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  1. I made a "Deluxe Edition" cover, so you can use it for album, with all the songs not included...yeah, I'm creative, I know Album is solid 7/10 for me
  2. This is great as I expected...but wtf is Demeter I mean...It's great, but left me surprised
  3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT...THIS...THIS probably beats Dear Agony and Phobia for me...I'll give it several listens and I'll see, but right now, it's on PAR with those two, they never disappoint, well Dark Before Dawn was not very good album, but rest of their discography rips, I love you Benjamins and I'm glad you went a little heavier way and next time put in more songs than 10, okay? 38 minutes run time is short Also Tourniquet is very interesting, but that "I will" repetition sadly kinda breaks the vibe and Down...fucking hell, that bridge I didn't expect My favourite tracks: All of them [10/10] - after growing on me Also, it would not be me, if I don't share my art related on BB there are two, way before they were released, let me know what you think, for more BB related stuff, check my FB page: PHYDesign If you join my fan base, that would be lit! I hit 250 fans yesterday!
  4. Driftwood? Underoath reference on purpose? I'll give it a listen, when I arrive home then I'll inform you how it is
  5. This is better than previous works, alright track motherfucker xD A bit edgy, something like Attila or Emmure...I mean, from the lyrics side, Moody is at least somewhat good singer
  6. Waiting for something else still it's like an anthem or something like that...I mean, it's not bad, just nothing really off chair kicking
  7. Honestly? I dig this It has an interesting vibe
  8. Am I the only one hearing Howard Jones in the beginning? It's great tho, 6 minutes of classic Tremonti
  9. This is pure fire!! I like the melodic choruses on this album, verses so heavy, rest is calming, only flaws is lenght and no breakdown (really wished for one) Major Phobia vibes! AND UHM UHM, I decided to make a fan art for this single, way before it was released, let me know what you think, for more BB related stuff, check my FB page: PHYDesign If you join my fan base, that would be lit!
  10. I'm glad you like it, took me about 2 hours *phew*
  11. Erase Me - An Honest Physyadelic's Review WARNING! This review is like really honest and contains explicit content, consider reading, if you are easily offended *wink* After 8 years of break, here is the...break of an ice. With a fire axe? More like three quarters sharp, it fucking cut you well, but not apart, it has its power, it requires more plays, to have a higher impact, at least three...Am I cut apart? Uhm, kind of...I need a hospital bed. Didn't end up in coffin, tho I wanted this album to destroy me, just as Disambiguation Is the Aaron returning a downfall? Does Spencer float on his sleeping waves? He shouts from an empty space, looking for his fix (It's not in there) Aaron by his side hitting the war drums, being ERASED together The Spencer and Aaron what a lovely COUPLE, the split vocals fit really well I felt like in a romantic movie in a COUPLE of moments, the momentum goes from shift fucking FIVE to shift two, back to FIVE...Stagnate...*yawn*, then to SIX, HYPERSPEED... And it's gone Just like Spencer's will to live So dark Jerk off more dude Get biatches Oops, sorry didn't mean to trigger christians THEY SWEAR OMG, it's the end of the world!! "Erase Me, There is no fix" It Has To Start Somewhere Fucking all my holes right off the bat, this is the OATH, headbanging OATH, breaking his twigs and creating bullet hell of his leaves. I got so wet, took a row of shits and had to change my bed sheets [5/5] Rapture Ah, this hurts my ears, after first listen, BUT there is one big BUT, it's something new, it's okay I mean, after third listen I was ENJOYING it! The pace falls into electronic abyss, but there is still that nice guitar and drum tickle, guys, next time play in A CONDOM please! [3/5] On My Teeth I've lost my teeth listening to this, as my brain picked up hammer and bang my mouth so hard I swallowed some, but the screams made me a stone so I don't really care, saaadly no breakdown, still a banger! [5/5] Wake Me No actually, send me to sleep, this is boring, it's not terrible, just boring, kinda generic and sometimes I felt like I took a route down to mainstream trash bin...UUUH, stopped in a middle...UUUUH [2.5/5] Bloodlust Back to the right shift, I was very skeptical hearing the unusual introduction and all this humpty dumpty retray steps, but then when chorus hits I hear it I hear that old Underoath whispering even with nice spontaneous screams, interesting bridge and overall vibes [3.5/5] Sink With You I can make it okay I can make it okay I CAN MAKE IT OKAY I, that's enough repeating Spencer, screams are not gonna save it, nor me in the sea, no hand for you, I probably gonna let you drown, it's too repetitive in chorus Sing and sink with fishes [3/5] Ihateit I don't hate it, I kinda like it, it's different, emotions flow, back with repetition and damn "oooohs", but there is nice breakdown, that kicked me off my chair so, I'm positive with this one, kinda aerial Chamberlain charade [4/5] Hold Your Breath Behold the heaviness, embrace the darkness with electricity that burns your ass a bit, sparks dance with you in choruses, in verses you are electrocuted again shaking head like a mofo, probably deaf for a while, Cham's screams are on point, amazing melody, been singing with them, one of the album's best [5/5] No Frame Oh, yeah, this is nice...back with Reversal or Driftwood from Disambiguation, I really dig this one it probably has No Frame, but great looking picture of reality, it's so different, yet so cool and buzzing in my head, TIME HAS NO FRAAAME [4.5/5] In Motion I have to change my diaper, probably my bones as well, got fractured a bit from this BASS, THIS is the best duo performance I've ever heard It lives, it moves, it screams and it shags your ears... In motion chorus emotion, I fucking love this heavy bridge and grand organs-out finale! Mon Cheri! Best off album [5/5] I Gave Up The pace dies here, gets ressurected again after a while, but this one was clearly meant as that enduring poppy ballad to end Erasing, don't get me wrong, MUSE vibes are kinda cool, but not for OATH that mountain part is kissing my soul and the instrumental after licked my ears... [3/5] CONCLUSION: "They kind of left the sludginess When Aaron came Their experimentation is no shame Kept a dose of heaviness Fingered mediocrity a bit Instead got melodiousness It's not the best, but not a shit" (4/5) and for retards (80%)
  12. Okay...well then...this is fine...mediocre Way too soft in most parts for me, it's bland and overwhelmingly boring most of the time 1. Beautifully Tragic (2/5) 2. Broken Heart (3.5/5) 3. Four Letter Word (1/5) 4. I Will Make It Up To You (2.5/5) 5. Bleed For Me (2/5) 6. Do You Love Me? (4/5) {3rd place} 7. I Am Human (3/5) 8. If Only (1/5) 9. Empire (2.5/5) 10. Recipe For Disaster (4.5/5) {1st place} 11. Riot (2.5/5) [Most Explicit on album] 12. Digging My Own Grave (4.5/5) {2nd place} 13. Resistance (3/5) [Ambulance guitar sounds, lol] 14. Let Me Be [WHAT THE ACTUAL COUNTRY FUCK] (0/5) 15. Dead To Me (2.5/5) 16. Mask (3/5) Conclusion? Rather Escape from this album Rating (2.6/5)