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  1. Pretty sure God of lies Todd Howard doesn't want another Elder Scrolls or Fallout release until next generation of consoles. But maybe they should just work on their engine first.
  2. To be fair, Snoop and Zac both did the live gameplay for BF1. Lol I Remember that specifically because Snoop was smoking while playing and got a bunch of people high.
  3. Companies have switched up names for their games before. Also, showing real gameplay at E3 is a good move. Much broader audience than just their loyal followers. However, I do agree that the majority of these are fake/speculation. I don't think Halo 6 is in the pipes for this E3. Releasing Gears and Halo is a bad move. But, Micrososft NEEDS these exclusives. Especially with God of War out and Bloodborne 2(or whatever From Software's new game is) coming out. They are definitely behind. So maybe they'll show all their cards.
  4. Man I wish that Bethesda would give us a new (Obsidion?) Fallout and HD Morrowind? If only, sounds too good.
  5. So is Lamb of God going back to Burn The Priest or is this just a nice throwback for a cover album?
  7. Reminds me of Exi(s)t era Reflections from the few songs I've heard. Not bad.
  8. It's pretty rough to see people hating this album. Lol This album is incredible. Absolute Power, Shadow Boxing, Chronos and The Colour of Leaving made me listen to them at least twice before I could even continue because I was enthralled. The Void is the only song I could do without. Winston's voice is great. Would love a country album from him honestly. (Yee haw) I'm glad they doubled down on this new sound that is heavily influenced by more traditional "Heavy Metal" bands instead of listening to the angsty 16 year olds who wanted "real Metalcore >:'(" This is how you do justice to your influences. 9/10.
  9. I found myself waiting for this album to end because I knew My Enemy was near the end. They'll never top Life Cycles. Telle is a great vocalist, but I don't think he is doing his best and the music is fucking boring. Human is an okay song until the sleep inducing rap feature. I don't think this album will even be worth keeping in my library for the occasional shuffle play when it could be something better. This and Real. will keep each other company as boring TWA albums to be forgotten. Really disappointed.
  10. I haven't listened to this band since their first EP. Lol How different are they after a few years with Rise?
  11. They got their original singer back. Depends on the last time you listened. This, Polaris, and One are Tompkins. Altered State was Ashe. And the Perspective EP was Elliot.
  12. All their other album art is so good. Why did they go with this?
  13. YIKES. Cringe lyrics, one boring song, and one reeeeaaaallllyyyyy bad song. If any of the members are on this site, leave this band and rethink your life man.