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  1. Oh god, I'm not ready for this
  2. I'd compare this to BMTH, but lets be honest -- they're way better at this style of music than Bring Me the Horizon. The vocals are great and the music catchy. Most people seem to be complaining that they're conforming and ripping off bands like BMTH, Bad Omens, etc. But, I genuinely think their new sound is more distinquishable than that.
  3. I don't know if it's too far-fetched for me to say that this is very reminiscent to Circa Survive. Back when they were on Swan Records they had more of a DGD-esque kinda vibe to them, which is still prevalent on some of their songs. It sounds like their sound changed a bit, but regardless this album is definitely AOTY for me so far.
  4. Weren't these guys on Blue Swans Records, picked up by Will Swan? I believe I used to listen to these guys and Hail the Sun. This is an amazing album though, it's definitely going to be on repeat for a couple weeks.
  5. Definitely digging this! It's catchy, and the cleans are great. They've definitely found their own unique sound. Glad I checked them out!
  6. So many good albums, but I decided to pick the underdog - Darke Complex. Really hard to pick from the top contenders such as DGD, Architects, Erra, Beartooth, and even HLH. This year truly was a great one from a music persepective. All in all, had to pick Darke Complex, because it seems like they improved so much from their previous material.
  7. single

    Driving to work this morning, playing music on spotify - specifically Miss Fortune. To my surprise, I observed the artist's page and saw they had a single. I thought they were a dead band, and I'm so glad they're still together. This single is amazing!
  8. Love this band and album, I just don't know how I feel about "Viper Strike." I think they should keep politics out of their music.