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  1. man... Breath Underwater it's so FUCKING PERFECT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AS FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK thank you KL, so so much ♥ best site ever
  2. oh man, this is pure trash... so poor i love new directions and new music of the bands that I love since my childhood, but... this, no... sad
  3. my fav band since 2004, when i saw the music video for Unholy Confessions on MTV2! good times. foREVer.
  4. this is beautiful, i love the vocals and the riffs... reminds me Tears Don't Fall it's a good track, not overpower but i love it
  5. their worst album. nothing left to say about this.
  6. THANK YOU!!! "For You" make me cry, i finish her now... more 16
  7. holy fuck, this is hot as hell The riff remembers me Shogun, and vocals... idk Matt never sing like this i think... but it's so gooood 9/10
  8. i miss Riot and Brand New Eyes like i miss Hybrid Theory and Meteora :((((( i hate liv in the past but, this is SHIT.
  9. better than 3 new singles of linkin park.