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  1. You’re deleting What Have We Done and Winter Of Cicada? Omg
  2. Been so excited for everyone to get to hear this album. It’s incredible. What I really love about this album is that it’s experimental in all the right ways. Literally every single new thing that they tried on this record worked very well, and that’s rare. This album has held up over countless listens the past couple weeks for me. Easily in my top 3 of the year.
  3. Fuck Jonny, Bradley and Chris are both 20x better.
  4. Well I like it. I mean, what’s not to like? Custard? GOOD. Jam? GOOD. Meat? GOOD.
  5. This is great. Super poppy and that’s okay. They pull it off.
  6. Oh boy. This album was hard to listen to because I’ve loved pretty much everything they’ve written until now. It’s just trash. It’s heartless. It’s uninspired. It doesn’t even sound like the band members themselves enjoyed writing it. It sounds like it was written simply because their last album cycle was coming to a close and they needed money. This album is soooooo boring, and it doesn’t even accomplish what it’s trying to be. It honestly bums me out. There’s only 2 songs on here worth listening to, and one of them is ruined by a rap feature. Also, “Sell My Soul” is the most ironic fucking song I’ve ever heard.
  7. Odd choice for single. Tbh this is one of the more meh songs on the album. It’s good but it’s not a straight up slapper like Cultivation Of Infection, Hard Lined Downfall, King Of The Arctic, or Sidewinder.
  8. Jesus, people really hate Peep. Calm down. You don’t have to be a complete child about people enjoying music that you don’t. This album is surprisingly very good. I wasn’t too big on Pt 1 and didn’t like the first 2 singles at all really, but the album as a whole holds up pretty well. It’s a shame he’s gone and this is likely the last music we’ll hear from him.
  9. One of my favorites from the album. Wasn’t keen on it at first but it grew on me a ton. Fantastic.
  10. Hah nice try assholes, I’m not falling for this shit again. Leak Holy Hell
  11. This is the best thing you have done @LKA
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