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  1. Okay here is the review not gonna talk about every track invidually, it's an amazing album, most diverse I think, is it on par with past albums? I mean, it's THE album, no need to compare, no need to compete Impulse was something, Augment was something, Drift was something, Neon is grateful this band still kills it 1. Breach (5/5) #3 2. Monolith (4/5) 3. Signal Fire (4,5/5) 4. Valhalla (5/5) 5. Hyperreality (3,5/5) 6. Ghost Of Nothing (5/5) #1 7. Disarray (4/5) 8. Expiate (5/5) #2 9. Unify (4/5) 10. Ultimata (4,5/5) And here is the last artwork for Neon that came from my head, I hope you like this one too IF YOU LOVE IT...check out PHYDesign on Facebook and become a fan Next milestone: 500 Fans
  2. It's not so bad, but I expect something better, the chorus is lacking a punch, it's like HU mixed with LP...I don't like HU, so that's probably why I don't really like this, I dig the bridge tho
  3. This is so fuckin' catchy, it's ridiculous, I like that background sound like from The Sims game Playing it for 5th time already... How?
  4. Thanks, much appreciated more to come
  5. FUGITIVE THO It's an amazing album from start to end! more unclean vocals and my screen will be pure white glue
  6. Bump it then 🤘🏻😃 or make it bumped 😁 And thanks a lot, much appreciated, on my FB page I have more stuff
  7. HEY MICHAEL VSAUCE HERE's me Physyadelic Designer Missed me? I guess not, but holy shit, finally I have opportunity to share my stuff, when I worked so hard on it... Brace yourselves, this is a big thing, it's gonna NEONIZE your whole f*cking mind at least, I hope so... TADADAA!! In total I worked on these two for about five hours, I could say they are one of my best artworks ever I put my whole heart and soul into them, so please, show me your appreciation I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM, I REALLY DO HOPE! If you join my fan base, that would be lit! ❤ I hit 300 fans yesterday! (PHYDesign on Facebook) And now into this bad boy, right into NEON, I hope my boner will not kill me I'll probably make a review Stay tuned *PHY
  8. Uhm, why I feel that the production is better here?
  9. The artwork is making my eyes bleed...
  10. Yeah, exactly I know that too it's great, I'm giving it 8 as well, but I'm not fan of the production, Idk what about you
  11. I was waiting for new music from these guys, they didn't disappoint, it's impressive, but the production is lacking...
  12. Breaking Benjamin's nothing really groundbreaking, but I dig it interested for future stuff