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  1. just after I posted about DIVISI by ALLB. Might listen later...
  2. The FLAC sounds incredible. The album itself is blowing my fucking mind so far. INsane production, screeching guitar, impeccable gutterals and high screams (seriously the best in the genre atm), drums that really pop and bounce in your ears. all that and a message of human "intelligence" leading to the demise and extinction of the human race...I'm honestly just blown away right now
  3. I have very quietly fallen in love with this albums since it's release and I wish the band was back together ;(
  4. Peach Club is probably my aoty. This is in the same style of Peach Club, which I like, but I'm glad they left this off the album because it would've definitely stood out as the worst/most repetitive track.
  5. And can i just point out how beautiful this artwork is? I dont even have a record player but I'd still buy it for the art
  6. Listening again rn and I'm actually liking it this time around. I here a huge mix of genres from hardcore, to deathcore, to thrash, kinda in the vain that btbam used to do. And I actually really like how the drums sit in the mix. It gives it a roomy feel on high volume
  7. is it just me or is production also kinda wack, aside from just being meh and no vocals? This doesnt even sound like a 320
  8. This is my song that was posted on here a while ago. You might like it, idk
  9. released in 2014, not 2012
  10. Aww shucks. Pretty happy to see this uploaded! You don’t have to download, I just want y’all to hear it!
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