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  1. don't worry @B R D S X , your taste is creeping forward in the right direction.
  2. Ep was mids, but Forever Marked is a certified metalcore jam
  3. wouldn't actually upvote what you said, just tryna balance out the bandwagoning noobs. they're definitely not just imitating limp bizkit. they're definitely stretching in a somewhat unique direction. I do agree though, they're not completely original. they definitely are influenced to write for audiences, rather than delivering an entirely unique and full sound that they've thoroughly developed for themselves + Other. Been following these dudes from the very beginning. they've always been so close to really breaking through that threshold, but they haven't got there yet, not sure if they will. Hope they do obviously. song's not bad.
  4. when you're imitating imagine dragons, you know you're reaching for legendary bad. the first track i think it was that was released wasn't wow bad - kinda interesting - and at least they seem to understand they have to move somewhere else musically, but this one here's an absolute doozi. imitation < real music. 4.
  5. yeah this sounds much weaker than the 2014 version. Good band though. definitely enjoyed this album when it came out.
  6. not a terrible ep. last track is worth a listen. some of the others would be too if i enjoyed vocalist's voice at all.
  7. Great song & vid. will check the rest. All hail Lord Rorschach.
  8. production on guitars and drums is pretty terrible imo, but some really good riffs on here. metalcore doesn't rlly make 'em like this too much anymore. peeps should check this.
  9. One of those bands that somehow slips through the cracks. Great band. Their last album (i think deprivation, or maybe deprivation is just the last track) had several bangers especially in the latter half. lessons and deprivation are tight. this one's a bit different, more metalcore, less hardcore, with core cleans, but its still good for what it is.
  10. sex toy garbage compared to old stuff, but probably better than YAW at least. look at all you fanboys... crazy... homies used to have like <100k views six years ago. lost the underground vibe and increased the boyishness, and suddenly they got mills of views after making their worst album and clearly grabbing at mainstream... but makes sense, they make some damn unique pop. half of me is happy for their success. half of me is still angry. like dwesk said, last minute is good. some good moments here and there. hope they go in the right direction next album. still love the lads.
  11. not really into this kind of hardcore all too often these days, but this is actually pretty good considering. Let your buddy know, its real shit. Now that i've said that though, honestly, gotta expand the sound like all the rest of this genre. lyrics are a good symbol. hardest kind of "pussy" to see is the fiercely "dark truth" / guilt-obsessed personality. gets so tired. its time to take the next step to more triumphant grounds. tell him that too, lol. jk. obvi not... but like, if you want to ;).
  12. So worried after first single was so bad, but album is actually pretty fire. its no Personal War, but its different, and I don't dance and triste sire are fucking ridiculously good.
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