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  1. Solid album. Agreed on how it's pretty on par with Overexposed sound wise, with progression to one or two tracks on here. But pretty solid from these boys nonetheless. Favorites off it are After Tonight, The Cycle of Always Leaving, Racing Towards a Red Light, and Lost & Found.
  2. I heard this album a few days early thanks to a friend. I went in knowing this was absolutely gonna be different, but still enjoyed myself nonetheless. Adornment was a record I was heavily in love with too, so I was nervous about this album when the singles were dropping. This album certainly isn't up to par with Adornment by any means, but it's still solid nonetheless for what it is. Just Right, Tommy's Song, Twilight, and Desert Queen are my favorites from it. For anyone expecting anything previous sounding from this band on this album, I wouldn't.
  3. Glad this was re-mastered. Thought the original mix had Tilian's vocals unnecessarily higher than they needed to be, like too fluffy if that makes sense. That was my only issue with the original, it was fixed on this thankfully. The songs still kick ass and it's still a strong album regardless.
  4. This is such a natural progression of sound for them, I'm very much into it and I really love this band.
  5. Man, they did not fuck around with this album whatsoever. An absolutely worthy follow-up to Laugh Tracks, I enjoy a little more than it actually because the songwriting and songs are just better and this album feels so consistent front to back. Love how the songs blend into the next one, that's the shit I DO like.
  6. This is great, SO excited to hear their debut next month.
  7. Holy fuck, this record is a pure banger. I didn't know what to fully expect from this, but it exceeded my expectations for sure. And like everyone else said, the other songs on here are much better than the singles. I thought .5 was an okay record, but this absolutely blows it out of the water. Such a nice balance between heavy and experimental, they pull it off really well. Favorites are Nero Forte, Critical Darling, Orphan, and Solway Firth. This'll most likely end up in my year end list, this band got me into heavy music for a reason and it truly shows here.
  8. This was actually a solid listen, not a bad follow up to the self titled at all. If I'm There, Dethrone, Running In Circles, and Mercy I think are my favorites from it. If I'm There was a fantastic closer to this.
  9. I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I wasn't big on Retrograde, so I was reluctant going into this album. But it's got some jams on it, and catchy stuff for sure too. Red Pills, MZRY, SEQU3NCE, Blurry, and Under the Skin are ones that stuck out to me on this. The production and effects on some of these songs can get distracting sometimes, but a solid album nonetheless.
  10. This is better than the first single, the chorus hits harder I like it more overall. But I'm with everyone else, these singles aren't as good as anything off the last album. I've accepted that nothing can top Adornment because of how damn near perfect that album is, but also wasn't expecting them to go this direction either. Interesting to hear how the album sounds as a whole.
  11. Such a solid record from these guys. I agree with people about the production sounding a bit weird, but the songs truly make up for it (at least for me). Favorites are Steady Glow, Disaster Case, Delicate, Alone With You, and Rosé by the Ocean. This version of Right Now sounds real off to me though, the original felt more natural sounding than this one. But I really fucking mean it when I say that people shouldn't sleep on this band any longer.
  12. Great album, with fantastic opening and closing songs. It doesn't reach the height of Lovely Little Lonely, but it's still strong and that's no surprise from this band. Favorites from this are Slip the Noose, Flowers on the Grave, My Best Habit, and Tears Won't Cry. I'd say this jumped to my AOTY spot for the moment, I love this band.
  13. Fantastic single, again...I really hope people don't sleep on this band or this album when it drops.
  14. Great album, jumped to my #1 AOTY so far. There are some tracks that'll probably grow on me with time (Marigold, A Godsend), but there are some fantastic songs on here (Last of the Evening Light, To Fall Asleep, Wilt, Your Love Has Ruined My Life), and the album works as a whole from top to bottom still. Absolutely solid debut from an underappreciated band at the moment.
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