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  1. No but they also had CD variants. You can still buy them on Amazon actually
  2. Pretty sure they had a physical deluxe+instrumental for Singularity didn’t they?
  3. Just not good. Don’t mind pop-punk ADTR, but this is shit.
  4. Quick Track by track thoughts The Great Unknown: Banger. Crossing The Rubicon: I think this is a One Direction cover song, honestly wouldn’t be surprised. The Dreamer’s Hotel: I’m split on this one. But I think it will continue to grow on me. Waltzing (I): Basically an interlude. Modern Living: Meh, don’t think I’ll come back to this. Apocaholics: Basically a Shikari Sound System remix as an interlude The Pressure’s On: Alright. Wouldn’t skip it if it came on. Reprise 3: Meme T.I.N.A: Best track, by far. love it. Elegy for Extinction: Who left the Cinderella soundtrack bit on the album? Marionettes (I & II): Pretty good and fun. Keepers. Satellites: Couldn’t finish it. The King: Meh, skippable. Honestly think I like it less the more I listen to it. Waltzing (II): Come on man. In total: This album sucked ass. TINA, The Great Unknown, and Marionettes (I & II) are the only good songs on this one. Bummer.
  5. Honestly not a banger and not holding up against the other singles for me. huhu Jon Mess says wacky things is great and all, but this song is like 50/50 alright/meh.
  6. Honestly just painfully boring and forgettable, like the rest of these singles. Not “bad”, just not worth listening to when there is so much better out there. They didn’t have to be the same band when they got back with Danny, but they shouldn’t have been this.
  7. Not really sure what you’re asking. There are technically 3 people who do vocals in Code Orange. Jamie - Was the drummer, and is the “main” vocalist on 99% of songs. Reba - Guitarist, and does a mix of singing and screaming and is the “main” vocalist on songs like this, Bleeding In The Blur, Dream2, and Dreams In Inertia. Shade - Guitar, keyboard, programming, but he also did a lot of the deeper heavier vocals like in the beginning of “Real”, parts of “Spy”, and opening of “The New Reality.”
  8. VCTMS is the only Victims that matters.
  9. This and Head Hunter are just too forgettable. I enjoyed Summertime Gladness more as a stand alone single than either of these. Mothership might have been peak Tillian, though ArSe had some greats songs on it. We’ll see with the upcoming album.
  10. Considering the fact that A Different Shade of Blue is a metalcore record, you might be right.
  11. “Grindcore, Screamo, Mathcore” Those songs names. But still expecting it to be anything but pure fucking noise? Fools. Bring back Hello Kitty Suicide Club.
  12. Not liking this one as much as singles from False Idol, but more than most of Matriarch. Looking forward to more singles though.
  13. It’s been almost 3 years since Transit Blues. Don’t you consider that “a while”?
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