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  1. What the actual fuck did I just watch and heard? Edit: It is pretty dope
  2. Remember to smoke MISHA, drink SATAN and hail Rorschach with BEER
  3. I Prevail - Trauma, Rated N for Nobody (just skip most of it, not worth your time)
  4. Don't forget about Bow Down, Hurricane and Low similar sounding breakdowns Gasoline verses sounding like discount Bleed It Out from Linkin Park Goodbye, absolutely passable interlude
  5. Gasoline sounds like discount Bleed It Out in verses...
  6. LEZ FOCKIN GOOOO Thanks a bunch Rorschach
  7. Soon more like OH FUCKIN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *changes the profile picture*
  8. B E H O L D T H E M E D I O C O R E !
  9. Yeah, I agree with you, it is for sure about the tastes, but it's like this with every other genre, every other band...I just think that DGD purposely locked up in that one direction and they are not willing to leave the cage, but I'm sure they should Not that their music is bad, absolutely not, they are original in some sort and I like the way they build up the structures and instruments with other stuff mixed in But just as Joseph says, it really is still the SAME DGD, which means, I've heard similar one before
  10. Major old-school 30 Seconds To Mars vibes and bridge with Thrice feeling into it, I dig this...I really dig this, great job Keith The guitar and atmosphere...and his voice is stellar
  11. I mean...if it ain't broken, why bother fixing it? But, I think they probably should spice it up a little bit, because it's still the same DGD And it gets boring slowly Not bad, just not very fresh
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