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  1. Shame you have to get through 90% garbage on this album just to hear some listenable bits. Really not liking this. Wew. Can't even tell you which parts were good, because they were so far and few in between. There were some good electronic bits in there, but nothing too exciting. Very blandly poppy, which is ironic considering his jab at mainstream pop. *This is my opinion and obviously you may feel differently about the album*
  2. Nice, another in my list of albums to listen to at some point. Lol
  3. Oh boy i'm excited to listen to this just to hear how bad it is. I wonder if I can make it through the songs all the way through.
  4. Actually, it was the mormons. The mormon music label that took kids and made really half-assed pop songs to "boost" their career. Good memes all around. Hers just got noticed. Oh my god, that means it worked.
  5. I actually don't remember any of the music from the movie, but it was a damn good watch. Might check this out.
  6. Yes.
  7. Love it. Great that Dan got to finish Tom's song.
  8. I believe that is what we refer to as "Modern day politics."
  9. What a meme.
  10. Was wondering if this was the same band who released The Anaesthete. Nice. Good band. The music is very spacey and atmospheric, especially on this release.
  11. That is fucking dope artwork. Will check this out just for that.
  12. Give it a week or so. Maybe Vincente will bring it out of the gutter. Would love to have more.
  13. Fucking amazing. I haven't heard a kazoo be quite so metal.
  14. The Plot In You-lite. Give them a listen, I see potential and aren't half bad as is.
  15. Not bad, not amazing. If you're just looking for new music always, this is fine.