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  1. @xA7xUnleashedx yea, this album has alot of variety to it.
  2. The complaints on here about my homie Andrew's vocals are stupid hilarious, they have the instrumental versions too ya'll. He got the job as singer for Shokran for a reason, and as a singer, it isnt cause he sings too much. He didnt have an issue getting into Exodus, cause he killed it on that album. That's the most ridiculous criticism of a singer I have ever heard! Ethereal is their best album to date, the album is all around is top tier. @Equinox every singer markets off their singing. That's their job description, clearly.
  3. @NightAngel they're independent, it might be 3dot/eone, eone helping with distribution. They do have they're own label though. Or, maybe eone is typo.
  4. I've looked everywhere for this @Ashtiel I cant thank you enough for this! Thank you!
  5. Such a fantastic ep, their full length War of Aggression is just as nice.
  6. @TheEmpire86 Marcos from Shattered Sun is the new singer, not Dave, Dave's the drummer.
  7. @Azrael__12 its out there as of today.
  8. The one with the 4 bonus tracks is out there now, I have seen it on other sites.
  9. @Venomborn their new singer is Adam Mercer from Entombed From the Abyss
  10. @claudio I thought he left last year dude, even says on Facebook former singer for them.
  11. @Evanwiger 8 tracks total @Venomborn another ep will be released this year.
  12. @B R D S X Spoke to Bjorn himself on that, it's all him on the track, it was never Alissa.
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