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  1. That 9/9 chorus made me nut a couple of times in a row, fucking hell they did it again
  2. Just as I'm listening to Portraits, I find that there is a new single by them what are the odds of this?
  3. Finally someone shared our Czech kings! 🇨🇿 Also the band name is a combination of founders names and surnames 😃 One is called "Čupka" in surname, which is "Čubka" when you twist it into swear word and that's a "hooker" in English 😂 Track slappps I love the chorus
  4. Hitting those bass lines dirty...reminds me of old "A Perfect Circle" and DOOM soundtrack
  5. I mean, it's good for what it is, but it's hella boring and just kinda...empty...meaningless And the production is sucky But one last point, at least they are "heavier" again (also are there background screams?)
  6. Why I feel current Bring Me The Horizon in this 🙁🤣 is pretty good
  7. Don't fucking forget about their debut, I'm a friend with the lead singer and holy shit, what a talented guy he is ❤️
  8. This is actually dope and I don't really like this band
  9. Time, the Valuator had a bit of influence on them on this album it seems...I dig :3
  10. Fucking hell, only one new track, the rest is pretty much worthless...
  11. This is a fucking tune, can't wait to hear non-edited one ♥️
  12. I mean, what do you expect from the MOST CONSISTENT band ever?
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