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  1. Holy shit that opening tho. Overall I'm digging this I also dug Over It this is really good and has me pretty hyped for it June is just gonna be a awesome month all the way around
  2. I'm really digging this pretty excited for this album only a little over a week left!
  3. Holy fucking shit I understand why this won Album Of The Year Gah Damn! I'm super excited for Artificial Selection but damn this is one hell of an album that I feel stupid for not listening to sooner
  4. 1. Wake Up 5/5 2.Crazy 1/5 3. My Name 5/5 4. Gone Forever 4/5 5. Broken 4/5 6. Forgotten 4/5 7. Enemy 4/5 8. Nowhere to Run 4/5 9. Let Go 5/5 10. On My Own 5/5 11. The Future 3/5 Overall the album was actually pretty good but Crazy is still trash am I the only one tho that noticed that they had 3 sings with the same title as Three Days Grace songs also that children choir in the future was kinda cringy it did not work for them
  5. Look I'm trying really hard not to hate this buuut this shit is fucking garbage I'll admit it opened kinda groovy and I was digging it then the lyrics kicked in and omg these lyrics are cringy af which made the song overall cringy as hell so far from the sounds of this and the last single fake that FFDP is releasing another dud which is sad these guys peeked at Wrong Side Of Heaven Vol 1 and 2
  6. Okay so I have had the album on a loop all day and I just have to say wow this is Underoath at their best I just started listening to these guys last night and jammed their entire discography last night and to have this leak the next day was awesome this is AOTY material for me my favorites are It Has To Start Somewhere, On My Teeth, Ihateit, Hold Your Breath and I Gave Up. 10/10 for me
  7. Okay so for anyone who is new I'll walk you through the whole discography as this is my number one favorite band I'll do it in bullet points to so it's easier to digest 1. Wife Beater EP- It's a really rough listen and not all that great to be honest. I mean there is a few points that aren't bad but it's borderline trash I recommend you stay away from this. 2. First Born- This is really good a MASSIVE step up from Wife Beater and is actually a concept album about a boy and his problems he go through in life. Not only that but this album kicks ass got some great breakdowns and also introduced the melodic side of The Plot In You if you aren't typically a full album listener some tracks to check out would be The Fathers Seed, Miscarriage and Nothing Leaves This Room 3. Could You Watch Your Children Burn- This was the first album I heard by him and once again a huge step up from first born and also a change in sound I will warn you this album is angry like really really fucking angry and was a very angry point and time of Landon's life. This album is angry, heavy and kickass all the way around it has some brutal breakdowns some pretty catchy choruses and some nice low growls while this album is very heavy it is much more melodic than First Born was but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some tracks to check out would be Premeditated, Digging Your Grave and Troll 4. Crows- This was released before their next album and this single is heavy af if you liked their older stuff you'll like this 5. Happiness in Self Destruction- This album right here is a goddamn masterpiece a fucking emotional roller coaster of an album and to be completely honest you do yourself a massive disservice if you don't listen to this album in full trust me. It's almost an hour long but trust me it is worth it and also for this album it is the most diverse of their sound they pretty much make a pretty drastic change to their sound every album but it pays off every time and this go around Landon knocked it out of the park it has all kinds of shit songs that will have you in your feels, songs to sing along to and songs to bang your head to also along with that this has some of the best fucking breakdowns and low growls from Landon which appear a lot on this album. This album is just a masterpiece front to back and you need to just check it out but if you are really stubborn some tracks to check out are THE WHOLE ALBUM JUST DO IT!!! *breathes* okay I'll stop fan boying and move on 6. DISPOSE- This is another amazing album and if you are not really into super heavy music this would be the most easily accessible album for you to get into by them once again this album has a drastic change in sound once again this one is really atmospheric and I highly recommend that you listen with headphones to get the full experience while this isn't as good as Happiness I'd still recommend a front to back listen because this album is a masterpiece in it's own way it has it's own identity and is a beautiful piece of music some tracks to check out are honestly the whole album and it's short so it wouldn't take up too much of your time aaaaand then after all that you should check out all of Landon's Side Projects Ai640, Landon Tewers and Dynamite and there is your guide to The Plot in You this is just my opinion and my perspective on them and if you disagree it's okay because I'm a loose end and a deadbeat and I was writing these words because I couldn't sleep
  8. Who's still jamming this in 2018?
  9. @Exsanguination45 it's Briton the screamer of the band
  10. This album was absolutely amazing from start to finish I'm pretty sure this will be my album of the year again like their last release was now while it was short it was still an amazing album great job guys and GLORY TO OUR KING!!
  11. 1. Eminem- Revival 2. Polaris- The Mortal Coil 3. Wage War- Deadweight 4. Last Revelations 5. DED- Mis-An-Thrope 6. Nothing More- The Stories We Tell Ourselves 7. Stone Sour- Hydrograd 8. Starset- Vessels
  12. So I just finished Revival and I'm not going to spoil anything like I usually do all I'll say is if you want it early hmu and if you wait when it officially comes out download it and shut off the world just listen to the music because it's a fucking experience for any Eminem fan. Eminem thank you so much for such a experience and ending the year with a Bang
  13. I really hope this isn't off of the new album because if so that would suck this is the same shit they have been giving us since wrong side of heaven tbh I think they stopped trying after War is The Answer
  14. This album has fucking blown me away like I didn't expect it to obliterate their self titled album while that album is still great and holds up this new one is just a whole new level of amazing this was my most anticipated album this year and they did not disappoint