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  1. I find the choir parts to be a little bit lame...Good album tho. I prefer their older stuff, but i enjoy this one too.
  2. This is good, but also nothing new for them.
  3. Yeah...that place was terrifying. Brook Haven hospital also gave me nightmares. I hated those nurses and mannequins. The ambience in some locations made me go crazy without actually anything happening on the screen.
  4. Yes! I agree 100%. This game is a masterpiece, and it's soundtrack is incredible. I'm listening to it almost daily, lol.
  5. They did "Ask Us Anything" on reddit some time ago. You can google it if you want. One dude asked what inspires their atmospheric sound the most and they responded with: "Mainly movie soundtracks or video game soundtracks, most notably - Silent Hill 2, Akira, It Follows, Bladerunner."
  6. Looks like their softer side got more industrial. To be honest, i think this is fire.
  7. Right. Deftones elements are nothing new for Loathe. They are also inspired by Akira Yamaoka music (Silent Hill soundtrack), and that's what really makes this band unique for me. Haven't heard this song yet, but i bet it's 100% clean vocals, after reading comments here. Gonna wait for the full album.
  8. While i agree with CJ, i can't agree with Tom Barber. He is levels above Alex.
  9. This is going to be a wild ride.
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