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  1. @AlexrooXell 320 will definitely make it that much more better, this is still very good.
  2. One metalcore song, classified as metalcore. In reality, genre: trap rock lmao. This band is mediocre/bland af. Dont get the hype.
  3. Good God its about to get fucking insane!
  4. Thanks so much @Lord Kingdom this will hold me over till my CD gets to me, excited for 320
  5. @TyrantsxBlood Ryan Santos is the singer for the band Born A New.
  6. First single was great, these other 2 singles are mediocre as f***, sorry, but I expected much better after the first single.
  7. @Tuti Bins I've thought so in certain parts. Howard Jones sometimes as well. Not a Tremonti fan myself, other than his heavier material.
  8. Alot of monotonous usage of the word monotonous. Lol. Love the new album, very excited to receive my copy of this in the mail.
  9. I'm two tracks in and I'm pretty fucking happy, further compliments incoming lol...
  10. @whenallelsefa1ls you're the MVP, thanks so much!
  11. @mR12 sorry to bother, links are broken for this, any way to get these updated when you get a chance? If at all possible, I'd appreciate it.
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