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  1. I was surprised by this, apart from the gay-teen-like clean vocals lol
  2. Never been so hyped for an album before! I've been checking KL everyday to see if had leaked already for the past month Thanks! Now the wait is over!
  3. Well, "nothing" is a bit exagerated, isn't it? The guitar riffs and the singer's voice is practically identical. Paramore did have some screaming in "My Heart" and "Evergency" (the single version). The fact that it doesn't feature dual vocals or double bass doesn't mean it doesn't sound like it
  4. Downloading just cause I liked the cover
  5. Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds like Tremonti's?
  6. Yes! The singles so far have been awesome!
  7. This is quite good. I just miss a few screamings/growlings
  8. I'll say it again: War is probably their best album so far. Gunfight is awesome!
  9. I couldn't agree more. I gotta say, I simply loved this album! It's got some awesome songs, some very good songs, and some songs that are not bad. Apart from This is Our House, which is like pop-metal (to say the least), there's no bad song. The slow ballads are ok, nothing special but not bad. Call My Name, I Am Above and Burn are my favorites, followed by I The Mask, Follow Me and Voices. The rest are those not-bad-but-nothing-awesome songs.
  10. YESSS, THANK YOU! The album I've been hyped to the most!
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