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  1. @vileanthony could be a radio edit
  2. Appreciate ya more than ya know @Summers! Thanks alot!
  3. Have so much love for this band, thanks @Summers
  4. Appreciate you @Summers! The groove masters are back baby!
  5. @Ad0492 I'm ready for Burt Tomorrow too man!!! Lol jk
  6. @guywithamango it's an error, Better Days is not listed on the back of the CD case, but its listed everywhere else the album is listed. Not a bonus track though.
  7. @Draxxzor check their other releases out man! Moths and rust, sojourner, and integral
  8. The best damn surprise come true! Thank you so very much @Summers!!!
  9. Thanks so much @Cosmic Reaper. Truly appreciate this.
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