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  1. This sounds like Dr.Acula and Inquisition had a baby, and that baby had a baby with Attila. Thanks, I hate it.
  2. I don’t think I’m a fan of the mumble/whisper/whatever parts of the song, and I’m hoping that’s not gonna be a common element on the album. Least favorite overall of the singles, but so far they tend to not release the best songs (of the Marcus albums) as singles so I’m hyped to hear the rest.
  3. So glad to get Marcus experimenting with his voice more and more each album. Excited as hell for this one. Can’t wait for those Brenden background vocals as well.
  4. I think I’m in the camp for a new vocalist. Tillian is good, but I think I’m done with this sound from DGD. I’ll definitely check out the album if a new one is coming along with this though, maybe this song just didn’t click with me.
  5. Waiting for it to be on Spotify but YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH they’re back baby. Can’t wait.
  6. Meh, hand around a person’s throat isn’t too unpopular. Code Orange has a very particular style and it would be pretty obvious if somebody
  7. Not horrible. Mantra, Medicine and Mother Tongue are all boring and I still haven't fully made it through any of them. Heavy Metal was yucky. The good parts of the album seem more like remixes than real songs, and honestly that's fine. Oli used a lot of vocal effects throughout the album, and I think that might have made it MORE bearable. I did audibly groan multiple times throughout the album, mainly heavy metal and few shit parts of songs (Wonderful Life or whatever it's called.) Meh, 5.5/10.
  8. I've seen them, and if you think they're impressive(especially now) then you're crazy. Lmao I've seen local bands with more energy, better music, and that can actually perform well. I'm sure Oli has gotten a bit better recently, but their music hasn't.
  9. I don't know where you got the whole "saviors of metalcore" thing from, but they have explicitly stated they don't want to do Metalcore anymore. But albums like Horizons and Deep Blue are easily some of the best in the genre. Also out of all the metalcore bands that have gone much softer over the years, you call PWD "buttrock"? Yikes.
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