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  1. Quite honestly, everything about this, including the artwork and fonts and logo and lettering as well as the song, sucks heavy ballsacks. I thought this sound died in the 2000s and it makes me sad to think that this is the type of shit normies imagine when they think of rock music.
  2. Is this fan made or put together by KL?
  3. what's up with modern punk bands and amusement park rides? The Menzingers, Propagandhi, etc.
  4. My post wasn't a response to someone else's thoughts on the album. What's your point?
  5. What does it matter to you what I think? If our opinions don't overlap then move on brah. It's not that serious lol
  6. I swear, I laugh every time I see these old-timey paintings as black metal covers because it just reminds me of shitty memes
  7. Why does everyone on this site take comments up the ass? But go off I guess XD
  8. this is mad garbage. every song sounds the same. I guess it's fine if you zone off while trying to eat your third microwave burrito of the day, you just got fired form your job and it's raining outside, but wow this is hot fucking garbage
  9. This one wreaks of the same disease that Of Mice & Men's last album does. Each individual song is great, but they all kinda mend together when put next to each other as an album. Trying to think back to it, it's not all that memorable at all.
  10. fuck everyone else on this site for not appreciating this comment more
  11. 1. The Neighbourhood - The Neighbourhood 2. Pusha T - DAYTONA 3. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 4. Kanye West - ye 5. Pig Destroyer - Head Cage 6. Vein - Errorzone 7. The Story So Far - Proper Dose 8. Gulfer - Dog Bless 9. The Afterimage - EVE 10. $uicideBoy$ - I Want To Die In New Orleans
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