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  1. @Lord Kingdom Can you change the genres to Post-Grunge? cuz it sounds like Seether and return to Saliva's roots
  2. Well, I was a bit disappointed by Immortalized, not that the album is bad, it was just, not what I was expecting from them, mostly the Churko's production ruined it for me here we go again, Churko back at his couch fucking up the lows and highs and it feels kinda METAL yet again, it's more Industrial than Nu...yet still it's catching up that 2000s feels mixed with what was actually good in Immortalized and a bit of new spices, so I'm pleasantly surprised, the ballads work really well too But you got no 5 from me, sorry there was just not a song that kicked me off the chair and choked me on the ground 1. Are You Ready? (4/5) - As the first single, it took a while for me to comprehend the direction it goes, but I can say, it grown on me 2. No More (3.5/5) - No more, no more, no that chorus? Is that post-chorus? I mean, it's not bad, but the lyrics are kinda cringy and I guess used way too much already? No More politics in music, please 3. A Reason to Fight (4/5) - I always liked Disturbed ballads, this one is no different, gives me Believe vibes of that final emotional track, great song 4. In Another Time (4.5/5) - Oh, I see, we are riding the higher tides...the beginning is kinda confusing and the verses are Industrial, they give me weird DEVICE feeling but there is Nu-Metal core, I like this one a lot, even tho the chorus is a bit lacking, Ten Thousand Fists + The Sickness + Device...nuff said 5. Stronger on Your Own (3/5) - This had potential, sadly kinda wasted, because it's not very interesting track, to be honest, I was pretty bored listening to this, way too slow, heavier ballad? Bridge is interesting 6. Hold On to Memories (4/5) - In the beginning I asked myself, is this Dance Gavin Dance? xD I'm probably fucking retarded, but it reminded me of DGD...this ballad is yet again nice and enjoyable tho, I smell country influences, which is cool, don't get me wrong and David's voice is just soul caressing, 5 minutes of tearing up 7. Saviour Of Nothing (3/5) - I don't know what to say, it's just so weird, at first it feels like something from Asylum, then it's ruined by way too slow pace, then again it returns to Asylum...chorus is weirdly placed and overall I don't really understand the way he sings it, solo is nice tho 8. Watch You Burn (4/5) - Heavier ballad with unexpected shouts of older albums, also what is that orchestral part, I fucking love it as a whole, it's pretty good...definitely "evolution" 9. The Best Ones Lie (4.5/5) - This one is great, bridge section is interesting and solo is amazing :3 lyrics are a bit goofy, but weren't they always? Drainman just doesn't give a fuck what others say 10. Already Gone (4.5/5) - Can you just fuck me with your voice D? I'm not gay, but it's just a gift from angels, if this was the only ballad, I would give it a 5, but for me, there are just far too many, even tho they are good and this one beautiful chills indeed, girls intended, guys will know...ARE THEY ALREADY GONE? 11. This Venom (4.5/5) - What is that mosquito sound? It's screaming fucking Warning Sings at me...what does it mean? Sick Deja Vu indeed Drainman...why is it a deluxe track? Dem licks 12. Uninvited Guest (4/5) - Final ballad of this interesting ride, highest UUUUH instead of OH WAH AH AH AH beware, contains emotions and orchestra that's gonna bang your mind SO MY VERDICT? Screw that live version and remix...remix is catchy, but why should I review it 3.95/5 Or 79/100
  3. Let's fucking go, let's see how it is, I'm gonna give you a review yet again
  4. Oh fuuuck, that is great stuff man...Aussie boys keep em coming :3
  5. STARSET - Telepathic (Voice Cover) Damn, how long I wasn't screaming? 🤔😄 it's been a year for sure, look, with this officially started new project for vocal covers of any genre, I started a bit soft, because my cleans are CLEANER, than my growls, even tho I can do both 🙃 how much? It's up to you, I'll be glad if you listen to it, give it some kind of constructive criticism, I overlook hate, I swear and if you like it, you can like the video and give me a subscribe, to be in touch with every new material I hope for a nice listen No, it's not on autotune, just a bit of echo, EQ and plosive repair AND YES, it's me, that one guy posting artworks and lyric videos, yay! *PHY
  6. Okay it's been misunderstanding, my bad, it's correct now
  7. It definitely has Device vibe, which is not a bad thing, even tho the album is just good, nothing amazing, but I just don't dig the way Churko produce music, Johnny K was much better for Disturbed, haunting, filthy feeling...
  8. Well the difference is that FFDP has terrible lyrics, terrible production and literally EVERYTHING is pretty much wrong, Everything's Wrong sounds like something taken from For We Are Many, it's ATR for sure Hah, I feel punny today
  9. Both of them are great seems like we are getting another For We Are Many
  10. I really enjoy this one it's great, vocals sound like Ten Thousand Fists, the song like something from Believe or Asylum, sadly the production is just...Churko, I don't like his production, sounds too METAL... Got it?
  11. Rest of the album is better than The Time Is Now, believe me look at my review
  12. I was expecting something like Bullet For My Valentine released this year, something that will fuck up my Gravity but no, it's actually not bad, there are catchy tunes, RATM vibes, Nu-Metal vibes, Underoath vibes, Arena Rock?...I'm serious, I feel RATM in Blind Deaf & Dumb, maybe I'm dumb, but there is something in me telling, yeah, Atreyu Against The Machine xD Overall, the album is enjoyable 01. In Our Wake (4/5) - When this came out, I liked it after first listen, pretty good one 02. House Of Gold (4.5/5) - Second best on this album #2 03. The Time Is Now (3/5) - I dig the clock effect with the drums and such, but overall it sounds like a bit heavier Imagine Dragons 04. Nothing Will Ever Change (4/5) - A bit should've been better here, not breathtaking 05. Blind Deaf & Dumb (4/5) - RATM? 06. Terrified (2,5/5) - What the fuck happened here? I'm a bit terrified by this song, also damn, the bass is way too boosted...from the middle of the song it's okay 07. Safety Pin (3,5/5) - Nothing bad, nothing amazing, that double bass drum is giving this song energy, but constant "oooohs" are destroying it 08. Into the Open (4/5) - Skillet? 09. Paper Castle (3,5/5) - I mean, ooohs are fine in one song there it just doesn't really fit the overall mood, it's sad that the outro is not longer 10. No Control (4/5) - Interesting tune, but again this fucking OOOHS, god damn... 11. Anger Left Behind (5/5) - Best of the album and oh fuck, cool breakdown #1 12. Super Hero (4.5/5) - They went a most Avenged Sevenfold and a bit Nickelback on this one, I have nothing else to say, also Aaron and M.Shadows here, maybe that's why it sounds like A7X #3 Rating: 3,9/5 Or: 78/100
  13. Let's see how this is, I'm excited also I fucking love the artwork