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  1. Okay so I just finished this record. This surprised the SHIT out of me. '68 was always one of those bands that I thought was okay, they had some good songs here and there and they kick ass live but they were never anything special to me. This album absolutely BLEW ME AWAY. I definitely wasn't expecting such a flawless record from these guys. Josh Scogin is an absolute musical and lyrical genius. The first two songs and the last two songs are absolutely mindblowing.
  2. Won't be able to listen for a bit. What's everyone's favorite songs?
  3. Haven't even listened to it yet but I'm sure I'll love it. Anything Josh Scogin touches is gold. Super hyped to listen.
  4. It's definitely different, but I don't think they really got what they were going for. Songs like My Destruction, Causulties, Swallow Your Teeth, and Lost In The Grey are really good, but the rest I don't care for much. I actually was pretty excited for this record because I thought Swallow Your Teeth was one of the best songs MMI have ever written
  5. Is there truly such thing as bad emo
  6. I dig this. Quality emo
  7. Not true, I'm assuming this is based on this and also my OAA comment. Besides this album, I have not been very disappointed by many records from bands I listen to this year. I've actually loved almost everything that's come out this year from bands I like. I also have a record collection of around 150 records, only around 20-25 of which are TAS records
  8. Pretty underwhelming imo
  9. Boi
  10. Can't download on mobile. Redirected by ads every time.
  11. A classic case of Sumerian choosing shitty singles. Great album as a whole. Pretty much on par with Ascendants. Dark Prophecy, Lucid Reality, Path To Extinction, and The Event are the standouts for me.
  12. Is every band just covering this song now?
  13. It's on Spotify/iTunes
  14. Alright, so holy FUCK they beat Milestone, never thought they would. This album is fantastic front to back. I love that it has a lot more hardcore elements than Calloused did. They also tried a lot of new stuff and I think it worked out really well. Machines, Freedom, Walk Alone, Scapegoat, and Thick Or Thin are my first listen favorites. I also love how Thick Or Thin is basically a Still Alive pt. 2 both lyrically and musically. This just took my current AOTY spot from Can't Swim.
  15. Parts of this are really damn good, and other parts are weird. I think it's the mix. That slow breakdown towards the beginning sounds a little out of place and weird, but the intro and some of those middle riffs are fucking top notch.