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  1. @dorathekiller97 just a difference of opinions man, and that's all good.
  2. Man, Solid State is just doing these as cash grabs, the og version of Messengers sounded just fine, and the og version of this sounds just fine as well. Can even believe that Silent Planet is rerecording The Night God Slept, its sounded perfectly fine. I dont give these releases the time of day. Cause I'm just fine with the og versions.
  3. Just recycled material from years back. Not creative. Mediocre.
  4. Cant fucking wait for this album, of course I miss Jamie, but damn Kaan is killing it. Nothing but bangers have been released, excited to hear the rest!
  5. Thanks so much, nothing but bangers on here!
  6. I dont get the hype with this, it's not great at all. Past material overrides this 100%
  7. @Maximo I coulda sworn he said the heaviest, but either way I'll give it a fair chance when it releases, its definitely got the djent feel, and that and AJ's screaming definitely relieved me. AJ has an awesome voice, so I hope theres alot more of that on the new album.
  8. AJ said this is the hardest on the album, if this is, I'll give it a shot once it releases, but I doubt I'll like it.
  9. Mediocre at best. No big deal.
  10. @Smash_Adams have you never heard Hope and Hinderance???
  11. The mix and production is fine. Kick ass ep. Volumes always delivers.
  12. @AlexrooXell 320 will definitely make it that much more better, this is still very good.
  13. One metalcore song, classified as metalcore. In reality, genre: trap rock lmao. This band is mediocre/bland af. Dont get the hype.
  14. Good God its about to get fucking insane!
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