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  1. I forgot about this, but it totally make sense now.
  2. Sounds like they are using Drop E for the first time on this record. Better than the last one. Also it reminds me of Emmure with Josh Travis.
  3. Fuck Yeah. Been waiting for something new from these guys...And I'm not disappointed. Sounds like Drift vol 2 and i'm okay with it.
  4. I can't believe that Tom left Lorna Shore to give us this...
  5. Disappointing even tho i've never been a fan of PWD.
  6. Tom Barber doesn't even sound like himself here, but i guess that's what he wanted to achieve. Not bad.
  7. The world needs more music like this. Chaotic beauty.
  8. My dad would love this one.
  9. Norma Jean Vibes are strong here. Pretty much out of nowhere, i"m hyped right now.
  10. Embodiment was my favorite deathcore record of 2017. Stoked to see what's next for them. Single is great.
  11. Iceage - Beyondless (2018)

    Nice surprise. Can't wait to check it out