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  1. never heard of this band before but their name sounds like a fall out boy cover band lmao, listened to one of the singles and was impressed so i'll give this a go.
  2. their store has been taken down now, these are what people grabbed before it got took down.
  3. and the album releasing in febuary fina-fucking-ly
  4. an unexpected surprise even if it is a cover. hopefully they will make some new music soon.
  5. there are 5 tracks released/leaked off the EP Parasite Eve Teardrops Obey Kingslayer Ludens left to leak: Dear Diary, Itch for the Cure (When Will We Be Free?) 1x1 One Day the Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest as You March Towards Your Death
  6. Not a very good representation of what babymetal is. I feel like people listening to this will think BM is like a hatsune miku style music with how heavy the to register and autotune sound in this. love the heavy BMTH parts. dissapointed with how they processed Su's vocals, she has a good voice and didn't need that doing. she's got pipes, see below.
  7. I love tessa but she gotta stop re-releasing old songs but featuring a new artist and just release some new music.
  8. not bad, very standard DBA maybe a touch more heavier compared to normal.
  9. I thought the same when i saw that logo. incoming lawsuit from ronnie lol
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