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  1. Some cool ideas on this shit! But they need a new vocalist ASAP; feels monotone to me.
  2. I have no fucking clue what Discord is but if it makes that site run smoother, then fucking go for it. Why the fuck not?
  3. The song rips! The video definitely gives me 80s slasher/action movies (a la Terminator 2?) which only adds to the song. Will definitely be picking this shit up when it drops.
  4. What is this American Football artwork type shit?
  5. I've never listened to this band even though they've come up on my radar a lot. I actually REALLY liked the music AND video that's included at the bottom of the post. Very catchy and very vibe-y. The instrumentals are actually really fluent and glossy but not overproduced. I think it's really enjoyable.
  6. Alright. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. I like how you recommended a preset EQ for the album. Will you do that for every album from now on?
  8. Why the fuck is Taylor Momsen and Lady Gaga in the same body in this video?
  9. I feel like this guy smells
  10. metallica/10
  11. Seriously a great album. Very groovy and very heavy. Definitely brings the junz
  12. I've actually noticed that iTunes is actually really careless when it comes to the details of their releases. Some albums, "featuring" will be spelled feat. or ft. They're really inconsistent. But it was official that they dropped the year from their name.
  13. They dropped 1979 from their name.
  14. Better than Shit & Menace, but still not good. Maybe I can get behind this, but I can't see myself listening to this in few years.