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  1. This goes dummy thicc hard. Support this shit so this album fuckin happens I need MORE
  2. I think this is my jump off album they've been missing the mark for me since Five and I barely even listen to these guys anymore eh/10
  3. This EP SLAPS. Love the new songs and the re recordngs/remixes of the singles is a really nice touch. We NEED a debut album from these guys!
  4. This is so beautiful I love it. Hoping they announce their album soon.
  5. END - Splinters of an Ever-changing Face Dealer - Soul Burn and Saint Also everyones recommendations above are good ones as well
  6. I actually think of a different shade of blue when I listen to this album because it made me feel the same way and was my AOTY last year
  7. I never thought this day would come and now that it is here I can't help but just feel empty and very sad about this news. I've been on Kingdom Leaks for almost 5 years and this is my favorite site ever. I always check this place daily and I'll never forget the nights I'd stay up for leakday when some of my most anticipated albums were dropping. I'm happy I was able to donate to this site and also provide some leaks. This place was so much more than just a music leak site and that's what set it apart from the other sites not only did you guys have the fastest and safest downloads, but also there was a community where I've made some great musical friends that made me feel less alone for my obsession. When this site is gone things will not be the same but I'm happy that LK and mR12 are moving on to bigger and better things and I hope you guys the best! Thank you so much for all the amazing memories and wonderful years Kingdom Leaks you will be sorely missed.
  8. After 2 months and over 100 spins of this album it is my number one front runner for AOTY this year. I haven't even come close to being sick of the album yet and I usually get tired at the 100th spin but this album gets me hyped just as much as I was on my 1st spin of it. Everytime I finish the record I just want to start it over. 10/10 My favorites are constantly changing but my top 3 atm are While The Mind Bends To A Will of It's Own, Acid Romance and Don't Ask
  9. I submitted it along with the video as well Loving the way this album is sounding so far Dead Butterflies is my favorite currently
  10. My most anticipated album for 2021 now
  11. I really like this song, artwork is pretty dope not worth a year wait tho. They should've released the album this year after waiting all this time but eh it's whatever. Only single I haven't really liked so far is Mindreader. sounds like the album will be pretty solid if I had to rank the singles it'd be 1. Brick Wall 2. Resentment 3. Degenerates 4. Mindreader
  12. Good shit Favorites: Domination, Deliverance, Open Wounds, Rcklss and Ataxia V
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