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  1. Fucking Churko again...jesus christ, the song is alright, but I just HATE his type of production, it's so similar to all the shit he is producing, so sad
  2. This is very fine nothing really amazing, but it sounds good Chorus is nice
  3. Ah we go again He can rename himself to Lil Shinoda now
  4. Honestly? Not as bad as I expected it to be, it really has Celldweller vibes on the guitar fills and parts, as @desk mentioned, overall, semi-heavier, mostly softer track that sounds miles better than Evolution BUT still is miles far away from their original older discography Production sounds Churkoish, so...they probably didn't leave him, even tho their last two albums were review failures Dumb decision
  5. I mean, it's something more than nothing, but it's boring more than anything
  6. Don't kill me for this, but I expected a little better breakdown...considering the build-up But the low screams are fucking on point The whole song is a slapper, best of the three so far 9/10
  7. What the actual fuck is this trash site you uploaded it at...sorry, but that's abysmal, literally a museum of viruses
  8. I'm all for something softer, as Slaves record had, it's nice when you wanna relax from the headbanging
  9. I love this guy's voice, holy shit Summer banger
  10. I don't know why, but I like Ludens a lot more, considering that Ludens is probably less aggressive, this was overhyped as hell, mix is fucked up, organ pretty much died in studio version, that nice and bouncy instrumental is gone, nice bits are replaced with cringeworthy and cheesy lyrics *aachoo* Some elements are kept, I'm not disappointed, but not pleased as much as I expected to be Also... THIS IS A WAR demo sounded a lot better
  11. This is a cover version of already existing song from Soundgarden
  12. Cover art is beyond awfulness, but the track is has bull's balls
  13. Lazy lyricism? This song has absolutely stellar lyrics, only the chorus is a bit underwhelming as you say
  14. I see that Outline has some I I I S S U E S
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