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  1. @967-EVIL any chance this could get updated to 320? I have seen it at another site, but the site makes it extremely difficult to download. Only asking, not trying to make a fuss. Thank you.
  2. Dammit, theres a leak out there, I thought this was it
  3. Music and Vocals are good, shame that's all messed up by lyrics written by a teenager.
  4. @967-EVIL much appreciated, thanks so much!
  5. @desk the album will be released as is, with Cjs vocals, so they dont lose so much money, cds and vinyls have already been made for the album, if they went back and redid everything vocally then theyd be losing even more money.
  6. Glad to see it leaked, but come on with that 320 playa lol
  7. @Absolomb it is the artwork, it's really not that big of a deal, so much more importance here other than that. They're back, from a good time away. Just enjoy the fact they're back.
  8. @dorathekiller97 it's the remastered album from 2016, with the 10th track being the bonus track, Siege Music went out of business, and now that release is out of press and rare. Which is why they made this move to release it though Unique Leader Records.
  9. @Abob33 literally the very first thing I checked when listening to the album haha
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