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  1. In my opinion there is nothing interesting about this song. Yeah, its heavy, but that doesn't make it good.
  2. Maybe its just me, but i think that this is a step back for them, atleast when it comes to guitars. Still solid deathcore tho.
  3. Its true. I mean, i can't imagine a grown ass man being in love with the sound they have right now. Don't wanna offend anyone, it's cool to like different stuff and all, but this is just cheap and weak. They can do much better.
  4. This sound has really nothing interesting to offer. Mantra was kinda ok compared to the last two songs.
  5. This is insane. Vocals reminds me of Botch. A+
  6. Rolo Tomassi is probably my top 3, but i can't see them here...
  7. Daughters won that for me. I can't get into Architects after Hollow Crown. They are nothing special anymore imo.
  8. Much better than their last singles. I dig those clean vocals.
  9. This is pretty boring. Good that new Enterprise Earth slays as always.
  10. I had the pleasure of meeting them, very cool dudes. This is awesome. Can't wait for more.
  11. Same here. I checked their iTunes page for this album and yup, something is def. not right.
  12. Yeah, i think that the second song should be the last one...
  13. I love how this band evolved since their last album. It's amazing how they can go from the chaotic insanity to something as chill and creepy, as "To: Achlys". Something is wrong here. One song is missing cuz "To: Achlys" and "World Of Joy" are the same track.
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