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  1. They are one of the only bands in the genre who aren’t afraid to go bigger than breakdowns and pig squeals. I’m here for it.
  2. These titles sound hard as fuck. Warfare is gonna be a slapper for sure. I also have high hopes for the opener and closer. October 25 is so far away though.
  3. Anyone on AUS/NZ iTunes? We can probably find the release date and tracklist of the album.
  4. Why is this not getting more attention? This is one of the best heavy songs of this year. This band has written nothing but perfection since 2013. Will’s writing style is so unique, both musically and lyrically. This just became one of my most anticipated albums of this year. This is easily one of their best songs ever, which is a hard thing to pull off when you have such a stacked catalogue.
  5. It’s not horrible. Maybe a little cheesy. But not awful.
  6. LMAO I’m dying. Thank you so much brother. Thank you for listening!
  7. Thanks for the post! Hope you guys love this song as much as I love it. This song will be on Spotify and iTunes in a few weeks when my album comes out.
  8. hey guys, just commenting to let everyone know that this is the first single off of my second album “never reach the sun” which will be out very soon.
  9. Only point that you’re making is that you enjoy acting like a headass to half the people on this site. People have their opinions. Let it go and stop acting like a child.
  10. You are literally this upset that people don’t like a song. Get off the internet.
  11. Yawn. I’ve heard this same song a hundred times. Shame to watch a band with promising beginnings get caught up in their success and try to recreate the same thing over and over to keep themselves at top. Unfortunately their army of mindless drones will eat this right up and the cycle will continue.
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