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  1. Surprisingly good. Mix is definitely muddy though, agreed. Lyrics sound like they haven't changed much, but whatever I guess
  2. 0 replies for this haha. pathetic KL. single is some rock & roll. excited to give album a listen.
  3. i appreciate that. I'm sure you are as well, or at the very least will be if not already. dont rlly get what u mean bc I've never watched anime. seems like thats more your thing. and i do write novels btw, and yes, it is light. you sure you wouldn't have a better taste in music tho if you didn't allow ppls' judgments to prevent you from writing more than 1-2 sentences in fear of being met with some meagre bandwagoning joke? If you produce a real thought or opinion, people will judge you. Likewise with music. its really not that bad. especially after u get used to swatting away the flies... Of course, i know many prefer the path of the fly--there's always a lot of you that way--and there's always a buzz around your ears to keep you from hearing anything else... just in case u were tryna chirp... anyways, love to all ye lads, hope you got a kick out of this banter as I surely did, even if I admit I should've spent 10 less minutes on it. sometimes just gotta throw it out there and see what comes back though.
  4. You seem pretty chill, so don't mind me. I'm just pissed cause these guys are children and I once looked up to them as men. When i say you're "soft", i really just mean "wow, what you think is hard is heinously soft in comparison to actually heavy music". Rotting christ is basically the beacon of going for "power", but it being like, oh, so you are soft like baby fat. Set it off are pushing on boy band, (as wss is getting closer haha), ghost iris is soft like prog core. U dont have to like it, but heavy is more like totem skin -(if u check em, try to push through the first half of most of their songs of chaos and wait for the builds- youll have more of a chance of liking those parts i'd guess-- the chaos is like the mayo - doesn't taste good by itself, just wets the sangwich for when the build comes) or like yektiniya by Batushka or traby zaglady by plaga or like ekkaia (piedre sobre piedre) or alpinist (try the charme of dominating *see that subtle sarcasm in title-not for the plebians* for a hella tight build), or daymare by portrayal of guilt or malengines here, where they should be by Trap them or Cleaved fang by Morrow or el ardor de la crueldad by Khmer, or ein letzter Tanz by Der Weg einer freiheit. for more accessible genres like deathcore, its like black mammoth or travelers by fit for an autopsy or parasites or erebus by aversions crown or for we are the fire by all hail the swinelord. for metalcore, heaven shall burn, early Oh Sleeper, early Devil Sold His Soul (but hear theyre getting old singer back which is hype), maybe try Immerse by Fellsilent. for heavy emo stuff, try birds in row, early defeater, Manners (ct), return to the hall of souls by coma regalia, maybe blackbird raum since they're mostly cleans and kinda different. Feel free not to check any of these. To each in their own time. Took me years and years before my taste left the gutter, in my opinion, and if I had cared too much what ppl like me were saying on websites like this, my taste would've never developed properly. always were good things I liked, but in general, I had no ear for distinguishing authentic from inauthentic. had to happen over time as I grew as a person. this is just mostly me venting out my frustration at how far ive grown apart from floppy horsemeat like this. uninspired riffs, recycled lyrics, predictable songs. Every hard part is exactly that: "a hard part" like some middle schoolers trying to make the "hardest" thing they can come up with, but they're really just a boy band trying to rap in a metal song because its trending. If they were rappers, they'd be soft as hell. for good rap, see special teamz, slaine, sekel du 91, droogz brigade, ascended bastard. But yeah, I used to fucking love WSS holy shit. But they r literally a boy band now. its insane how good this is the six and brainwashed were, and its insane how lame this is. time for me to hit the guitar and notepad i guess...
  5. heard these guys last one. some good post-hardcore to be sure. looking forward to listening to this one
  6. you are so soft bro... at least for now, maybe you're just young... no hard feelings. could've just as easily replied to any other person on this thread or website the exact same thing, and i often do. guilty party probably tied for worst song they've ever made with like seven tracks from last album and hopefully none from this one. but i bet there are some doozies on here in a bad way. band was so good first ep and two LPs. then Loz wrecked his throat and they tasted money, and alas, theyve turned in this direction. its an affront to humanity really. but i hope there are a couple good tracks on here. anti-social was alright. haunt me was low mids. hilarious when you compare to the singles from brainwashed - new world torture, trophies of violence, torment, and our legacy. simply heinous. they should change the lyrics to new world torture for concert now : "We used to be underground! We've given in now!" new world torture is right. when u see WSS playing with fking asking alexandria and bring me the horizon... "Burn down our idols!" I'll probably be ranting on every WSS post for the next four years unless they decide they actually want to act their age. but its true, with Loz's throat its hard to see, especially while they continue to have popular success, which I bet they will. Good for the lads, I guess.
  7. clicked on this for the lols. but not even close to as bad as was expecting from an alt. rock/ rap rock/ trap label. ppl on here should like this probably. bridge before 3rd chorus is heinously bad though. still might be better than the new trade wind single for god's sake tho, which is simply not good news.
  8. I mean, I don't love Deftones, but mostly just cause everyone has a hard on for them on certain music blogs, like they're infallible when really they're only good somtimes. But its true, they certainly outlasted nu-metal by growing and bringing something different to the table. Plus, they had some hooky af prog choruses that are pretty much gonna ensure you hang around. I agree Whitechapel is growing right now, but they're really following a trend that is happening in deathcore right now to add some more heavy metalcore sensibilities, which I think, is a much-needed trend. Fit for an Autopsy is really leading the way I think though, by far most interesting band in deathcore, pumping out songs like swing the axe and bringing choruses like in black mammoth. then Aversions Crown probably. Erebus totally showcases what a deathcore chorus could b like.
  9. And this is why deathcore is the genre it is... Take a perfectly good chorus and surround it with 3 minutes of the stinkiest shite you can possibly throw to the snarling morons... What a goddamn waste.
  10. Mixing and mastering could b better; drums pack least punch of anything I think, but not bad by any means. There's just no lube, compared to say... between the buried and me, which for obvious reasons, needs lube every time. That's gonna put you at odds with bands that were blackened crust at one point and the people that want their music to sound authentically similar to what it'd sound like live without effects tampering the sound. like c'mon lads, whenallelsefalls and peripheryb don't like Cara Neir's production... you must've missed the sign that said this was the adult section--but its kinda right there, it says "Neocrust," alongside other genres too. Sorry for being a condescending douche, but I'd probably like you better and think the world was in better hands if you realized how naive you were. Like, you definitely need to be slapped for saying what you said. Like a toddler who can't walk telling a professional runner how to run. But it obviously feels bad slapping a kid. So now I'm apologizing in the same post online just so that you can't ignore me as just another elitist asshole as I'm sure you'd like to. I'm sure you can ignore anyway tho. That's what prog metal fans do. Ignore all of life by concentrating on technical aspects that attempt to complicate the simplicity of Nature and existence. And then don't hear any of its music. Instead of realizing that they've been complicating their life the whole time so that they can never perform or maintain harmony in a truly heavy situation. I hope you do not fill this stereotype, and if you do, hope you break it. Anyway, don't know nothing about you in reality. but ya, what a squidish thing to say haha. first time ive been trigged like this in a while. Interesting album here no doubt. But attempts to diversify the sound definitely kind've take away from the flow of the album. Never really breaks through to spectacular. At least it's kind've refreshing though. Middle section of April Ruin is pretty tight. First three tracks have some good sections. Not really a great full song on here though unfortunately. Plus you gotta that kind of pussy tragedy tragedy vibe going basically the whole time. too prog.
  11. some pretty fucking uninspired shit. used to be the best in the game. used to write music, now they just make songs. other two were decent songs. this one is completely dickless.
  12. a couple good songs. not that frequent for hard rock bands, so im glad i checked it.
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