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  1. "Blackened crust" made me laugh out loud
  2. Yeah I was kinda worried because of the singles, but there are some really good songs here. Still, it's far from their best album, but it's not bad. Cave Canem is a jam.
  3. It's very okay. I don't like it like I did the last one.
  4. Just gave this a much more in depth listen and I'm honestly so impressed with how these guys captured the essence of 90s rock so well in 2017. This album is so good front to back. Definitely one of my favorites of the year. My current favorites are Flee The Flesh, Redline, Gasoline Kiss, We All Use, and Melancholia.
  5. Perfection
  6. Ah I gotcha haha
  7. Kinda bummed that MTH wasn't tonight's 10/6 leak but this is nice. First three songs and the closing song are bangers.
  8. All bands are from Atlanta and that's where I'm seeing them. It's gonna be mental.
  9. It's only a week out?
  10. Absolutely fantastic. They knocked it out of the park on this one. Medicine and Flowerchild are god tier.
  11. Well that was just uhh.. Yeah
  12. They just can't make a bad song. This is great.
  13. Fantastic. Can't wait to see them with Microwave in November.
  14. Absolutely fantastic, just as all the other singles (besides Thrush) have been. Can't wait.
  15. Why would they single this song? It's boring, and pretty disappointing as a closer. Especially compared to their past closers. Idk, I'm just not really into the sound they've been going for on this album so far.