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  1. I would also appreciate this!
  2. ronnie has said they will only be releasing singles but more often, rather then releasing proper albums.
  3. this is so good, it's clearly didn't make it onto coming home. so sad to hear those guitars after yesterdays news. RIP Derek
  4. A Day To Remember - Mindreader April 15th Artwork
  5. Great Track. Reminder - this is a charity single for Direct Relief, a charity that works with the medical community who could really use the help during COVID-19. So if you have the money (and it costs quite a bit for this charity run) then you can find the offical place of purchase by buying the shirt here (which is the only way to get the track) https://store.shinedown.com/atlas-falls-t-shirt.html
  6. I'm not usually a massive Silverstein fan but I absolutely love this album.
  7. I'm dieing for a new falling in reverse album, everything recently has been incredibly top notch
  8. I'm waiting on that quality update as well. I thought the album was pretty decent.
  9. holy fuck you wern't kidding. that album was trash.
  10. wait what I havn't listened yet I'm about to but isn't Ghost on this album? That single was pretty freaking good considering whats been coming out of krewella. since he departed the band you only seem to get 1 or 2 good songs a album/EP. I wish they would bury the hatchet and go back to the old style.
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