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  1. Yeah, i can agree with you...And that's the beauty of this music. Same stuff, but it gives us totally different vibes while listening.
  2. How about Slipknot S/T album? Songs like Prosthetics, Tattered & Torn, Scissors are still unmatched for me when it comes to that dark feel in metal.
  3. In Fear - What a Banger!
  4. Great song, but i want a new album already.
  5. Yes. This is gonna be huge!
  6. Yeah, same here. This is def. not their best material.
  7. I enjoy the heavier moments on this album. Sweet stuff. Clean vocals here are not my cup of tea tho.
  8. Production is weird on this album. Not a fan of it. Muddy with kick sounding like a snare...Song is sick tho.
  9. Standard Suicide Silence here. Nothing spectacular but it's enjoyable.
  10. Yeah! Sounds crazy, but with 30 inch scale, you can go even as low as 9 string guitars, lol
  11. I know that the guitar they use is a Fender squier baritone jazzmaster with stock pickups and the tuning is usually E A E D G B or double drop C#.
  12. Very stoked for the album and i'm glad that they keepin it fresh.
  13. Check out Nemertines if you're into that silent hill vibes!
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