this was pretty damn good almost close to amazing although Idk about anyone else but the closer felt very lackluster but other than that this album knocks it out of the park I give it a 9/10