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  1. This band peaked when they released Hollown Crown. It is still their best album IMO. But anyway, i still enjoy some new songs by them, so i'm waiting for this.
  2. Look at the tracks length here. I think You can be sure that there will be some slower songs. "You Are Not My Blood" is also amazing.
  3. Yeah, they really stepped up their game. Can't wait for this album.
  4. And with this single, i'm pretty positive that their next one will be even better.
  5. Tom was much better imo. and i feel like i already heard this solo on their last album. Still better than most deathcore bands but their older stuff remains untouchable.
  6. Looks like they took some influences from Naked City here. Their heaviest work yet imo.
  7. @TheEmpire86 Yeah, You are right. He puts a new album like every single year. Haha, thanks! I love Silent Hill 2. Its soundtrack is a masterpiece. Best horror game for me and one of the best games ever actually.
  8. Soulfly will always have a special place in my heart. They got me into heavier music. Cool that Max still makes music.
  9. This one is definitely growing on me faster than their previous album. Nothing new here, but still very quality stuff. One of the best modern metalcore bands in the business right now. Monolith, Signal Fire and Valhalla, are my favorites after first spins.
  10. AOTY contender. Can You even make heavier music than this? Beautiful chaos.
  11. This song is cool and i dig it. But there is nothing original about it, while Loathe is doing some fresh things for this genre. IMO. Loathe is far more talented and literally any song they made is better than this one.