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  1. They aren't other albums really. Streaming services just pair them up as such, but it's just a collection of the singles up until the full release in a few weeks. There's 10 songs out now, 2 left, and they come out in a two-week span. So the full album should be out on November 22nd
  2. it's the 10th for the album, so we got two more singles to come.
  3. It's alright man, we all have those moments. Happy leak day nonetheless to ya
  4. Nah you're good dude! It's a point of conversation more so, just varies on how people take it. Enjoy your listen, and happy leak day!
  5. Found directly in the article: "The album features a wealth of references to religion: sin, God, prayer. I assume this was purposeful, but how does it tie in to the record?" "I grew up in a very religious household. My grandparents were Republican and Christian; I grew up listening to [George W.] Bush keynotes and stuff. I’m not religious, but I really appreciate and enjoy [religious] imagery and concepts, and I think there are a lot of valuable stories in the bible. It’s a very unique way to capture a message by acknowledging the existence of a god or devil, even if you don’t believe in it; it’s a very good metaphor. Like in “Glass Houses,” when I say, “I’ve seen the devil more than I’ve seen God,” really I’m trying to say, “I’ve seen more evil than good.” I like to personify the devil and God and use them as a totem." Nowhere within the article does he say either they are a "christian band" or that he himself is a christian, he is just inspired by the imagery. Those two do not correlate. Also, lyrics are never enough to tell. A lot of people use religious imagery as influences to give themselves something to talk about. Religion gives the writer a template for interpretation, and they can do what they will with it. However using that influence does not inherently make someone or something religious. Just thoroughly read through what you spit out before you make assumptions. No harm your way, just wanted to fact check. On the other hand of it all, this album is pretty great! There's a lot to take in with their struggles for this record, and I'm excited to see more from these guys. Worth a listen in my book.
  6. Can't wait to spin this when I get home. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for explaining yourself as I was getting mixed signals on your intentions. Usually these come from different music selling sites. I bet you that the album has already leaked somewhere, but they're holding it back in fear that it will get taken down.
  8. After hearing the other singles, my woes about the album are being put to rest. This here is what happens when you let Jon Feldmann produce a State Champs song. Crystal Ball and Mine is gold definetly beat this out, no contest.
  9. KL Community - AOTY Myself - AOTY DGD Fans - I miss Jonny Craig These are usually just to give you a taste. And take the full leaks when they come, you get what you get. This shows how good the album will be when it drops next week.
  10. OH SHIT BIG SHAQ IS BACK BITCHES In all actuality, I know his music is meant to be a joke and purposefully bad, but I jam this shit all the time. Another banger truthfully.
  11. So I see that they're going in the same vein as Slow Burn, but with more millennial woops and ohs... Yeah I'm very skeptic about this album now. I don't want one of my favorites to go down this path
  12. May I just ask what's wrong with PTV? Just curious is all, love hearing people's reasoning behind things I like that they don't like, and I'd love to start a conversation. Hit me up bro
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