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  1. This is how I felt about Vacation. I came back to it after about a year and I enjoyed it a lot more, but kinda suck it took that long for me to actually enjoy it. I liked Big Vibe alot but the other singles did not seem very exciting and the band just sounded tired.
  2. bruh you're hostile as shit for no reason
  3. Never heard of these dudes! Should I listen to the instrumental version first?
  4. Everyone pls pls pls give these bois some love! Chdck out their 2018 release too!
  5. Sounds to silence the inner turmoil. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Pretty sure this isn't a real FLAC. It's very quiet and there's very little definition in the higher frequencies.
  7. This one is taking a little longer to grow on me. I wanna say I like the new spanish-influenced style as a way of trying something new, but idk it sounds forced and lazy at the same time. I cant tell if they phoned it in or tried really hard to make a sound work and it just fell short. This is certainly Gavin's danciest, but just a few notches shy of their best.
  8. I havent listened, but i kinda want this just for the art
  9. made my day a million times better, no cap! I was hoping the new album would be called DBMIII but ehh, this band can do no wrong!!
  10. Their debut was flame. I'd say give it a real try. Never listened to them much before that.
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