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  1. I dont agree. I thought Mothership was a mess imo. ArSe was definitely had a clearer vision and I liked that.
  2. Some great releases all September. My vote went to SeeYouSpaceCowboy...! Incredible album!
  3. this is going to be super meh. I already know
  4. It's all good. I remember seeing your albums picking up a little bit of traction. I've never listened to your work aside from this album, but I'm really loving it dude! Nice job!
  5. Didn't you used to have your albums on Sputnik Music? Or am i just tripping?
  6. Listening right now. This is absolutely beautiful. Every track has a different style but somehow still compliments the songs before and after. Def check this out!
  7. Litt. Not every day you see a band drop 4 singles at once to promote their record
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