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  1. That breakdown build-up to chorus destroyed me...but overall it's alright Could've been better, could've been worse but MILES better than last two LP's Also, I dig the screams
  2. Lyrically it's not so strong anymore ☹️ but I feel the Types & Shadows in this, which is nice, I love that album Pretty good track
  3. Yeah, the production is really crappy, but I did not expect at all that slow low part in the middle
  4. Because it's self-produced Also @Lord Rorschach change the genre to precious Alternative Metal
  5. Goosebumps all over sounds like they've never changed a vocalist it's so Time, The Valuatory that it could've been included on last album Also, they spiced it up with a bit of screaming, which is a good sign for me...also, I'm having Plini vibes, with that guitar riff, highly recommended I'm stoked what comes next!
  6. Uhm, this is over the top F I L T H Y, enough overproduced for my demanding ears
  7. Even if not, you can add it yourself in phone or PC
  8. Who would have thought? It's Egypt Central...IT REALLY IS, good tune, expecting a bit more tho
  9. Holy shit, shit...shit...SHIT, it's been so damn long
  10. I really dig their Nu-Metal approach, all songs so far were great, this one including 😁🤘🏻 That Korny vibes in the beginning, pretty filthy breakdown if I say so myself, yeah it's nothing breathtakingly original, but I'm gonna bang my stupid fucking head to this, NORTHELESS!
  11. I agree, this is more Alternative Metal than Metalcore but it's still enjoyable
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