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  1. made my day a million times better, no cap! I was hoping the new album would be called DBMIII but ehh, this band can do no wrong!!
  2. Their debut was flame. I'd say give it a real try. Never listened to them much before that.
  3. I want to like it. I never really give a definitive opinion until I've given it more than a few listens
  4. Listening rn for the first time and this shit is really not that good. It's almost like they have no sense of songwriting and kinda just threw a bunch of sounds and ideas together. The production is pretty good with headphones (its a fucking mess with loud speakers) and they can definitely all play their instruments, but nothing about this really wows me. The slower tracks are defo the better ones. Will update when i listen more...
  5. It boggles me that this kind of comment would get so many downvotes. Don't people know it's a joke? Bunch of assholes on this site got nothing better to do
  6. Can't listen rn, but i already know this shit is gonna be flame
  7. 0. Kanye West - Yandhi (Unreleased) 1. Emarosa - Peach Club 2. Tool - Fear Inoculum 3. Tyler, the Creator - IGOR 4. Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas 5. SeeYouSpaceCowboy - The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds 6. Dream State - Primrose Path 7. Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿ 8. The Japanese House - Good at Falling 9. Brockhampton - GINGER 10. Bilmuri - Wet Milk 11. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 12. Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 13. The Callous Daoboys - Die On Mars 14. Born of Osiris - The Simulation 15. clipping. - There Existed An Addiction to Blood 16. Full of Hell - Weeping Choir 17. Brand of Sacrifice - God Hand 18. Oso Oso - Basking in the Glow 19. Ceres - We Are Team It was an awesome year for music! Looking forward to the new decade ✌
  8. why isnt this on spotify? This shits fantastic btw. Absolutely beautiful.
  9. Thanks i was wondering this. I would love to hear WISIRO re-recorded some time with the current lineup.
  10. Most unessential essential band out there. So tired of hearing their name come up especially in 2019
  11. As much as i hate to admit, new Counterparts wasn't all that this year. It felt a little phoned in for me with too little diversity and lacking in their signature charm for some reason. Cattle Decapitation just dropped their best album ever and I'm so happy with it. Well worth that anxious wait!
  12. just after I posted about DIVISI by ALLB. Might listen later...
  13. The FLAC sounds incredible. The album itself is blowing my fucking mind so far. INsane production, screeching guitar, impeccable gutterals and high screams (seriously the best in the genre atm), drums that really pop and bounce in your ears. all that and a message of human "intelligence" leading to the demise and extinction of the human race...I'm honestly just blown away right now
  14. I have very quietly fallen in love with this albums since it's release and I wish the band was back together ;(
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