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  1. Production is not ass, it's pretty much classic RED style of production, at least in my ears... Also the song is amazing, I love the vocals, the strings are on point Fucking solid entry now I only hope they re-recorded The Evening Hate and From The Ashes
  2. Oh yeah, I'm in love with this heaviest/poppy gimmick, it works, choruses are catchy, verses fuck your head and smack it against the table
  3. As far as the shitty album cover goes, this song is solid and I like it
  4. I don't know what about others, but I hear Underoath with Norma Jean in this and I'm loving it :3
  5. They really need a new producer, this plasicy sound just fucks them over, new drummer is killing it, great fills, nice melodies, the song overall is pretty good, except the lyrics as always and sound quality :D solo is great
  6. I don't like the vocals 😄 but it's pretty good, instrumental for sure
  7. Uuuuu, heaviii I like this a lot...fucking hell, but the screams are not so familiar, the high ones kind of, the lows are...a bit different 😃 Also, isn't this more of a Metalcore song than Post-Hardcore?
  8. I fucking love the glitchy sound effects I don't know why, but I do and the track is dope
  9. That 9/9 chorus made me nut a couple of times in a row, fucking hell they did it again
  10. Just as I'm listening to Portraits, I find that there is a new single by them what are the odds of this?
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