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  1. She's trying to cash in on her own hate, and trying to do it in a "sexy and edgy" way but she fits the innocent little girl style more.
  2. Man I hardly remember song names that I just listened to. I have this name for a reason.
  3. "Hey hey, my my" has got to be the absolute worst song name.
  4. So does he just wait for HU to release something before he does?
  5. That is correct. I believe this song is entirely Danny boy.
  6. Oh shit dude if Dan is on this album i'll kill myself.
  7. A little short, but fantastic.
  8. "life has always been shit" Easily one of the grossest, gnarliest bands out there. If you just want to be fucked, beaten, and slammed with some noise and sludgy fucking guitars this is the band for you.
  9. TBDM is synonymous with amazing. If you like Death Metal or even if you are iffy about it, they will always please. Buy the album so they can rip more bongs.
  10. The E S T A T E is at it again. Still, good shit.
  11. Always a banger when Citizen is involved.
  12. I haven't listened to this song, but here is my thoughts on BvB as a whole. Black Veil Brides always was just shy of being a really good band. In their time as a "core" band, Andy really needed to not have shitty harsh vocals. As a "rock" or "metal" band, If they just stopped trying to be Mötley Crüe, they could probably shake off that scene kid label and create something good. They always had some okay songs.
  13. Why isn't Tomato in Rest, Repose anymore? I haven't kept up with Dines in a while.
  14. I don't know anything about this, but if it's easier for y'all go for it. Is this able to be done on mobile? 95% of my time on here is on mobile.
  15. Hype.