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  1. These guys are always just pure class, the emotion in the voice is always on point. Such a fantastic band for such a long period of time.
  2. Brilliant performance, absolutely amazing band. Only problem i had is that as someone who bought the ticket to watch live, i felt a little cheated that they basically played for 50mins of songs when they advertised the stream as being 2hrs long. Pretty scummy. I actually recorded the video/audio myself. Forgot to put it up anywhere though
  3. This is unreal, Courtney is legit demonic here. Heavy as fuck.
  4. Used to have a technology teacher at high school that we would refer to as "that tech cunt" because he was one of those losers who thinks being mean to kids made him seem important and authoritative. I presume this project was named after him. Shit slams hard, man.
  5. Bloodsport is incredible, and his voice is obviously amazing on the covers, but it's not really what i was hoping for. I agree fully with @mR12 about them being better live, and that a live album is so painfully obvious for them to do that i cannot believe they haven't yet done it. His recording voice is so vulnerable yet powerful with crazy control that he has no right to sound as amazing live as he does, but he absolutely smashes it live, there's no way such an album wouldn't be incredible. Oh well, i'll keep dreaming.
  6. I always thought this was one of their best songs - possibly their best song - so to see it get such a brilliant remaster is such a welcome surprise. For a band who's been irrelevant and pretty shitty for a decade, it's nice to finally have something come out from them that i like.
  7. Man, the instrumentals are ridiculously on point here. Rody is always great, that's just a given, but the instrumentals are as good as they've ever been, if not better. Rody kills it on From The Sky, by the way. Damn.
  8. Pretty good stuff. Cleans are nice, breakdown is cool.
  9. This album is fantastic, absolutely brilliant follow up to In Contact. I think the singles stand our as being the three most immediately strong songs, but the rest are definitely very good and these will no doubt grow on me as i listen more. It is slightly disappointing that the rest of the album is quite a bit softer than the singles, but it's so good it's not a big issue. Really solid effort, would easily give this an 8-8.5/10 based on first listen.
  10. What the hell are these cleans? This is atrocious.
  11. I absolutely loved Exposition I, played it loads, and still do. Exposition II was boring as fuck and was dropped after two plays through. Exposition III is also pretty fucking boring. It's mostly just really straightforward and dull. That first track is an early 2000's emo embarrassment as well, they're not super young now, what's with those cringe lyrics. The last track is okay though.
  12. I made a past when Three Wishes dropped saying that i expected this album to disappoint a bit, which it does. There are too many boring tracks, quite a bit that doesn't land in several of the songs and there's just nothing that's instantly a total classic DGD track. Even ArSe had Evaporate that everybody agreed was up there with their best work. That's not to say there aren't good tracks here, but there's just not enough of them. Some awesome songs like Say Hi, Prisoner, Born to Fail, Nothing Shameful. But Three Wishes, Strawberry's Wake and Into the Sunset are really quite bad. I'm especially disappointed in the Bilmuri feature, they just had him do a standard Bilmuri part and shoved it into a song in a random place, it sounds pretty jarring tbh, and Will's emo rap shit was honestly fucking pathetic. This is probably better than ArSe overall, but i think it has more low points than ArSe did, and lack a high like Evaporate. I'm disappointed, despite expecting this. I'll need more time and more plays to form a full opinion, but it's hardly an AOTY contender, i doubt it would be near my top 10 even, which is crazy for me as a huge DGD fan. People in this thread saying it's shit probably have an agenda because this certainly isn't shit. But equally, people who genuinely think this is an objective high point for the band are probably being too quick to hype up the new stuff. As an overall album, this is middle of the pack for DGD, lower mid probably.
  13. Wasn't a massive fan of street rat, but this song is cool as fuck.
  14. Really solid album, some great tracks there, Rebel is probably my favourite from first two spins. Love how these guys have progressed in the last couple of years, you can really hear how much tighter they've become.
  15. And those three songs are better than the likes of Strawberry's Wake and Three Wishes, so even the singles are superior on Mothership. I don't want to get into a debate about Mothership vs Whatever album, but it seems to me that Tilian era peaked there, and they've recently been releasing material which is a step down. Say Hi is a brilliant track, and i have no doubt there will be more of that level, but as a whole i think if you separate the last few albums into Brilliant > Great > Good > Meh, the number of brilliant tracks may stay high, but the number of great and good are shifting downwards. I hope i'm proven wrong, but ArSe is the first DGD album where i skip several tracks fairly often, and this one seems like being similar from what's released thus far.
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