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  1. Oh shit dat me. this is the best song ive ever released
  2. Ngl I really enjoy this for what it is. Kinda slaps. Hopefully Eddie’s vocals actually sound good on the album though. Self titled was... yeah.
  3. This is good as fuck. The new guy’s screams are for sure better than Ben’s, they have so much more emotion and power. Ben’s cleans were miles ahead though. Breakdowns in this are so nuts.
  4. Wow what an interesting song. I was about ready to write it off after the first minute or so but it really picks up and turns into one of their best tracks in years. That breakdown caught me off guard, what a cool addition.
  5. This is... surprisingly WAY better than I thought it would be based off of the singles. There are some really great songs on here (Ceramic Sky, Valley Of The Moon, No Reply, Temporary Love). Problem is there’s just as many painfully dull tracks (Parties, Number On The Gate). Even Sending Me Right Back, which sounds like what the Good Nature album art looks like, isn’t extremely attention grabbing. But oh man, the good songs REALLY make up for it. Those tracks feel like exactly what this band has been lacking since Peripheral Vision, which in my eyes is a modern classic. Overall 6.5/10.
  6. Easily my overall AOTY. Every song here is absolutely 10/10 material, save for maybe Shepherd which I found quite disappointing compared to its massive live version. Birds Of Prey is the best song in their entire catalogue and I’m so glad people finally get to hear it. No Man Is Without Fear, Your Pain Is Mine, and Warfare are my other overall favorites.
  7. I really didn’t expect this to kick so much ass because this band has never been one of my favorites, but holy shit this is blowing my expectations out of the water. Unexpected crusher. I think this is their best work yet.
  8. This right here has potential to be one of their best songs ever.
  9. Not sure honestly, cause the rest of the album is mixed/mastered perfectly.
  10. This song is still so weird for me no matter how many times I listen to it. On paper, it should be one of their best songs. The guitar work, the drumming, the vocals, everything is written so perfectly to work well with one another. But there’s something about it, and i can’t put my finger on it. Possibly something with the production that doesn’t fit well with this type of track at all, and just makes it sound a bit lacking. This is especially noticeable on the breakdown, which should feel huge and powerful, but it fails to even move my head when listening. Still a good song, just my least favorite on the album by a long shot.
  11. Oh man. It’s cheesy as FUCK. I love it. The verses are so good.
  12. I personally like this one a lot more than All That You Lost. The songwriting is a lot tighter and perfected, the guitars are phenomenal, and the melodies are a lot bigger. The only two things holding it back slightly are the lack of a breakdown (cmon LMTF, breakdowns are what you’re known for) and the super weird and loud mix.
  13. Yeah ima be honest the past two songs have fucking sucked, and the first two were only okay. This is just straight up boring. It has absolutely 0 life in the writing. Losing their main songwriter really crippled them, and unfortunately it really shows in the music. All these songs sound the same. The guitars are way too subtle, the vocals are flat as fuck and have no catchy melodies at all, and the songs just feel.. empty. Worried for this record.
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