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  1. Fucking. Disgusting. In a good way.
  2. Boring. So boring.
  3. God has abandoned us.
  4. Oh no, you're absolutely right. Whenever a song is political it turns into a shitshow. Lol
  5. If you think music isn't worth discussing then you do not have to. Most people do like to, even if it's just shitting memes and insults at each other. Also, it has never been "just listened to music" and not taken it seriously. Music has always been social and political.
  6. Jesus christ that was quick. Must have a template. I dig it.
  7. You're getting meme'd m8. The trademark was a nice touch though.
  8. Wow, a real life troll. Look mommy!
  9. Boi here we go again.
  10. @LKA I'm gonna have to kill myself because of that Ayy Lmao.
  11. Oh baby no what is you doin
  12. Fuck dude, the way Save Yourself ends with the Widower piano part gets me wet as fuck everytime.
  13. As soon as I heard it this image burned into my mind. I was laughing so hard my supervisor asked me if I was choking.
  14. The opening track really let me down hard, even though the rest if the album is fucking spectaular. Not sure why they chose that to introduce the album, since it was the most boring song and the girl's vocals were to say the least. The opening song on their previous albums had such great build-up and so much energy (even if you don't include the first two of Neverbloom as one whole song). But holy shit as soon as you hit Grinding Teeth this album takes the fuck off. 9/10, simply because the Australian dog on Vortex. Reminds me of that video of the Aussie snarling to the reporter.
  15. RIP lads.