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  1. I don't know why, but I like Ludens a lot more, considering that Ludens is probably less aggressive, this was overhyped as hell, mix is fucked up, organ pretty much died in studio version, that nice and bouncy instrumental is gone, nice bits are replaced with cringeworthy and cheesy lyrics *aachoo* Some elements are kept, I'm not disappointed, but not pleased as much as I expected to be Also... THIS IS A WAR demo sounded a lot better
  2. This is a cover version of already existing song from Soundgarden
  3. Cover art is beyond awfulness, but the track is has bull's balls
  4. Lazy lyricism? This song has absolutely stellar lyrics, only the chorus is a bit underwhelming as you say
  5. I see that Outline has some I I I S S U E S
  6. M O S H E R S are best on concerts...nuff said
  7. It's nice that filecrypt link now contains virus links Also, this is a smacker
  8. So they keep that Resist vibe...I mean, it's nothing amazing, it's okayish The chorus is lacking a punch, it sounds generic af, I get it, they want to be more relevant and symphonic metal is kind of dying in abyss, but I honestly had a couple of Kelly Clarkson moments in there, which is not good, I mean that shitty pop Clarkson Entertain You, more like Bore You to Death
  9. The quality is still poo poo, but it doesn't hurt my ears as much anymore don't get me wrong, I'm glad you posted this early and I understand 128kbps, but it's no doubt one of the worse 128 rips here so far Nonetheless thanks again :))
  10. My ears really kind of suffer with the sound...that background noise is awful But thanks for the early leak
  11. That Tragic Scene ending is just fucking gnarly, I love it Overall the record is very enjoyable, it has happy vibes, sad's melancholic, it's like a mix of past work with a spice of something new Also, Hearts On Fire sounds kinda like from last Atreyu album with the drumming
  12. Melodeath Trivium 🤔 I feel so much In Flames influences in this 😁
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