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  1. It's really not that bad, it's good give it a try, 6/10 for me as I said higher
  2. 01. The Ending (4,5/5) - First most favourite on this album, this song is pretty different, but damn fucking catchy and lyrics are very good 02. Renegade Music (3,5/5) - RATM, not much said, not much expected 03. Not the Only One (2/5) - This is the sad side of album, it's chaotic, too generic, weird, too poppy, potential is here, but very little 04. Who Do You Trust? (3/5) - I just cannot get on with the repetition, it's not a bad song, don't get me wrong, but didn't give much for me 05. Elevate (1/5) - Wannabe Imagine Dragons #1 06. Come Around - (4/5) - Third most favourite on this album, softer song, but this one touched me on my feels 07. Feel like Home (3/5) - Again a bit touching on your heart, but didn't catch me as much as Come Around, even tho it's not bad at all 08. Problems (2/5) - Wannabe Fall Out Boy 2018 09. Top of the World (1/5) - Wannabe Imagine Dragons #2 10. I Suffer Well (4/5) - It's very short, but it gave me Linkin Park's War vibes, it's heavy af, but the run time is sad 11. Maniac (4,5/5) - This is my second most favourite on this album, Shaddix screams are great and overall it flows nicely, kudos on this one 12. Better Than Life (3/5) - I mean, it's something, not like worst thing, the beginning is rusty and sounds like Ne-Yo song, but then power is put in Verdict: 2,958/5 so 3/5....yeah, 3/5
  3. I have to admit, this sounds promising also it feels like return to millenium years...I mean, old-school Alternative Metal with Post-Hardcore touch
  4. This sounds like something from AIC but it's not bad
  5. Why nobody commented it yet? It's really catchy I have to admit, it has that punky jumpy vibe also it has really interesting structure
  6. Oh...Sleeper after sleep something again released
  7. Who wants my review for it? Also @drownwithmatt you are a legend!
  8. This is insanely catchy track, I dig it it's definitely worth listening to, instrumental is great, solo as well
  9. I think the point here was not the groove at all, they wanted to push the boundaries of their musicianship yeah blast beats are not my cup of tea most of the time, but here it fits and all is very well produced, if I say so myself, it's nowhere near nowadays standarts, Deathcore was always "noise" it was never about groove, Melodic Deathcore on the other side is groovy for sure, like After The Burial and such, so yes this song is chaos, but I think that was intended
  10. I don't know how others, but I feel like listening to Fit For A Lake It's good, but not as good as Apollo
  11. Why the hell is this considered as a Pop-Punk?
  12. Yeah, they are considered as such a fail now 😄
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