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  1. one of the most generic pieces of shit this week. band has progressed from a mediocre deathcore band to a tween anthem band. this is the type of song that'll make a man homophobic. just so utterly and completely flaccid.
  2. uuuhhh, what are u that uninteresting a person that you don't listen to anything you don't like? sounds like a recipe for low intelligence and a pretty low-grade opinion. I explore my liege. technical deathcore occasionally has 30 seconds of goodness thrown in, at least among the better bands. i was correct here as well. the fact that you could be confused by such a thing pays homage to things I find heinously plebeian about the human race. then again, i know u didn't actually say anything. really u just regurgitated an argument that plebeians often use, which is of course the classic "comeback" of when someone criticizes something, the fans say: "and yet you're the one paying attention to me," even though if a monkey is throwing shit on the road, I will pay attention to that too, in spite of the fact that it is still just a monkey throwing shit and no credit to the monkey. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to provide this comedic explanation for something that should be utterly obvious. but u r in high school, and so i forgive you. and if u r not, i still forgive you and hope this will be an opportunity for growth. but if you react "confused," well then... i will do nothing, and just know that u r worse lol. sorry for being prickish tho. enjoy the music.
  3. yes, band is better than tool, but no, this ep is not very good. Daymare absolutely shreds the dick off any of these tracks. Scarcity was pretty good, but other songs only have a couple moments of goodness. in general, way too much chaotic atmosphere, not enough music. Like they had the latter half of scarcity and the one minute of merciless and they were like: "we should make an ep with this!" and then they just put some shit around it. Bet next LP will be much better whenever that comes.
  4. pretty dumb song with some pretty spectacular riffs. technical music blows so hard. luckily, we have technical deathcore... like a perfect combination... lol. like, we get it, you've played a lot of guitar. but do you actually care about life, or just flexing with your fingers? What a boring mish mosh. Ending starting at 3:30 is fucking great tho lol. What if they, like, made a real song off that? would probably be pretty goddamn worth listening to.
  5. band flirts with greatness but constantly making half their track blow. Verses in this are so fucking bad. How many times have i said that for deathcore? heyzeus. intro riff is so overdone. sounds like shite. beginning of song up to chorus is practically worthless. also sick of those lyrics. "inescapable agony!!!" like can u stfu? lol. like no build into chorus. mistake. part of why it catches so off guard for some ppl i think. melody is actually infectious though. pre-chorus is ok, especially when its not even a pre-chorus the second time, and goes into mediocre breakdown which at least a good one of those shitty breakdowns lol. Last couple minutes is what this band should be doing. Still hoping album has a few consistently good tracks, but I would be lying if I said I was rlly expecting it. If it happens though, epic. they're close. real close. Will still be jamming this pretty consistently for a while probably.
  6. I'd honestly be down for you to hear this like I'm your friend talking to you: Most musicians dream of selling u music for money. The best ones don't. They dream of giving you something like an everlasting revelation. Many of the best artists also want to make money, because, why wouldn't they? Then they can commit the full vitality of their lives to what they want, rather than be compelled to act to make money. But the best artists' primary goal is not to sell u something, but rather to give you something. 99% people and likewise 99% people don't really touch this. Thats why theres not an incredible artist everywhere, unless you're a banal fan, in which case you view average as really good. I'm not being pessimistic. I'm being sensible. There is a small percentage of the best stuff. There is a large percentage of average, generic shit. And there is reason to care about whether other people's opinions are phony or not. It can be exhausting if you're out of practice with doing that, sure, which is why most people choose not to consider things that much. But being genuine is the way the soul can be self-sustaining. The less genuine and more phony you are, the more you intake artificial shit without questioning what you're putting into your mind/soul/body, the more crap you're getting weighed down by, and the more there is a wall between your will and your life, the more defeat can creep in on you, and the less you are able to confront the most vital aspects of life. So its actually imperative, and not sad at all, that it is necessary to ridicule self-indulgence in public, and provide an oppositional view towards all that basic social shit which goes around like a subliminal plague. And it goes around in music. You can create labels like "elitist" or make arbitrary generalizations like "everyone has their own taste and opinion" but in the end, those are just excuses to not be more active in your assessment of life, which really do nothing but remove the essential distinctions from it. Don't be just another one of those "there is no truth/ its all relative / everyone has different tastes and opinions " You may not like sports, but allow me to make a sports metaphor to suggest that Life is real and contains objective truth. A lot of us "try" to kick the ball. Only some of us actually do it. We do so this way: we know there is a way to do kick it. It is objective and real. And we learn how to do it, by doing it until the way is learned. Most people give up on kicking the ball, because they were never humble enough to realize there was actually a way to do it. They say they were "trying", but they were never truly matching themselves to the truth. Just like you can be good at kicking a ball or bad, there are good opinions, born from real foundational and natural truths, and there are bullshit opinions, which are derivative extensions of other peoples bullshit opinions who make up the excuse for why they cant kick the ball and say its better to play with an imaginary ball. Theres a ball in everything, and always a way / ways to kick it right, and a way //ways to kick it wrong. Its like escaping the crocodile, or getting eaten by it. There is natural truth. People just hide from it, so they can pretend their opinion is equally as good as anyone's. Untrue.
  7. well certainly not what i was hoping for lol. difficult to listen to, for obvious reasons. looking forward to songs that r not poetry.
  8. lol, bro... band was so bad before. most generic shit ever. cleans were also atrocious. like a bad musical, voice wavering half like a frog as if to prove he has a good voice, when realistically, dude's vocals were just a far far worse version of bury tomorrow's, which also are annoying in that way, but at least they're basically the best that-style generic band. this is most interesting thing band has ever done, granted it was only for like fifteen seconds repeated three times, lol. But that's all u can ask of this music generally anyway. Pre-chorus wasn't that bad either. What they should really do is give up the worthless breakdowns and all-low verses, and actually try to construct a genuine song around that piece of crack chorus (double bass breakdown after stutter followed by 4 vox changes, backed by ((sequencer on tremolo riff??)) noise is like deepest-cutting thing i've heard in core (no h) in a while, though it takes a few listens for it to really sink), but any song that contains any trace of their old clean vocalist is a one-way ticket to the door for me. Type of voice that blames his girlfriend for all his problems while masquerading himself as a feminist supporter, and walks around with skinny dudes with bad tattoos in baggy sleeveless shirts, with crew cuts combed sideways. Is that what you want???? Maybe... lol. Just throwing shade bab if u read all this jest. Enjoy their old music freely. But if ur just tryin to sing cleans to yourself or something (which is probably most likely reason why ppl like such things?)... try out the chorus of this one... let the beasty out... feels even better, tho sure, singing cleans can b fun too.
  9. That could be said for just about any band/artist. Not everyone has to have the same tastes. that is an arbitrary statement with no real substance. his point was suggesting that people who lack taste all have the same taste because they base their opinions more off an image than a substance. What you said is an image of an ethic, but with no moral applicability other than to give yourself an excuse to not distinguish between tastes, which is of course, bullshit. most ppl dont like anything enough to understand what it is. so instead they gravitate around what other ppl like and put it on like a fashion. This album is capable of moving you, but to a really high level, please... Bet Maynard would tell you himself how absurd tool fans are. He was probably more concerned about his farms than this album. Dude didn't push his vocal range a single time in the hour-long album. Also yes, Fair to Midland, incredible band.
  10. band name is excellent. verses and breakdown after 3 min are wretched. chorus really hits the fucking spot. Man, that compressor/sequencer/synth noise whatever the fuk it is that a few metalcore bands have is like a fuking cheat code. just seeps right into ur butt in the best way, like an enema of bum-cleaning emotion (which inherently feels nothing like an enema in order to be in the best way).
  11. definitely a Tool album. Definitely has a lot of good riffs. If it wasn't so self-indulgent, it probably would be as good as people say. But instead, for all the shunning of apathy, its a relatively apathetic lesson in being longwinded, which I already am. Frustratingly human. Like can you make a four minute banger for fuks sake? can you actually reach a crescendo, or do you just build for ten hours too long? we know the answer, and have known for years. The George R.R. Martins of music. but I like them, quite a bit actually, just as I like GOT. But its definitely incredibly frustrating how one-dimensional humans tend to be. Its like the same style of sound for the entire hour with no progression to a satisfying finish. never really gets the vash juicing. that's my gripe. enjoy anyways. and still appreciate Tool's existence. Their influence over plucking guitar and bass lines with flanger-like effects and long quiet brooding builds will always be a thing of legend, and I hope to carry that torch onwards toward the promised land. thank you.
  12. guys have always sprinkled in some good guitar riffs. chorus to their song "hopeless one" was a good one. seems like they're selling out completely for this one, or I guess more aptly phrased "trying to target a certain audience for this one," but good songwriting in that regard. song should b pretty popular. In terms of relating to the girl who is getting moralized to by the toughy bf, nailed it right on the head (I guess I should include effeminate men who try to make up for it with big attitudes as well, y'know, just to be all-inclusive ). Lyrics r atrocious, but I don't hate the song lol.
  13. probably best user song i've seen. really pretty decent. vox are a bit too close to mic or something, don't rlly ring, but other than that, pretty nice. good job dude. good luck from here.
  14. and so joins Shadow of Intent into the select group of dcore bands actually worth giving a fuk about. still hate the lows a lot of the time, but theres definitely a few great tracks here.
  15. In honor of this old song... if you haven't heard the original, check it out. takes a phat dump on this one. one of first metalcore bands I ever got into, also the ep i think that got me onto sputnikmusic for the first time, which was huge at the time. like honestly can't believe how everything I liked the original version is almost completely gone from this version. Don't really know why they did this. Should've just remastered it for sure. but good band for what they are. song was great.
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