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  1. This kicks an absurd amount of ass. So happy to have this band back. Incredible song.
  2. Yup, this is incredible, just like every single so far (besides Bleach, that song doesn’t count). Love how dynamic this one is. The first half is moody and vibey, and then it explodes in the second half. This album is gonna be an easy top 3.
  3. LOVE this. Always been a very wishy washy band for me, but this album is fantastic. Love that they went for a dreamier, dreary, ambient sound with this one. It sounds a lot like something Balance & Composure would have done after LWM, and that’s a big win in my book. Definitely their best work yet imo. Also, people don’t like Seneca? That’s my favorite song here. The chorus is fucking beautiful. The guitars in that song are ethereal and perfect.
  4. It’s very okay. Ngl I’m getting very tired of the acoustic drums Bloodlust formula. It’s extremely hit or miss, and this song is very middle of the road for me. Hoping the album he’s been working on is more of a Reaper / Ruiner sound.
  5. Coma Witch


  6. It’s very okay. Pretty underwhelming as a first single. Hope the rest is better.
  7. Straight king shit from these two motherfuckers. This EP SLAPS. Bad Bad Lambo is obviously the standout track here, but they’re all really good. Absolutely love how they get weirder and weirder with each release.
  8. That feels exactly like what I listened to tbh. There was a few exceptions, but yeah that more or less.
  9. there’s no way. I’ve finally made a worse take than my ATHYGTS > Ground Culture take?
  10. Just finished it. Yeah that fucking sucked. VERY disappointed in this after how fantastic their EP from last year was. Just when they were finally finding their own sound, they turn it all on its ass for some bum ass great value Tame Impala formula. Every song here besides the ones from the EP sound the exact same. Boring as fuck. Biggest disappointment of the year without a doubt.
  11. Yeah, not sure if I’m sold on this. Maybe I’ll like it after a few listens, but it just sounded like a pretty vanilla take on a Tame Impala rip off to me, which is super disappointing given how fantastic the material on Iridescent was. They had their own sound carved out perfectly with that EP and now they’re... ripping someone else’s? Doesn’t make any sense. Kinda bummed about this one. Hopefully the rest of the record is better.
  12. I Want To Kill You is pure fucking flames. These are all so good. This band kills it with each and every release and always somehow make it sound fresh. Very excited for the record.
  13. Dude this is easily a top 3 KoG song of all time lmfao. It’s unfair how good this band is.
  14. Hundredth - Bottle It Up September 2
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