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  1. This is fuckin amazing. Could be my AOTY. Slipknot has a special place in my heart. They got me into heavy music and i'm so happy that they still are going very strong. Red Flag and Orphan are their heaviest shit since IOWA. Some songs give me also S/t and Vol3 vibes. Don't know yet what to feel about the more experimental side of this album (Spiders/My Pain), but it's cool that they are doing different stuff. Those songs will grow on me for sure. This album just gets better and better the more i'm listening to it.
  2. Probably their best single for me. It has everything i love about Slipknot. This could be their best stuff since vol3. Give me the full album!
  3. Of course! This album was way ahead of it's time. Back when they released it nobody really cared tho. It blew up after they disbanded. I believe the same thing happened to We Are The Romans by Botch.
  4. Funny how "The Shape Of The Punk To Come" is more than 20 years old now, and it still sound way more fresh than anything they released after reunion.
  5. Okay song, but nothing really spectacular. I wish they used some synths and experimented a little bit, like they used to in the past.
  6. I'm honestly surprised how good this song is.
  7. Every song brings something different to the table. I love the direction they took with this album. Perfect mix of heavy/melodic/electronic IMO. Really fresh stuff. 320 version will be huge. It already sounds awesome. Details Matter, Talking Heads, Jinn and Ecplise are my fav ones at the moment.
  8. First song in...HOLY SHIT
  9. Honestly, this is great. Reminds me kinda of some old school psx racing games ost. Now I'm hyped even more for this album.
  10. There is one on the title song, but it's MEH anyway.
  11. It's a safe zone for them. I'm personally tired of it. Atleast Cj could do some high screams or deeper growls here and there, instead of this non stop mid screaming.
  12. Listening to this just after jamming The Adversary, makes me realize how downhill they went. I liked the first single but overall this is just boring and uninspired. Heavy? Yes. Good? Nope. 3/10
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