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  1. We get it the 31st I already entered in will submit it when I get it
  2. Just finished the album it was ok, the big thing about this album for me is the hooks are super catchy and are really well done but when it comes to the rest of the song it's pretty boring an Uninteresting and that happens on a lot of songs on this album, which is a damn shame because Anger Left Behind showed so much promise, the album gets a 6/10 because while a lot of it is boring there are some gems on here such as House Of Gold, Anger Left Behind and Super Hero.
  3. I know I'm late on this but this record is growing to be one of my favorite albums this year, the music is catchy and Tilian really stretches out his vocal chops on this, definitely a 9/10 and a great piece of pop rock some of my faves would have to be Made Of Plastic, Cocky, Gone, Blame It On Rock and Roll and Ghost Town
  4. Absolutely loving both of these songs and Fuck Love, this is looking to be the best record since FWAM
  5. Yeah I loved it first listen but it just keeps getting better and better with each listen
  6. Enjoy Your Slay Lyrics Freak Flag Lyrics The World In My Hands Lyrics Merry Axemas Lyrics Love Bites Lyrics IT Is The End Lyrics
  7. A Grave Mistake Lyrics Rocking The Boat Lyrics
  8. The Jig Is Up Lyrics
  9. Savages Lyrics
  10. Thank God It's Friday lyrics Stabbing In The Dark Lyrics
  11. Yes I asked Spencer last night it is devils Rejects
  12. Alright so one whole big post or separate them?
  13. Alright I'm posting all of them but which one do you guys want first or would you rather just have it in order