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  1. Christ on a fucking fuck that was WAY better than the first single
  2. Fantastic album, one of their best. Really glad that they strove for something a little different on this one, I found myself a little disappointed with Phantom Anthem because their sound was becoming so static. So many top tier ABR songs on this thing. Favorites are for sure The Narrative (aka the best ABR opening song ever), Paramount, Defender, Dismembered Memory, Ties That Bind, and Empty Heaven.
  3. Hatebreed was supposed to put an album out on May 29, now TBA. The title, art, and tracklist are available though.
  4. Jesus fuck. FUCK. That was VERY good. Breakdown of the year so far, too.
  5. I really don’t see anyone’s appeal for The Amity Affliction at all.
  6. Alright so I’ve now listened a few times. Obviously I think it’s fucking fantastic, but I’m a bit biased so that doesn’t mean much. However, I don’t think these songs are quite as instantly gripping as the songs from D were. On first listen, I was slightly disappointed because the songs felt a little simple and repetitive compared to D, especially Solace and Serenity. Then again, I also felt this way about Feed a Pigeon Breed a Rat when that first dropped, and it’s slowly become one of my favorite TAS songs of all time. With a few listens, these songs have grown on me significantly and I now like them probably almost as much as FAPBAR and Seeing God. The groove on Solace and Serenity is absolutely disgusting, very reminiscent of something DL would’ve written on Wormwood or DITOM with those riffs and that evil ass breakdown. The Lucid Dream is for sure my favorite on this section of the album though, those riffy bits in the verses and that guest feature are stupid good. Actually one of the best guest features these guys have ever had. That breakdown is fucking stupid hard too, almost reminds me a bit of Send Help. Anyways, I’m rambling. TLDR; very very very good, but not quite as fantastic as the songs from D. The next three weeks until the next section releases are gonna be slow as fuck.
  7. Okay, upon many many listens, this is indeed the coolest song this band has ever written
  8. I have determined that this song, indeed, slaps after multiple listens
  9. Oh my christ, this is easily a top 5 MTS song ever. That was absolutely beautiful. Wow.
  10. What the fuck did i just listen to lmfao That was pure chaos. Can’t tell whether I love it or hate it yet. The only reason why I’m iffy is because of the mix. Good on them for doing something this... weird, though.
  11. Shit on my balls, this is one of their best songs ever. Do they have a new vocalist? This guy sounds different, he sounds a lot like Joe from FFAA. It’s not often that a deathcore band impressed me in the modern era of the genre, but this shit is fantastic.
  12. This album is such a ride. You really have no idea what to expect at every single transition on this thing, it really keeps you on your toes with all the weird computer sounds and glitching, tempo changes, style changes, and experimentation. For every song that goes absolutely ballistic and destroys everything, there’s a song to give you a bit of a melancholic cooldown. I really don’t think theres a song on here that doesn’t belong on here, despite it being 14 songs long. Easily gets my first perfect score in like a year and a half, 10/10. Favorite songs: Swallowing the Rabbit Whole, You and You Alone, Cold.Metal.Place, Sulfur Surrounding, Erasure Scan, and Back Inside the Glass.
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