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  1. @symbiote28 thought that was odd too, 320 is out there. I am sure theyll fix it.
  2. Holy shit this is good. Will miss Brian for sure, but Jeff is damn good vocalist. They went a little bit of a different way than the past two releases, but still stick to their roots. I love it!
  3. Unearth is back, and better than ever, never ever one to disappoint. Every album is a perfect 10.
  4. @realowl no, I liked it. Guess we are the only 2.
  5. Regular 320? Not vinyl rip coming soon??
  6. Thanks so very much!!! Stoked as hell for this. Always been a huge fan. Excited for 320 tomorrow.
  7. Hell of a release, I am never let down by OHOH
  8. Much respect and appreciation, thanks so much. Will jam this, but will check back tomorrow for 320.
  9. @BrickFace you're on your own on that one buddy, sounds perfectly fine to me.
  10. @BrickFace what are you talking about? I've listened to album in my earphones loud as hell, there are no fart noises in that song. Not at all.
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