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  1. Oh my god, just shut uuuuup Not every song will be fucking out of this world amazing, it's literally impossible, it also depends on person, someone loves this one more than All That You Lost and someone loves that one more... Simple as that Period It's amazing, I love it Another period ❤️
  2. Five Finger Death Punch - Do or Die (Motherfucker)
  3. I'm gonna say it, you all are gonna hate it But this is not ONLY pretty bad, but also boring, I was never their fan and never will be, do you
  4. I like this a lot, but the production seems a bit iffy, not quite enjoying the way it sounds in my headphones...well, we'll see and hear on my monitors ALSO! Novelists FR - C'est La Vie Coming out 24th of January 2020 Track list: 01. Somebody Else 02. Deep Blue 03. Lilly 04. Modern Slave 05. C’est La Vie 06. Head Rush 07. Kings Of Ignorance 08. Rain 09. Human Condition Where is Eyes Wide Shut...nobody knows, but the track slaps so I'll add it in myself 😋🤘🏻
  5. You know, every person has a different taste, opinions bro, opinions
  6. Uhm...there is a solid amount of breakdowns, so to speak, there are couple of breakbeats as well, this is such a nicely crafted album, this is what I love about music, this is why I love music, because you can experiment as much as you want and you can create such a fucking good album, groovy, heavy at parts, soothing and emotional...I'm gonna nitpick only two things, could've had more screaming, their bassist is a beast and better lyrics for sure Not gonna call this record mature, it's fun, it's like a return to the high school days and flaws of life on daily basis
  7. ISSUES - Beautiful Oblivion (Album Review) This is the album that I've been expecting since the first single, I knew it's gonna be weird, experimental and sometimes over the top, what I didn't expect tho, was me liking it so very much, this is probably their most interesting record ever and even tho, they kinda walked away from their screaming sessions...just as their main screamer dumped their butts, album cover indicates that...they knew they had to step onto kinda another territory, this is still a nice listen until oblivion! You can gladly call me retarded or weird as much as you want... 1. Here's To You [5/5] (That intro is like a 90's pop earworm and the djenty spice is such a nice fit...breakbeat, what else, oh yeah, Skyler sing more) 2. Drink About It [5/5] (I cannot get Tyler's sass walk outta my head...every goddamn time I listen to this xD) 3. Find Forever [5/5] (They went all Shrezzers on this one and loooove it, that chant and sax is sex) 4. Tapping Out [4/5] (Interesting how song with screams didn't stand out that much for me, still a great track nonetheless...maybe it will grow on me more) 5. Without You [4/5] (What is this Ne Yo Tyler coming with that rap vocals every once in a while? I dig it, I most definitely do and the chorus is fucking groovy, BMTH rant or just mere coincidence) 6. Rain [4,5/5] (Pace slows down, but the guitars are still fucking low and it's head boppin' shorter track) 7. Downfall [5/5] (Everyone is all about this track and I get why, this is not the pinnacle, but it has everything, it's interesting, it has unexpected twists and so to speak screaming at the end) 8. Second Best [5/5] (Second best is my first best, I love the lyrics, the groove, the interpretation, the chorus, the woa, the punky SECOND verse, I just FUCKING love this track, more of this, shut up) 9. Get it Right [3,5/5] (Most Prince track on the Oblivion's catchy, but gets repetitive, what I like a lot are the background sounds and that heavy twist) 10. Flexin [3/5] (I get it, it's a joke about pop scene, Tyler and the bros got retarded on this one, but it's not that bad to be honest) 11. No Problem (Keep it Alive) [4/5] (I imagine listening to this on my way around the beach in a black Cadillac or Mustang while watching a beautiful sunset with girlfriend by my side) 12. Your Sake [4/5] (One word: Teary, yes this is very emotional, it's a nice ballad indeed) 13. Beautiful Oblivion [4,5/5] (Bouncy with cool instrumental, backing sound effects and some "screaming" as a cherry on top make a tasty cake, very good closer) "I have Issues in Beautiful Oblivion myself so I gladly get carried on the bouncy waves and unexpected surprises of talented musicianship and overall fun with all my emotions" 4,35/5 or 87%
  8. I think you just widen your music taste with this :'D because honestly, it is fucking ridiculous shit, but I like it as well
  9. This is ridiculously good... Can these guys do wrong? Minor Architects vibes in bridge especially and the so to speak breakdown is filthy as fuck
  10. I fucking love this song, been on repeat for a whole week now
  11. Only when I thought I cannot get any more moist... Holy fucking mother of Gods A B S O L U T E U N I T
  12. Band from my country, Czech Republic 😁 Signed to Dreambound, lol
  13. Bring out your alien guns guys, we are about to storm the pits 👽
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