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  1. Warner is a fucking terrible record label. Hope these guys have a way to dump them
  2. Alright. It’s a pretty decent to okay album. This record has quite a few really great songs, but that’s the thing. It doesn’t feel much like a cohesive record. It’s got more of a mixtape vibe to it. Just feels like a bunch of good songs slapped together in random order. I think a big part of this is the fact that they just slabbed half of the EP onto this thing and called it a day, it really fucks with the flow of the record and takes me out of it quite a bit. Also, there’s not a whole lot of variety here. A bunch of these songs sound the exact fucking same, and that bums me out given how diverse their last record was. Now that all being said, there’s some awesome songs on this record. I loved Dead Weight as a single (even though others didn’t, thats fine). Stay Gold is pretty generic indie pop, but it’s so catchy and beautiful that I don’t mind it. Hallucinations has that massive hook that takes the whole song to a different level. Loveless is definitely the best song here, love the raw emotion in this one. January Rain is definitely the last track on the record that I really loved, has big AWKOH feels. Very okay record, but I’m glad it gave us some great songs.
  3. Damn I missed a shit show. Dumb BMTH argument AND people creepily sexualizing Lynn? Jesus christ guys regardless, excited to check this out
  4. Yeah, not into this one. Still gonna be a sick album though, the other three singles were all great.
  5. This is good to hear. I thought they peaked with STN and Deathgrip, and thought Dark Skies was pretty fuckin disappointing. Please tell me that Breaking The Mirror is the only shit song on the record
  6. This is 500x better than whatever that shit back in March was.
  7. One thing that I really love about The Ocean, and most notably their last album, is their ability to build such a high amount of tension and then release it in short, satisfying bursts, and that’s proven again on this song. Adore the atmospheric sections and the perfectly executed singing passages, but man the parts where they just break into full on chaos are FANTASTIC. Love this. Didn’t feel like 13 minutes at all. Can’t wait for the album.
  8. Definitely a bit underwhelming after how great Poison The Parish was. The instrumental is pretty interesting and full of life, but the song is pretty heavily bogged down by some super lazy lyricism and lifeless vocals. Hoping the rest of the album is better.
  9. Idk what everyone’s on about, these songs feel less like b-sides than Private Room did. Strings of Separation might have been one of the best songs on NLTL. Great fucking stuff.
  10. Brilliant. Adore his one takes. Hope he puts Wooden Home on streaming too.
  11. Man that first section is straight up Mariana’s Trench by ABR
  12. Great stuff. Last two singles both felt like ATHYGTS b sides and I really hope they are. This song is dope, the chorus is huge. Noticeably less screaming, but I’m cool with that cause they have a great singer.
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