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  1. this video is all-time. and the video is not good.
  2. its unfortunate that there is so much infatuation with ppl who kill themselves. I don't know if this is what any suicide would want, and I think most ppl who get past it know this is not a good part of the world. Going like self-absorbed soft... followed by suicide. idk...Like... would Chester be proud? No idea. But like hybrid theory and meteora are definitely how the legend was built... maybe M2M... I don't think the stuff after that would've made them into what they are, even tho hunting party was actually good. But a lot of the stuff.... to be proud of it is like... Idk, maybe bad. song is catchy, but lyrics and vibe definitely lull you into self-pity and dissociation from what's genuinely wrong in your life and its clear the band is not making music much for themselves at this point. I could not have said this comment any softer. But I'm sure this comment will be removed anyway by the secular worshipper admins. Don't poke the bear!
  3. synth work is pretty similar to everything on hybrid theory or meteora. mildly harsh vocals but not screaming. soft pop hooks. start and stops followed by sweeping synth sound into chorus. (rlly in most pop metalcore) If you listen to first half of hybrid theory and then don't see comparison, I'd be surprised. unless u were joking/trolling, in which case your comment was hilarious.
  4. These guys used to make amazing music. They remain incredible songwriters, but its more advertising than music at this point. Just a bunch of hollow hooks at this point. Video is not comfortable. Song is built huge, but its boring as hell. I've heard that drop and "crazy" breakdown already. Title track "Brainwashed" had the best version of it three albums ago. band used to be 25 making songs for 25 yr olds. Now they're 36 yr olds making songs for 16 yr olds. It would be alright. But then they're also selling you a membership with mental health support and stuff. Super grody. Its crazy how often I've got warning points for saying something like this (I just got one lol for my "shitposts" lol). What is a thread if you can't say something like this? think about the hypocrisy of a band who wrote an album titled "Brainwashed" and now is leading a movement about making it about the music and the artist, except the "art" is now taking the form of advertising membership to the band's personal brand... the video is of them in front of cameras they've staged... and their albums have begun to center the audience/the fan as the centerpiece of the music, and target "You" progressively hard (You are We... Sleeps Society). That's grade A popularizing and I don't like it one bit.
  5. @AkeoThey've mostly kept making it. Its just that its either not good or it has no popularity in America anymore. Check out the page Dezflightunderground. Tons of old school shit as well as just new age underground shit that is hard af. GRMdaily and Pressplay YouTube pages as well if you're into ignant drill from the uk lol which I am. buncha garbage but tons of bangers on there too.
  6. hope this is good but its probably not. will check it tho. good up regardless
  7. one of the most legitimate songs scene bands ever put out. respek from Russia. not actually tho. just from me.
  8. hard body riffs, no doubt. honestly all-time. clearly have not given this band their due in past.
  9. intro riffage is nice. band has been consistently not bad. clean vox r just rlly mids
  10. good up desky. a little something away from being an absolute banger. Tone kinda sucks tbh right from first riff. like too black in the sort of fantastical folky way for me, not black enough in the hardcore sense. does not sound raw and huge as it should like a good ole deathcore chorus. interesting song though for sure. band could b real good in future.
  11. wow, that single slaps like wet vajj. if he screamed, would cream.
  12. symptoms + cures is all-time. thank god this is a cover. I do not enjoy.
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