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  1. He's such a great vocalist, but this is a really boring song. His voice is so monotone, there's nothing interesting in the singing at all. Really disappointed to be honest, he can do a lot better than this.
  2. Never understood why anyone like this band. They're just generic and boring, sometimes going into awful cringe.
  3. Sounds decent. The new songs that they played when i saw then two weeks ago were good live, definitely better live than on record, but they still sound fine. Track 10 and 11 sound boring as all fuck though.
  4. Love Johari. This seems a bit more in style with Pale Blue, which is fine by me.
  5. Always thought Jinger were a bit rubbish to be honest. Don't think she's a particularly good singer, the music is boring and repetitive. It just seems to be the female vocalist who can growl deeply hypetrain that gets these guys attention. If that's your thing, go listen to Spiritbox, they're actually good.
  6. Can't tell what's worse, the lyrics or the cover art.
  7. They are just so good, but i wonder how many random songs they'll release before we get an album.
  8. I feel the same way about the guy. Clearly he's a good singer, but i don't think he's half as good as he thinks he is.This song here is just him furiously fapping to his own voice, thinking that vocal gymnastics is the best way to make a good song. I find it irritating.
  9. I dunno, i'm not really feeling this so much. The band are fine, but i don't think the vocalist is any good, kind of annoying me listening to her.
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