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  1. Lights - Giants Remixes [EP] (2017)

    PVRIS remix huh? I am interested.
  2. From: The Kingdom Leaks Community | To: Filecrypt <3

    Thanks my dudes. Keep it up.
  3. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    Dwesk review blog when? Also, I think i'm one of the only AA fans that cannot stand Morte Et Dabo. Talk about an overproduced song. Yikes.
  4. Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria (2017)

    I think the standout tracks are great, I love Alone In A Room, Vultures, Room 138 and few others. Definitely some forgettable ones here though. Explicit is great. I'm sure i'm reading too deeply into it, but it seems like Danny wanted to meme on the "BE HEAVY AGAIN" fans. Overall, 7/10 I think. It's hard to love this album when Northlane, Trivium, and Vial of Mayo put out such standout albums before it. Also, Hoplessly Hopeful is actually pretty alright. So kick dirt dweebs.
  5. The Faces of Kingdom Leaks

    They don't have cameras in the living meme dimension.
  6. The Faces of Kingdom Leaks

    Lookin good man. I dig the hair. I miss my locks. N (S) O H O M O
  7. The Faces of Kingdom Leaks

    No h8 plz I am beautiful the way I am. I'll post a real one when i'm not fucking filthy. featuring bad facial hair and depression Post those selfies boys and girls. Get to know your fellow degenerates.
  8. Only The Spiciest

    You're forgetting a very good meme that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. I cropped it like shit cause I'm a shakeyboi
  9. Only The Spiciest

  10. Sleeping Giant - No Love (feat. Garrett Russell) (Single) (2017)

    Sad to see them go.
  11. What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas?

    They're just lucky I haven't killed myself yet. Merry Christmas fuckers.
  12. Harm's Way - Human Carrying Capacity (Single) (2017)

    Totally different bands. Cane Hill lean more towards Nu-Metalcore(hardcore) and have some weird shit slapped in. This is just good ol Hardcore that FUCKING SLAPS.
  13. Still_bloom - Downer_ (2017)

    I'm a simple man, I see Devin I give it a listen.
  14. Count to 10 Before a Staff Member Posts!

    10! Good job team.
  15. [Release Notes] 3.0.5