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  1. Progressive rock? Ooookay. Boring song, dude's voice is awful.
  2. Loving the downvotes. Fuck me for thinking the people who write lyrics about raping dead babies until their intestines fall out are bad people. Whoever genuinely listens to this crap needs to take a look at themselves. There's separating the artist from the message, but this is too much. And no, it isn't relevant if this song doesn't contain any filth, plenty of their others ones do, enough to give a good idea of what these vile cunts stand for.
  3. Meh, really boring. Don't see anything here that makes them interesting.
  4. Is this a parody? If not, they need to get rid of that junkie-looking frontman, his lyrics are a steaming pile of cringe edgefest. Last part of the song was cool, but that vocalist is all kinds of dreadful.
  5. Meh, this is shite. The old 3-track EP they released years ago was brilliant, but everything since that has been awful.
  6. Mix is shite and singer's most interesting attribute is the anime hair, her vocals are so boring.
  7. I love me some Sleep Token, but this their weakest new song by a mile. Kind of disappointed to be honest.
  8. This is fantastic. It's such a great album but it was always a little big irritating to listen to, this has fixed those issues to make it much more enjoyable. Bass and vocals are vastly improved now.
  9. Eh, i want to like this but it just isn't really doing anything for me.I like plenty of their other stuff, and have went to their shows a few times, but there's not really anything in this song that's doing it for me. Disappoint.
  10. A month early is pretty nuts, someone's in a lot of trouble. Single hits hard, will give the album a listen tomorrow.
  11. Been playing this over and over since i woke up, i think this is pretty much going to be my entire day. Goddamn it's so great.
  12. This song is so fucking boring and generic, very linear and one-dimensional and the repeated lyrics are really cringe. And as usual, i hate his vocals.
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