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  1. @Absolomb it is the artwork, it's really not that big of a deal, so much more importance here other than that. They're back, from a good time away. Just enjoy the fact they're back.
  2. @dorathekiller97 it's the remastered album from 2016, with the 10th track being the bonus track, Siege Music went out of business, and now that release is out of press and rare. Which is why they made this move to release it though Unique Leader Records.
  3. @Abob33 literally the very first thing I checked when listening to the album haha
  4. Damn sure a most anticipated album for me, both of these new tracks are amazing.
  5. This is completely rerecorded, I've already spoke to Nick about it months ago. Not a remaster.
  6. @FallenZA it's a dead issue that's done and over with, and has been done for 10 years now, let it go, yeah he kicked ass with KSE, he chose his own path, and he has stated many times hes happier for doing so.
  7. This has literally some of the fastest, thrashiest tracks this band has ever had in their discography. Yet, some claim underwhelming, your favorite albums are only the Howard years I'm sure, like most. I'm a grassroots fan from the very beginning, and this album has new faster elements compared to any past albums from this band. I give, and acknowledge respect when it should be given, this is a hell of a masterpiece from start to finish. 10/10... Favorite tracks... THE WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM!
  8. There is no album cover to this while adding it to my samsung library on my phone. I dont have an option to add the art on my phone. Can that be fixed???
  9. The Fallout was literally their best work.
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