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  2. This is my favorite single so far really really looking forward to this album smashing my face in
  3. Finally after a long ass wait TPR4 is on it's way great single hope album announcement is coming soon.
  4. Each EP is better than the next really excited to see how they end this.
  5. Man it feels like I've been waiting for a very very long time for an Avatar album, don't get me wrong Avatar Country was great but was waaaaay to short. The movie did make the album make more sense but was still way to short especially after their best album yet Feathers and Flesh. Avatar Country felt more like a EP than an actual album. So I've been really looking forward to this and with this first single the wait has paid off. This is opening the album very strongly with constant time switch ups along with a extremely catchy chorus that will definitely get crowds pumped up and participating. The drums are the driving force for this one as it goes from punk to Thrash along with their signature sound. The guitars on this are like the Avatar Country, Feathers and Flesh and Hail The Apocalypse styles were all mixed together and is executed beautifully with a killer solo. Along with that Johannes is fucking relentless on this giving all the intensity an extra punch. Overall I'm very very happy with this song and very very intrigued with what the album has in store.
  6. Gonna go burn my house down now brb Also that artwork should definitely be the official album cover that's fuckin badass
  7. Avatar single Age of the Apes drops May 14th
  8. Damn this song was awesome hope they announce a new album soon
  9. Beat is fuckin heat and the flow here is pretty dope lyrics are okay overall pretty decent track
  10. Never ceases to amaze me this is an amazing cover
  11. I checked this out because it was trending and I'm glad I did this is great stuff front to back. My top 5 have to be No Hesitation, Tragic Scene, The Shade Can't Save You, Laugh At My Lessons and Fentanyl.
  12. I'm not going to act like I listened to The Sin and The Sentence a bunch because I didn't. It wasn't a bad album or anything just not in my rotation much, that being said GOD DAMN this album took me by surprise. This is the first Trivium album that I've been able to really get into. It slaps front to back and I had a great time listening to it while ripping and tearing through demons in Doom Eternal. Definitely going to have this heavily in the rotation, this is some of the best Thrash Metalcore I have heard in a very long time. 9/10 Favorite Tracks: Catastrophist, Amongst The Shadows and The Stones, Sickness Unto You, Bending The Arc To Fear and The Ones We Leave Behind
  14. That was powerful and beautiful, and I'm so glad these guys are back after everything they've been through.
  15. I wanna destroy shit to this fuck yeah. This song is FILLLLTHHHYYYY.
  17. Another great solo song from Landon dude is a true legend
  18. This song goes pretty hard really interested to see how the rest of the album turns out all 3 of these songs have been great
  19. I think this is my favorite of the eps so far
  20. I'm loving this it's like something off of ArSe but with a darker vibe. This song also got da groove, and I really like the lower register Jon goes for on the chorus. Super super super hyped for this album only one more week to go!!! Also MULTIPLE STAB WOUNDS YEAH!!!
  21. Holy shit this song has my hype at it's peak I've loved every song so far and this just furthered that. I think this is going to be my new favorite DGD album these singles are even topping mothership for me. Also hi.
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