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  1. Overall this actually was pretty good, Conjurer cover of Vermillion definitely my favorite cover on this. Love the different approach they take with the song and make it their own. Some other favs would have to be Purity, (sic) and Psychosocial. My least favorite cover would have to be Left Behind it's just not the same without that scream/sing dynamic. Now for the songs inspired by Slipknot these were all great and they all SLAPPED in their own way. Overall for the whole thing this was actually really enjoyable, good job on metal hammer for choosing the bands and good job on the bands for doing a stellar job. Even if I wasn't quite digging a couple of these covers I can still see that they were genuine and not phoned in.
  2. This is really really good they should do a original song with all of them and include Jamie the vocalist of Polaris
  3. Sounds like this is gonna be pretty good another album to add to the list of upcoming stuff to listen to for sure. Definitely gonna take a different turn than Vessels excited to see where it goes
  4. Good Shit mah Bois looking forward to seeing what the next album has in store for us
  5. Damn it's insane this didn't make the record it SLAPS and would've fit perfectly on the album but still badass B Side happy they released it
  6. Off of first listen we'll see after Infant Annihilator and Fit For An Autopsy drops but at the moment definitely my favorite Deathcore record to drop so far
  7. I'm 19 before anyone asks no I'm not 15 or 12 LMAO
  8. I'm on like my 30th front to back spin of this masterpiece anyone else?
  9. 1st listen I'm already in love his solo stuff just gets better and better with each release
  10. 3 for 3 with these singles AILD is back and I'm hyped to see what the rest of the album has in store for us
  11. On my first listen I was pretty meh on it, but my 2nd listen with my speaker it clicked with me this is a killer track and would be a really good opening track. Looking forward to this album sounds like it's gonna be intriguing for sure!
  12. Another really solid track this album sounds like it's going to be a pretty good album
  13. I couldn't text it so here
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