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  1. Still hoping for something heavier, still hoping...but my hope is slowly fainting
  2. The song is rather sexy I like it a lot, that's the energy I was missing from their debut sometimes And with Nolly behind the mix Hype train arrived @BERO
  3. NOBODY is gonna talk about what a lackluster the chorus is? Well I'll be the first person The screams are okayish, since TSATS they were like this, I got used to them, but Shogun screams were better, more raw, more powerful Overall it's a solid track
  4. This track gave me faith about this day, very noice 😊🤘🏻
  5. This is very good, don't miss on this if you want Architects mixed with Killswitch Engage and Counterparts 😋 Also 🇨🇿 band!
  6. Who doesn't? I don't know, I like them all so far, but would like to have some heavy hitters as well
  7. Yeah, this sounds absolutely amazing, fuck, what a difference
  8. And that's a good thing or a bad thing?
  9. Well, they don't need to pretend to be unique, because they are Peace and fall down the rabbit hole with us
  10. Heavy goosebumps, this sounds like 90's grunge mixed with Tool and hardcore genre
  11. 3/3 I feel Wolves At The Gate in this, not disappointed at all, really damn good
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