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  1. what are you guys talking about with the politics? Sounds like there was some sort of band split over finance and what not? Have heard Litourgyia, the album, and it was literally all-time. Excited as fuk to listen to this. Is there a difference in the versions of the album, or just under different names? who is in the right?
  2. song is fine, can't stand the lyrics though. and i love christian stuff sometimes. but other times its just like, heyzeus, Jesus was a philosopher. Can we get beyond cliches for a second? and ya blindside had a few hype songs back in the day. pitiful was a jam. sleepwalking. our love saves us was dece.
  3. i hear you. they haven't really developed in the way one would hope. but if you listen to their early shit, they're pretty one-dimensional. a bit more unique maybe, but one-dimensional. they've tried to explore a few times now, but pretty much always in a pretty immature direction. but thats sometimes how it goes. music is written by ppl ultimately, and ppl are immature often, and rarely grow in the ways they should, and so they rarely meet the potential you want them too. UABB could definitely have become an exceptional metalcore/deathcore band- I woulda liked to see them get rawer, blacker, and start writing music for themselves rather than an audience. But the reality is, they like to talk about drinking and cock measuring, and their lyrics are always in that impersonal style of expressing something to someone else as opposed to themselves, even when they act like they're expressing something personally. That definitely puts a ceiling over their music. so the best i was hoping for from this was some decent riffage and a decent direction. I got at least half of what I was hoping for. maybe they'll b realer next time.
  4. dude there was nothing redeemable about SFTB. Honestly just an atrocity of a record. There is a lot respectable about this effort. Arguably more respectable than anything they've ever done. Still not that good lol. But definitely a step in the right direction. A lot of good riffs on here, even if its a bit imitative overall.
  5. sounds bigger and better most places, but a bunch of the raw feels sound worse. Namely existence and crusades took major hits here.
  6. hmmm... best core track ive heard in a while, cereally... How bout dah?
  7. remember these guys i think. sound similarly pretty good now as then. not rlly a market for it though. would have to sound more polished, expand the cleans. pretty good music tho. doesnt seem like they rlly do it for the market. cool how they had 3 of the bruhs sing in it, probs so that the one dude could do the backing solo lol.
  8. "Building the Nations'" is a song from Oh, Sleeper's early LP When I Am God. The chorus goes: "Destroy! rebuild! plant the seeds, [to] reclaim victory/ on this day we will..." It is fucking anthemic, aggressive shit. Especially the 3rd time around, post bridge. These songs r definitely two of worst songs they've ever made.
  9. Upvoting this lol. And ive barely upvoted anything ever haha. just because it is hilarious that this bands fans are against them here, when this is some of the best shit theyve ever done. council of the dead the song was a guilty pleasure back in the day too. horribly unrespecable genre. but this band has the phc whiny chorus down to an absolute tee. So fucking catchy. No Walls chorus fucking blows, but it has a great pre-chorus. and broken glass totally blows. but runaways, the game, and scream all have classic hs phc choruses.
  10. ^So did building the nation's chorus. "destroy/rebuild/..." for those who don't know that song and its bangin ass chorus. fuckin anthem.
  11. Band has stayed consistently interesting. Aside from the standard chugga verses in the first half of the song, this is too. Good single from the Knot. All Out life was good too. Good sign too that its not even on the album.
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