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  1. Pretty pumped for this. 320 is awesome. Considering the small size, i think a FLAC would sound perfect.
  2. we get yet another month of people choosing the most generic shit. So many people on this site call the new SWS and OM&M generic or average but guess which is gonna be the most voted of the month when they come out? Brand of Sacrifice - God Hand was litty
  3. this was actually a pretty beautiful speech.
  4. unlikeliest of duos. hadnt heard about her in a minute
  5. this looks like a motion blur of Goku going into super saiyan 2
  6. This is the good that happens when you sign to Sumerian. Excited for this release
  7. honestly sad af that most of you decide to vote for the same generic/uninspired/samey metalcore stuff. That style is so tired at this point and MIW bring nothing new to the table
  8. We're not talking about how much better we would be able to do when producing it. We're talking about how it sounds shitty. Every instrument clips and makes it sound like your speakers are blown out. It's not the fuzz or distortion that's making it sound that way, it's really just the way it was produced that makes it sound horrible and difficult to listen to. Your ears get tired of listening to something like that, especially at 17 tracks.
  9. I would go on runs every morning of summer 2015 listening to Grow. Didn't vibe with Homey very much so hopefully this hits the spot for me
  10. This album cover is some shit you'd see from 2000's radio rock bands. I'm almost positive either skillet, breaking benjamin, or three days grace have done some shit like this before
  11. this shit sounds like Walk The Moon and The Maine had a kid and asked of Mark Hoppus can be the godfather
  12. Is anybody else getting blank pages for the dbree links?
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