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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawaii_metal
  2. I wish it was longer with a kick ass guitar solo
  3. Same complaints from KL over anything pop it's actually hilarious. I do agree that some of the lyrics could use some work but other then that it's perfectly fine and catchy just like a pop song should be.
  4. Holy shit Zebrahead just pulled the reverse Babymetal and it's great!
  5. We need to get the album added to the sidebar Feb 8th ' From Hell With Love '
  6. seems to be missing 16. Don Diablo, Steve Aoki & Lush & Simon – What We Started (feat. BullySongs) (3:23) is that just a mistake in the tracklisting?
  7. click the download link and it will redirect you to a site with different options to choose from (different sources and file types) for standard 320 kbps mp3, you would select The Struts - YOUNG & DANGEROUS (2018) [CD 320].zip, now look on the left if the orb is green the link still works so you can click the download button on the right which will take you to another site to download it. for pass the links which is the only site that has it up at the moment there is a big green download button to hit. this will download a .zip file, simply extract the folder and add to your music program.
  8. I'm on the opposite side its way more too pop than rock.
  9. we do not lol, that track feels like a bonus track a label forced in for publicity seeing as the proper version is much better as well lol.
  10. @staff any chance of getting the first album as well? I'm looking for the Japan release with all the bonus tracks, I'm struggling to find it online. sorry if a request is not allowed because I'm not a donator but have submitted leaks in the past.
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