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  1. Fantastic single, again...I really hope people don't sleep on this band or this album when it drops.
  2. Great album, jumped to my #1 AOTY so far. There are some tracks that'll probably grow on me with time (Marigold, A Godsend), but there are some fantastic songs on here (Last of the Evening Light, To Fall Asleep, Wilt, Your Love Has Ruined My Life), and the album works as a whole from top to bottom still. Absolutely solid debut from an underappreciated band at the moment.
  3. Great single, enjoy this more than the first one but I can tell this album's shaping up to be a great one.
  4. Was stoked to hear this ever since they played it at the State Champs show in December, so excited for this record and I hope people finally give this band the recognition they deserve.
  5. Coming from someone who put their last album as my AOTY of 2016, this EP was underwhelming. I don't have a problem with the poppier vibe on this, it's just these feel mediocre compared to their first two albums (and the three songs they released in 2017). What made this band great in the first place was the heart put into those vocals, and it feels like it's nowhere to be found on here. The end of The Fear of Letting Go is the closest we get, but that falls super flat when you can hear him struggling to get those vocals again. I was hoping the year long break from touring would've improved his vocals in a live setting, but this isn't looking good
  6. 1. Mayday Parade - Sunnyland 2. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness 3. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 4. nothing, nowhere. - ruiner 5. State Champs - Living Proof 6. Hot Mulligan - Pilot 7. Beartooth - Disease 8. Bearings - Blue In the Dark 9. Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass 10. Architects - Holy Hell Honorable Mentions: The Dangerous Summer - Self Titled The Wonder Years - Sister Cities The Plot In You - DISPOSE Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream The Story So Far - Proper Dose
  7. Great stuff, nice additions to my favorite record of 2018
  8. Such a great album, they've always been great to me with whatever they've put out. This one is no exception, might give it an 8.5 or a 9/10 from first listen. I hope everyone gives this album a shot, it's great stuff. Daggers, Malicious 444, "sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time", and Winter of Cicada might be my favorites.
  9. Haven't loved this band since Challenger, everything since then has been utterly disappointing and that's from someone who absolutely LOVED this band six years ago. I haven't listened to it and I dunno if I should give it a listen since I truly felt like giving This Light I Hold one listen was a waste of time.
  10. This is great, I'm stoked to hear these guys' record whenever it comes out. Definitely one of the most underrated bands out there right now, glad they got signed to Fearless.
  11. Definitely a solid album. Not AOTY for me, but given how I'm not as into metalcore these days as I used to be...this album was quite a good listen and I've always seen them as one of the better bands in the genre these days. A Wasted Hymn is the absolute favorite off this, what a perfect closer to this album. Doomsday, Holy Hell, The Seventh Circle, and Hereafter are standouts for me as well. A solid 8/10 right here.
  12. This is a very solid debut, I think people who are fans of the genre should definitely enjoy this. Highlights on this for me are Clay, Burn In the Afterthought, Lavender Bones, and Speak Slow.
  13. Pleasantly surprised with this album. I never gave this band a proper full on listen, but this is a very solid album. Singer's voice reminds me of a more chilled out Billie Joe Armstrong. I think the highlights on this are Stigmata, Slip Away, Keepsake, and Disconnect.
  14. Really great stuff here, knew these guys wouldn't disappoint. Eyes Closed, Love and Decay, and Beautiful Places are my favorites from this after a first listen.
  15. Overall really enjoyed this album, great stuff coming out from this band. I think I enjoy this one more than ETITB. The Jig Is Up, Rocking the Boat, IT is the End, Merry Axe-Mas, A Grave Mistake, and The World In My Hands are highlights for me. I could do without Savages and Freak Flag just because they seemed very meh to me, at least compared to the high points on this album. I don't mind Love Bites really, but the production on it seemed off to me. But this album is an easy 8/10 for me, good shit.
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