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  1. This is pretty boring. Good that new Enterprise Earth slays as always.
  2. I had the pleasure of meeting them, very cool dudes. This is awesome. Can't wait for more.
  3. Same here. I checked their iTunes page for this album and yup, something is def. not right.
  4. Yeah, i think that the second song should be the last one...
  5. I love how this band evolved since their last album. It's amazing how they can go from the chaotic insanity to something as chill and creepy, as "To: Achlys". Something is wrong here. One song is missing cuz "To: Achlys" and "World Of Joy" are the same track.
  6. Their new album will be produced by Ross Robinson. He also produced IOWA. So i think that the album version will sound different.
  7. Their last album was a masterpiece, and i was worried if they can make something as good. Well, now i know. Sure they can. It's different but their signature sound is still there. Amazing.
  8. I wonder how it will fit with other tracks on the new album. I like this style and this song is very cool, but they have better slow and chill songs.
  9. This band peaked when they released Hollown Crown. It is still their best album IMO. But anyway, i still enjoy some new songs by them, so i'm waiting for this.
  10. Look at the tracks length here. I think You can be sure that there will be some slower songs. "You Are Not My Blood" is also amazing.
  11. Yeah, they really stepped up their game. Can't wait for this album.
  12. And with this single, i'm pretty positive that their next one will be even better.
  13. Tom was much better imo. and i feel like i already heard this solo on their last album. Still better than most deathcore bands but their older stuff remains untouchable.
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