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  1. Phenomenal, not as great as The Dreamer’s Hotel but still very very good.
  2. One of the best albums of the 2010s dont @ me
  3. This sounds straight off of Veteran. So fucking good.
  4. This is fucking stellar. Definitely their best song since Mothership.
  5. Really awesome song, makes me happy to hear a deathcore band in this day and age that isn’t trying to rip off Lorna Shore or Shadow Of Intent with the same stale ass sound that drained the genre of any character. The guitar tone is particularly great, reminds me of the tone from Gideon’s Milestone. That breakdown is thicc. Love it.
  6. I’ve always had a little trouble with getting into this band regardless of how hyped they’ve been in the scene, but this song and the last song have been fucking quality. This album is shaping up to be the album that gets me into Currents. The vocals were the clear highlight on Poverty of Self, but I think they take a back seat to the guitars and drums on this one. Great song, can’t wait to hear more.
  7. This is the worst album I’ve heard this year so far, and definitely the lowest point in this band’s career so far. Every song here sounds so bland and devoid of any life whatsoever besides the closing track, which I found to be a damn good track actually. The majority of the songs sound the exact same with only minor tweaks. Similar chord progressions, similar structures, similar melodies. I’ve listened to this record multiple times and am still having a hard time remembering anything that was on it. 1.5/10, honestly pretty unfortunate that the only good part of this album is Erik Ron, and he’s not even a part of the band. Go ahead and give me my downvote, RockinXander.
  8. I don’t think this band is quite worth the hype that they receive as they don’t really do anything different, but this album is enjoyable enough. Probably their most enjoyable work. Landmine is still the best song on the album. The more atmospheric bits are really cool.
  9. From someone who isn’t familiar with the singer’s previous work, god DAMN this is good. It’s like a female-fronted Manchester Orchestra with a country twang. Honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard this year, and the other one is very good too. Big Fallout New Vegas vibes.
  10. I wouldn’t go as far as to call it mediocre, but I agree that the last Gloom project was a slight step down from Homecoming.
  11. Very good track, love the neat heavy chord progressions near the end. Great chorus, love how they get right into it. Better than Dark, but Cloud Cascade still reigns supreme of the three released singles.
  12. It’s okay, honestly kinda lackluster compared to the last single and compared to the fantastic last album they put out before their hiatus. Hoping for a little more from this release.
  13. I don’t really get the hype for this band tbh. If I wanted to listen to something of this sound, I’d much rather just listen to The Gloom In The Corner. They do it way better. There’s some cool breakdowns and the occasional neat riff or vocal delivery on this EP, but mother than that, there’s really not much substance to keep me coming back. I already know I’m going to get downvoted because for some reason there’s this stigma that nobody is ever allowed to not like this band.
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