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  1. not really into this kind of hardcore all too often these days, but this is actually pretty good considering. Let your buddy know, its real shit. Now that i've said that though, honestly, gotta expand the sound like all the rest of this genre. lyrics are a good symbol. hardest kind of "pussy" to see is the fiercely "dark truth" / guilt-obsessed personality. gets so tired. its time to take the next step to more triumphant grounds. tell him that too, lol. jk. obvi not... but like, if you want to ;).
  2. So worried after first single was so bad, but album is actually pretty fire. its no Personal War, but its different, and I don't dance and triste sire are fucking ridiculously good.
  3. ai yai yai my man. ai yai yai. "elitism", "hoopity hooplah", c'mon bab. think for yourself. have an opinion. accumulate one, over time. have it challenged. revise it. stop being a standard online scrub. and also, MTS new album is shite.
  4. i appreciate the humanity of your response. in terms of the recs however, i have heard all those bands. some are better than others. thy art is murder is definitely a far worse FFAA and without any of what makes FFAA special and with a lot of what holds them back, tho their Du hast cover was actually kinda humorously well-done. have tried to revisit them so many times thinking maybe i'd missed a good song, but not so. Lorna shore is low mids. shadow of intent is okay, but not great. I, valiance kinda blows. Foreboding ether is actually a good prog deathcore band, definitely technically respectable, and abhorrent affairs actually has a couple strong moments moments. issue is its still indulgent as all fuck so any momentum the song could carry is lost by two and a half minutes in after the standout section. like most technical bands, they're just missing the emotional side of the spectrum, so the songs never really flow. and when you're missing the emotional side, you just can't be very self-aware, can you? thats why you end up with song titles like "murdering the universe", in the same album with "subconscious subliminal." i mean, c'mon. should turn that round on himself. whats this guy filling his subconscious with? "murdering the universe" or otherwise going 100 miles an hour trying to talk about everything fucked up, why? so he doesn't have to get a little more personal with his own ish. so thats a band that frustrates me right there. should be much better. but they just make shit songs over and over because people will talk endlessly about how they are objectively great because they're technical. like shooting fish in barrel on this site. gravemind is kinda similar, but just much worse. infant annihilator and chelsea grin are just kinda shit overall. Make Them Suffer were actually pretty nice until last album. Despite how ^ sounds, good recs, I just think there's only so far deathcore goes right now, kinda a newish genre, but i feel that it might hold absolute burners like ten years down the road. In terms of responding to the statement about hardcore, tbh my taste has changed past couple years, so not a lot of hardcore on my playlists these days. that being said, hardcore at its best remains my favorite music, specifically emotive hardcore that verges on the blacker/post-metal end of things. i just definitely exhausted the reserves of hardcore to the point where i was getting pretty much exclusively underground russian federation shit. i don't think the type of hardcore ur thinking of is what I'm thinking of. and i also specifically remember filling that favorite genre out when the website changed and wanting to pick neocrust at the time and that not being an option. also, when i was talking about deathcore bands being generic and making the same videos over and over again, its specifically that its terrible that makes it so troublesome in repeating. in my experience, a lot of hardcore bands close to straight edge or metalcore (two opposite ends of most mainstream hardcore) are 1) focused on morals, or trying hard, and 2) tend to stir the same tracks for only a little while, and if its genuine hardcore, the personal attitude in itself is one which leads into growth via an end to the band, or a change in style through the process of beating the dead horse of being a hardo, as in trying at everything in a simple minded way, which will inevitably fail and provoke either growth or giving up. and whats good about a really great hardcore song is that it might actually be good for like 2/3 of it. whereas an amazing deathcore track in my opinion is rarely good for more than a minute. Swing the Axe is good pretty much the whole time by FFAA, but still isn't as dope as it could be. Travelers, and abs. h abs. h have ridiculous singular sections 2/3 of the way through. Black mammoth has a ridiculous chorus. Aversions Crown have ridiculous choruses occasionally too (parasites/erebus). walk in the glow by defiler has a sweet chorus in an entirely shitty album. Carnage and Unheard by Move Like Attis (just Attis now i think) have fire endings. and then when deathcore bands start getting a little less deathcore, things get better. for example XI: For i am the fire by This gift is a curse is pretty sweet most of the song, but especially towards the end. the album itself on the other hand is expectedly mids. so yeah, frustrating genre basically. tease you with some ridiculously good moments 1 out of every 100,000 songs and then usually don't expand on it. this song above tho, however, just flatout blows.
  5. if you got recs, I'm all ears. would be pleasantly surprised if you pulled me out some good bunnies, but i'm not sure you got anything in that hat that I haven't already seen. FFAA and Aversions crown still blow a lot of the time. they just happen to stumble upon the 30 seconds of gold in deathcore that keeps me believin year after year that some band will step up and deliver something worth talking about death. unfortunately, they mostly just little boys making the little choice to indulge themselves with every chosen negative in the book without much reason other than ego it seems to me. which is why they can manage to think its a good idea to try to sound like a pig when you can't even do a good pig impression.
  6. totally decent pop metal if you want my opinion. If you were already famous, you'd get a lot of praise. probably better than most of bfmv's new record will be. the echoey "feels like, feels like" after the final chorus though was unnecessary. too soft. at least for this hardo. good job all around tho dude. good luck. hope you keep growin, keep makin music.
  7. absolute horse. unbelievable that this manages to get liked. music video is also most generic thing ever. bands are dumb enough (or smart enough marketers) to keep doing the useless video of themselves (because it costs no money) just playing their own song despite it having shit riffs and shit drums so that it just looks laughable watching them play. But it gets to another level when deathcore bands repeatedly have a video of ritualistically passing along a knife to sacrifice or murder someone and then bury them or show a shot of a grave. seriously, how many times have we seen this? And the head jerking around... at least in 60% of deathcore vids. Like, c'mon, have some self-awareness kiddies. Yes, I'm aware of the judgmental tone of this post, it is meant for humor for anyone willing to stop taking this shit seriously. But I also apologize for my offense. ps. just have to wait another half year probably for Fit for an Autopsy or Aversions Crown to release 2-3 of the only good deathcore songs all year.
  8. Broooooo. He did it, dude. Stopped being a pussy. LafuckinMAO. but actually, very honest track. he was running out of steam hard. this got me interested again. would def be hyped if he was releasing a new album soon.
  9. The best band in metalcore returns, on my birthday, and unsurprisingly, sounds like best band in metalcore. always thought tim wanted to get caught and busted more than he wanted to kill his wife, like some girl desperate to get noticed as being fucked up, which is why he literally went around his gym asking for a hitman like the biggest moron ever. but hopefully he's less fucking wack now, and hopefully, album actually has some evolution away from metalcore and into something more apt for a person who has been through more than the standard bs. But song is tight as ever. just needs a bit of variation in the intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus-outro/breakdown formula. a little black, post-metal, and hardcore would be much fucking appreciated.
  10. haven't listened to whole album yet, but silence is the gift is pretty fuckin tight. refreshing to hear a bae do this kind of vocals without sounding like complete shite.
  11. band used to be fire back in heartsounds/ salvation days, new direction is definitely not preferable but song isn't bad and direction should be more profitable for them