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  1. The EP is SIX FUCKING SONGS LONG. That’s almost a full fucking album. These guys are literally unstoppable. It hasn’t even been a year since their last album.
  2. WOAH. WOW. Didn’t expect them to release a single. And CERTAINLY didn’t expect this sound from them. They nailed it. This is sooooo good. Holy shit.
  3. Yeah this song absolutely slaps and I think is one of their best they’ve ever written. That whole massive buildup and breakdown at the end then the transition back into the intro riff... perfect. Matt Honeycutt displays excellence here. JUST PROTECT YOUR YOUNG
  4. 9/20 - Kublai Khan - The Truest Love 9/25 - Stray From The Path - Actions Not Words
  5. This is hard as fuck. Denzel killed it. That beat gives me nightmares.
  6. FINALLY LISTENED I can already see Fantano buttoning up the yellow flannel on this one. What a fucking experience this album is. Shit takes you to a different world. This is his best album production wise, there’s really no one else out here making weird ass trippy beats like he does. His flow and delivery has also been amped up on this album which is cool, cause Veteran, while a great album, was a little all over the place and weird for me. This album is somehow more accessible yet... weirder? Love love love it. Probably one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Favorites currently are Kenan Vs. Kel, Beta Male Strategies, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, BBW, PRONE!, and Free The Frail.
  7. You should listen to Much Love when you get a chance. It’s a near perfect album.
  8. I don’t have time to listen to the full thing right now cause I gotta study for a finance exam, but I just jammed Keenan Vs. Kel and holy FUCK I’m excited. That song is amazing.
  9. Yeah I’ve had time to sit with it for a week or two and I think 8/10 seems about right for my final thoughts, because at the end of the day, I do love this album a lot. I do hope that they go a little less heavy on the next album though.
  10. This album is such a toss up for me. On one hand, I absolutely love the new heavy grunge sound and all the twists and turns they put in here, and I think it has some of the bands best songs (Float To The Top, Hate TKO, Pull, Part Of It), but on the other, man I’m gonna miss their twinkly emo Much Love sound, as that remains one of my all time favorite albums. That being said, this album is perfectly chaotic and beautiful in all the right parts, but sometimes feels a little overproduced and crowded to the point where it’s hard to know what’s going on. Overall, 8/10.
  11. Can someone please upload this to zippyshare or something? The PTL link is down and the other link is literally just filled with porn and shit on mobile. Also @RockinXander why do you keep downvoting these posts?
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