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  1. Was just thinking about these guys the other day, this is a super solid single. Hopefully it comes with an album announcement soon.
  2. This album is a masterpiece and you can't tell me otherwise. That intro slaaaaps and sets the tone for the record. Overexposure, make or break and unseen are my standouts. Will definitely be supporting them and buying the album.
  3. Filthy song as usual from these boys. So hyped for the album next month! Still life slapped and the singles have been promising.
  4. The djentlmen are baaaaaack!!!! I will say I am pretty keen to hear some of barrs cleans at some point. For now this will definitely do tho.
  5. Sounds pretty on course with their current sound, The world is ours is still their best album by far, If they could do another album like that..........that'd be greaaaaaaaat This isn't bad tho.
  6. Whoever says they are better without bohn is wrong and you can't convince me otherwise lol, this is alright for what it is, a fun album to listen to. But it isnt as hard hitting as any of the albums with bohn and I'm just gonna have to accept that lol.
  7. Sounds the most like classic LMTF so far. Definitely my favorite song released off the album yet, hopefully the other 6 are heavy also haha
  8. Definitely digging the variety, and I'm a fan of all the singles they've released but I'm ready for a heavy banger already haha
  9. I've been jamming this since it dropped on the site and I'm still jamming it, so damn good. The breakdown at 3:25 and on hits like a ton of bricks. Love the evolution from the last album, this next one is going to be amazing.
  10. I looked into darkness too long.............NOW IT STARES BACK!!!!!! that intro is so bouncy, I love it and I love this single.
  11. Agreed, they've always carved out their own niche in metalcore, always solid and never disappoint. And their live performences are incredible. I feel like this is a really good mix of their older stuff off messengers and their newer releases.
  12. I wanted soooo badly to like this song, and I even had hope for it for like the first 30 seconds and then it crashed and burned, this was one of my favorite bands back in the the day with between the lies, the hollow and even challenger. I keep hoping they'll find that sound, or even something close to it again but I'm starting to give up hope haha
  13. I was a big fan of Jamie's elsewhere so I can't lie I'm happy to see Aaron killing it as the sole vocalist (Austin will be missed of course) but happy with both these singles. Hoping for a good mix of this song and unbreakable on the new album!
  14. Part of me is worried they'll never make a record as good as fragile figures again, that record was so damn good. But I'll hold out hope until I hear the new record. The cover is meh in my opinion, this song has been covered to death.
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