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  1. Oh fuck FUELED BY RAMEN... Well, this cannot end well, the track is meh
  2. "At the end" A B S O L U T E F I L T H You can add it manually bro
  3. STARSET - Manifest (Unofficial Lyric Video) I made it for Starset fans especially let's make band see it! Thanks for any support
  4. As far as Transmissions go on their websites, I guess next single comes out 29th of August, I'm not sure, but it seems like Also, the track is great, I love how low the guitars are, definitely "poppier" verses, but chorus, bridge and the rest is fire
  5. I didn't know I'm gonna say it, but...EVEN THO, it's a cover, it's great and also, The Veer Union got heavier xD
  6. This is so MEH that I'm actually not surprised after The's not the worst thing, but it's so structually boring and flat...what is wrong with the master on guitars, screams are not saving it 5/10
  7. This is dope, I actually like it more than Tapping Out...that phat tone
  8. Sadly guys, I think this is the official album's very cheap and boring...I agree, what happened to Vessels kind of artworks and why are their new hype videos dope as fuck as far as production goes and this looks like...shit, yeah
  9. Good stuff indeed I was afraid I wouldn't hear the screams, but I got em...I feel like listening to Dance Gavin Dance sometimes when I hear their song, idk why, maybe the delivery
  10. RIGHT? It's as dope as my fan artworks
  11. FUUUUUUUUUUCK This completely kills Neon, it has more of an Augment vibes with that filthy breakdown, Jesses Christ I love this
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