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  1. This is going to be a wild ride.
  2. Those are lyrics from the singles i think. No word yet about any album or EP.
  3. I usually prefer their more chaotic stuff, but this is great too. Very catchy with some sweet riffage.
  4. It's really time for this band to get huge. This is incredible.
  5. Some sweet riffs here and there. Very good stuff.
  6. Production could be a little bit better. Music kick ass tho. Never cared about their lyrics or music videos. Top notch deathcore, even if it's all overprocessed, it's still fun to listen.
  7. Glad they mixed some things up and added more melodies to their sound. Panic chords are awesome, but it's easy to overuse them. This album will have high replay value for me.
  8. Imo. This proves that You don't have to fart into the mic, or play super fast, to be one of the heaviest bands around in the metal genre. Pure violence, pure awesomeness.
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