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  1. Another great song from my favorite vocalist of all time.
  2. This album still beats me up and takes my lunch money.
  3. My top 3 Counterparts albums have to be The Difference Between Hell And Home Nothing Left to Love You're Not You Anymore
  4. I understand he wanted to do it this way but idk for me personally it was super messy the way it was executed. At the end of the day tho it's just my opinion, album is still really good tho just would've been a better experience to me if I didn't already listen to most of the album.
  5. I'm really really hyped for this album great opening track
  6. Album is coming out next week HYYYYYYYYPPEEED.
  7. First half of the song is solid but that second half is pretty badass looking forward to the album
  8. GAH DAAAAAMN this shit had me doing stank face the whole time, and that breakdown at the end made me daydream about murder. Super stoked for this hoping it fuckin RIPS
  9. Okay Joyner. ADHD turned out to be really good but DON'T EVER PROMOTE AN ALBUM LIKE THAT AGAIN! The promotion for this album was a complete mess. Releasing half the album before release was a big oof as well. But luckily reworking the singles made the songs feel new especially with the super crisp production. The songs that weren't singles are really good and the skits with Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart are hilarious. Especially the Chris Skit I was laughing out loud listening to that one. Overall this album is really good is it worth waiting 2 years? Not really the wait for this album was agony and I hope Joyner never does it this way again. He's supposedly dropping 2 more projects this year so hopefully the stuff he did with Em will be on one of those. Overall the rollout for this was a disaster but it's finally out and what's presented here is actually worth listening to 8/10
  10. So far they're 3 for 3 with me on these singles this is my 2nd most anticipated album coming in April super stoked!
  11. Okay adding these 2 made me love the album even more but I honestly hope nothing else happens for a while let everyone soak in Circles for a good while before the inevitable cash grab bs
  12. D slapped, E SLAPS!!! The Lucid Dream is probably my favorite on this one also Jess Nyx is a killer screamer kinda reminds me off Emma Boster from Dying Wish looking forward to C because I'm pretty sure it's gonna spell out DECAY
  13. So the deluxe is worth adding? Because I love this album
  14. Super hyped for new album this single is great
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