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  1. Had high hopes for this, pretty let down.
  2. @AMNESIK Haven, Damage Done, Character, Fiction, We Are the Void
  3. Such a good album, another great edition to their already flawless discog. Glad I came here to see the comedy, oops negativity, it literally made my day filled with more laughter. You dudes can never be happy for a band that makes strides to change their sound, even if it were very slightly, if not much at all. Anyways, Drew Fulk did another great job with this album, it easily brings back memories of Slave to Nothing and Dark Skies, with a dash of Creation/Destruction easily. Cannot wait to get my CD in the mail. Thanks again for the leak.
  4. Thank you so very much! Let's get it!
  5. Really appreciate this. This band is so underappreciated, they definitely deserve some positive attention.
  6. Thanks so much! Hell of a band
  7. Hell yeah, the tech death titans have returned
  8. Cant wait for their new album in October, I'm a proud own of their discog. LEGENDS. Period.
  9. @Quiescent if it does, yea
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