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  1. His best song. Been waiting for it to be officially released for forever
  2. Bro I would fucking die. He’s my favorite musician.
  3. I’ll check it out as soon as I can!! btw I’m also from Atlanta
  4. It’s very much way more alt rock and post rock influenced than hip hop, but considering the electronic drums and 808s it is very hip hop based. Thanks a ton though! And I’m always down for collabs. I have a BUNCH that I’m working on currently tho so it might be a bit haha
  5. The only track that has vocals on here is sleep, and they’re guest vocals from a friend of mine. And can’t wait to hear it!
  6. nope! this is my only project haha. i do lurk around here quite a bit though If you guys like this, follow me on soundcloud! I’m gonna be making lots of music under this name. I’m also on twitter, bandcamp, instagram, and all that shit.
  7. OH SHIT DAT ME i wanna hear all ur thoughts and opinions. what’s ur fav song and why is it the outside
  8. ima let you finish taylor, but better off just wrote the greatest album of all time
  9. I didn’t see it but I don’t mind haha. And thanks so much! And you definitely should. I’ve been having so much fun working on this album.
  10. Also, here’s the official artwork. Sorry I forgot to include it in my submission.
  11. no dis my music Thank you! And honestly I love the bass on this one hah, it’s actually one of my favorite things about it. And I am actually having a guest vocal spot on another song on the album as well as a guest producer.
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