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  1. (No particular order) BABYMETAL - Metal Galaxy Get Scared - The Dead Days I Prevail - TRAUMA Blink 182 - Nine Zebrahead - Brain Invaders Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky Sum 41 - Order In Decline AJR - Neotheater Weezer - Weezer (Teal Album) Bring Me the Horizon - amo
  2. they havn't cancelled any album. some parts just got re-recorded so it was pushed back to early 2020. Did your mother ever tell you 'if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all' because you are being very negative.
  3. unlike others in here I'm actually enjoying the electronic parts. I think the chorus of the first single was better but I prefer that this is heavier. I feel like some people are being a little over dramatic about this song trying to say that ADTR are dead. this song is alright. it's not going to make it onto a 'best of ADTR' compilation album but the band is far from being dead. it get's more catchy after a few listens. good but not great.
  4. really good. I'm very excited for this new album
  5. their reunion is the best news all year. I can't wait for new music.
  6. BxMxC is the best track on the album. I feel Oh! MAJINAI comes off as just too silly and is the only track i'm not a massive fan of. if I rate the previous two albums 9/10 this is a 8/10 with only Oh! MAJINAI bringing it down.
  7. just waiting for BxMxC to roll aorund. on your first listen.
  8. it's the japanese version mr kingdom himself just mislabeled it.
  9. I already DMed it him earlier in the day BxMxC biggest surprise. Su's actually a rap god.
  10. Jesus the budget for this game must be insane seeing as they have famous actors in it all over the place as well.
  11. if it were the band themselves it would be pretty good music wise but then be forgotten a little bit during the time they aren't releasing music, where the band succeeds is the presentation and production of their live shows along with dedicated community that is always producing content in either artwork, covers and cosplays it gets you sucked in and then the band is run like a idol group so you get the same fan type of hooks that you addicted. the community is really great I think there have been after partys organised for almost every stop in the US tour and it's just like I said earlier the live performances are really something real different from what you normally get for the same reasons that rammstein should always be seen live. the music itself is always something new, never afraid to mix a new genre into the blend for example the indian vibes in the recently released 'shanti shanti shanti!' or the thai rap and instruments in the single before that 'PA PA YA'.
  12. me on the homepage waiting for this to leak
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