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  1. Sounds like B-Side of Come Clarity and I really dig it
  2. @Cold.Outside Oh it leaked? Now I can share my other piece of creation glad, really glad, because this is me leaking my own artwork earlier than I wanted to release it, you all here see it first PHY OUT And also, be sure to check my FB page if you love it :3 >>
  3. Hey guys, I made something 22nd of January 😁 if you remember from Mother Tongue video, there were that fucking cool logo transitions and I was like...damn, I have to somehow recreate this, not way too detailed or complicated, even tho, I can for sure work with that in the future, I had to manually, create each of the bits of logo and what really surprised me, is that I GOT IT the same way as the original 😅 Then I had to cut songs one by one from that Oli's tracklist picture, blemish the tracklist to have a clean background,'s been for sure hard, but I'm fucking proud of it! ❤️🤘🏻 Bring Me The Horizon Aniproject [1] a m o Time of creation: 4 hours *Also for those that has been shitting on me More of this coming soon...
  4. It's kind of sarcastic as a whole that ending bit especially
  5. Guys, I guess you've been waiting for my review, but no, I'm not gonna review this, also BE HERE tommorow, I have a huge surprise prepared, that I'm gonna share everyfuckingwhere to make the band see it I'll be sort of brief: You'll do anything to gratify a woman, AGREE with that boys, it's kind of a sad truth, but we LOVE them, even tho, they are driving us crazy sometimes, without WOMAN as a gender, this world would be fucking boring, weird, way too gay, just way too gay you know, boys bang only boy's ass And no, I would rather dig my own grave earlier live only among guys So what is my point? I feel THIS from AMO And then there is "why you gotta kick me when I'm down?" as sort of confess to the people and shout away from the old relationship This album smells just way too much like his Brazilian babe Because in Brazil they listen to this sort of shit 24/7 just check the charts, lol Even tho it's altogether solid 7/10 my lovely gay band Bring Me The Horizon I hope Oli Sykes will sign my dick one day...
  6. I think you wanted to say: "and I'm not that much into pop"
  7. I'll be "brief" I hear live drums, guitar is present as well, which is good, I hear fucking OH OHs in background before second verse, that wanted me to punch the screen...BUT, then that dun dun duuun came and it REALLY fits there, such a nice transition, something unique the bridge is okaaay...that section with faster drums is great Verdict? 7/10 It's NOT laughably terrible, as a love song, it fulfills its purpose, I didn't jam to that, but after three listens, I kind of got into it
  8. This EP sounds like softer wannabe Slaves... Guys, this is not good, only The Fear of Letting Go is somewhat ok
  9. That second half of INGLEWOOD sounds a bit like King 810 for me...
  10. After first listen, I'm confuzzled af, but also, pleasantly surprised I mean, EP was...fine, didn't enjoy it much, this is very versatile, very unique mix of pretty much every fitting genre possible and I pretty much hate hip-hop and R'n'B, but these guys mixed it so well, that everything blends almost perfectly there is not any particular boring moment, couple of meh ones, the woah woahs are gonna kill me one day, but overall this is very strong debut and an interesting start of 2019 for me thumb up and \m/ It tastes like Rage Against The Machine mixed with Nu-Metal influences from Linkin Park, Korn...whatever else, early Papa Roach, licking Hip-Hop and R'n'B just a bit to make it all interesting OR IF WHOLE LINKIN PARK DISCOGRAPHY FUCKED IN A HUGE GANGBANG AND INVITED HIP-HOP ALBUMS FOR A SMALL BALL TICKLE 01. ... (Here comes the FEVER!) [intro/intro] 02. Burn It (We are starting off strong with this single that already shows what you can expect from numb333rs) [8/10] 03. Animal (We are not slowing down, I feel new Atreyu from this and strong RATM vibes...both are now pretty much the same? Good one, not great, but solid especially near the end ) [7,5/10] 04. Prey For Me/3 (First double track or how to call it, both parts are amazing and the screams are on point, one small flaw is that final repetition, but I can say, it all fits) [9/10] 05. One Of Us (Starts like fucking song from Nicki Minaj or some kind of triple hoe fusion Beyoncé, Grande...BUT that dies quickly and from there it's great, then at the end hoes again) [8/10] 06. Inglewood/3 (Another long track and there the anger shifts with emotions at the first half and second half comes as a machine gun, almost perfect mix of elements, touching chorus) [9/10] 07. The Innocent (Strongest Linkin Park influence from the album, but also weirdest Hip-Hop fusion here, best track on album, if only it was longer) [10/10] 08. Out Of Control/3 (I cannot remind that one guy that likes to overbass things, but this is pretty much it, great track nonetheless, last longest) [8/10] 09. Am I Here? (This is something like first half of Inglewood, emotional, with background music Linkin Park-esque, then screams come and emotion intensifies with a classical end) [9/10] 10. Coup D'étalk (I just don't know what to say anymore xD another interesting blending of pop elements and heavy ones, a bit like Burn It) [8/10] VERDICT: 8,5/10
  11. New Born Of Osiris single cover got leaked 🤘🏻😂😂 I made this just for shits and giggles, no offense, new EP is pretty good Also, I'm back at making artworks and design, be sure to check me out, if you're interested ©2019 - All Rights Reserved
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