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  1. respek. get these lads some attention.
  2. horrible verses. solid chorus. almost works. deserves a little attention.
  3. good up, desky. very good up. band is usually cp mids, but might find a gem. will cheq it.
  4. pretty good band. will check.
  5. some decently deep feels. would b great if they dropped a little of the post though. too repetitive. most of their songs could b a lot better with a little extra hx
  6. single is strong. will listen.
  7. pretty much just as good as killswitch engage lol. vocalist just doesn't have the image, aka bruh needs to shed it, but his vox are pretty great for genre. funny how so many babs fall head over heels for some of these bands and not others just cause of image/ popularity already accrued.
  8. intro of forsaken enough to dl
  9. dulce was fire but this kinda blows. kinda bigtime.
  10. hahaha yes. doosh is an instant classic, no joke. Can't wait to check these dudes.
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