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  1. DGD are one of my very favourite bands, and this song is good because DGD are always good, but it's missing that little bit extra that made DGD so brilliant. Headhunter wasn't amazing, i don't think i've listened to that track once since maybe 3 or 4 days after its release, and this song is probably going to be similar. Mothership really spoiled me because that is undniably the peak of the Tilian era, and when that was released i had a horrible feeling that everything after that wouldn't live up to that standard. The interplay between Tilian and Jon on that record was incredible, the music could be rough, soaring, huge sounding and different from what came before, then ArSe came and although it's a great album, it's too samey in parts and is quite slow and methodical in its composition. It's still great, but it's no Mothership. Headhunter and this new track feel like a continuation of that to me, rather than them reaching the Mothership highs again. Their new album will be really interesting because no doubt i'll love it and play it a huge amount, but if it isn't as good as Mothership, and follows the same formula as everything that came after it, i wouldn't be able to not be at least slightly disappointed by it. Weird feeling tbh.
  2. Really cool song. I love how varied the tracks have been, this one almost treads into being overly repetitious, but i think it tows the line really well, especially when it goes into the climax. Can't wait to see them play live in January.
  3. Can't wait to get home and put this on, i already know it's going to blow my face off.
  4. After two weaker tracks, this one fucking slaps. What a ridiculously heavy song for them, absolutely love Vessel's screams and the drumming is so on point. Can't wait to see them live in January.
  5. Eh, decent track, but like some others have said it's just poorly structured. The tempo changes and the weird technical licks that don't really add anything but a disruption to the flow of the track are a bit of a downer. Probably a 6/10 track, decent, just not great.
  6. I mean, doesn't make what i said untrue. It's still dumb.
  7. The track in the link was pretty okay, but the band and song names are a little bit edgy.
  8. This is great, pretty different to what i expected.
  9. Progressive rock? Ooookay. Boring song, dude's voice is awful.
  10. Loving the downvotes. Fuck me for thinking the people who write lyrics about raping dead babies until their intestines fall out are bad people. Whoever genuinely listens to this crap needs to take a look at themselves. There's separating the artist from the message, but this is too much. And no, it isn't relevant if this song doesn't contain any filth, plenty of their others ones do, enough to give a good idea of what these vile cunts stand for.
  11. Meh, really boring. Don't see anything here that makes them interesting.
  12. Is this a parody? If not, they need to get rid of that junkie-looking frontman, his lyrics are a steaming pile of cringe edgefest. Last part of the song was cool, but that vocalist is all kinds of dreadful.
  13. Meh, this is shite. The old 3-track EP they released years ago was brilliant, but everything since that has been awful.
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