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  1. Loved everything they've put out so far, can't wait to eventually get a full length from them. The new song is really good too, they really haven't done any wrong thus far.
  2. I love how there was a few posts in the Diamond Construct thread about their album cover looking similar to other ones, then this one drops and is almost exactly the same as Diamond Constructs
  3. I thought this was The Foals album re-posted when i scrolled by. Sounds pretty good though.
  4. Loved the first album, second had some great songs too, but the two new songs they recently released are so boring. My hype for this album has dropped significantly.
  5. I know, i kind of killed it. As is always the case with music fans, you're allowed to love something, but if you dislike something, there must be some silly reason why. I'm clinging onto the past, i hate when bands i like change, i was never a *real* fan, i'm being edgy....whatever. It's like it's impossible that i simply really disliked everything after Meteora, and consider everything after to be generic drivel. It must be motivated by something else, because it's impossible that it's just that simple.
  6. Quite an assumption to make, and i'd question if anyone on this site has been "involved" with Linkin Park on any level besides listening to their music and going to gigs. Everything Linkin Park did after Meteora was a mix of generic, unimaginative or just plain bad. They had an amazing, unique sound with two brilliant vocalists playing off each other perfectly, but they changed into a band who lost all of what made them great. Bands can evolve and change, some get better, some stay the same level, but with a different sound. Linkin Park? They just got worse. A lot worse.
  7. Linkin Park haven't released a song worth shit since Meteora, what made them think they had a chance of changing that now....
  8. Last album was way better, but this is still decent.
  9. I got 25 seconds into the first track before deciding this was great. Jon Mess is unique, absolutely love the guy.
  10. Really don't like the mix in this, the guitar in the right ear is really grating in parts. Which is sad, because the song is decent.
  11. Dealer are far superior. Plus, the rhythm guitarist looks like a low-level anime fodder villain.
  12. Oh shit, this is good. Thanks for this one.
  13. He's such a great vocalist, but this is a really boring song. His voice is so monotone, there's nothing interesting in the singing at all. Really disappointed to be honest, he can do a lot better than this.
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