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  1. Great song, so good to see these guys back. Also realized this is the closer to the album. Now I'm not a fan of bands releasing the last song on an album as a single before it drops...but this one is too good not to release and I feel like it'll close the album perfectly with how it ends.
  2. This is great. I'd still put ArSe and Mothership above this personally, but man they still delivered as I expected they would. Favorites are Parody Catharsis, Nothing Shameful (Andrew's verse is just what I needed), One In a Million, Strawberry's Wake, and Born to Fail. Also Calentamiento Global really threw me for a loop, they continue to surprise me.
  3. This is a pretty solid album. Agreed on people saying this is their best since Don't Panic, it's the direction I was hoping they'd go for after that record. It's leagues better than LYR as I expected/hoped for. And it's just a fun, catchy record that has some jammers on it. Favorites are Trouble Is, Favorite Place, Some Kind of Disaster, Clumsy, and Melancholy Kaleidoscope.
  4. One of my most anticipated and so thankful the boys delivered. The singles were an indication of how I was definitely gonna enjoy this record as a whole and I'm glad I was right. I second that comment before of them doing a great job at blending emo and pop punk, and I think this is the right progression for them to go after Pilot (which I loved also). Thought the closing song was a nice touch, and glad they were still able to keep their lyrics honest and raw like always. Favorites off this are Dirty Office Bongos, Digging In (heavy song, lyrically and vocal wise), *Equip Sunglasses*, and Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape. I hope this record does wonders for them going forward.
  5. I've always held this band in high regard, both live and on albums. While this album is far from their best, I still enjoyed my listen through it and I'm sure I'll go back to some of these songs in the future. Favorites off it are September 14th, Shape Shift, Coming Down, and Stop.
  6. That chorus came in HOT, so excited for this new record.
  7. This album truly bangs, dunno if I like it more than their first record...but damn it's still so solid. Favorites off this are All of This Is Fleeting, Pray for Rain, Landmine, and Above My Head. The Descent is a pretty solid closing song I'd say also, I'm glad these boys were able to deliver.
  8. Damn, it sucks this leaked so early for them. But otherwise, real solid album and a definite step up from Makes Me Sick (I didn't hate it, I just found it to be a bit basic for them). I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed my listen for this record, some real jammy jams on this.
  9. Two awesome singles, Talking Myself In Circles being the better of the two for me after repeat listens. I do really like the bridge/outro of Brain Pain though, I think these singles are showing progression and I'm so excited for this new record...I've missed them.
  10. 1. In Her Own Words - Steady Glow 2. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 3. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 4. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind 5. Grayscale - Nella Vita 6. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 7. Youth Fountain - Letters to Our Former Selves 8. Capstan - Restless Heart, Keep Running 9. Holding Absence - Self Titled 10. Locket - All Out
  11. Ahhh gotcha. Nevertheless, excellent album.
  12. First off, this album truly exceeded my expectations and it's up there in my year end list for sure. Lyrics are a total step up and I enjoyed myself throughout each and every track, this band can do no wrong. Secondly, maybe it's just me but is the whole record half a step up in pitch? I noticed Separate Wounds sounds slightly different on here compared to when I heard it before. Maybe I'm wrong, but I swear it sounds different.
  13. I've never given this band a proper listen before. But holy shit, this album is incredible. The melodies hit just as much as they need to, and it's a really nice balance of heavy and melodic throughout the record. Favorites off it are The Color Black, Gates of Ivory, Already Numb, Sleeptalk, and Starving to Be Empty.
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