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  1. Two awesome singles, Talking Myself In Circles being the better of the two for me after repeat listens. I do really like the bridge/outro of Brain Pain though, I think these singles are showing progression and I'm so excited for this new record...I've missed them.
  2. 1. In Her Own Words - Steady Glow 2. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 3. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 4. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind 5. Grayscale - Nella Vita 6. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 7. Youth Fountain - Letters to Our Former Selves 8. Capstan - Restless Heart, Keep Running 9. Holding Absence - Self Titled 10. Locket - All Out
  3. Ahhh gotcha. Nevertheless, excellent album.
  4. First off, this album truly exceeded my expectations and it's up there in my year end list for sure. Lyrics are a total step up and I enjoyed myself throughout each and every track, this band can do no wrong. Secondly, maybe it's just me but is the whole record half a step up in pitch? I noticed Separate Wounds sounds slightly different on here compared to when I heard it before. Maybe I'm wrong, but I swear it sounds different.
  5. I've never given this band a proper listen before. But holy shit, this album is incredible. The melodies hit just as much as they need to, and it's a really nice balance of heavy and melodic throughout the record. Favorites off it are The Color Black, Gates of Ivory, Already Numb, Sleeptalk, and Starving to Be Empty.
  6. Solid album. Agreed on how it's pretty on par with Overexposed sound wise, with progression to one or two tracks on here. But pretty solid from these boys nonetheless. Favorites off it are After Tonight, The Cycle of Always Leaving, Racing Towards a Red Light, and Lost & Found.
  7. I heard this album a few days early thanks to a friend. I went in knowing this was absolutely gonna be different, but still enjoyed myself nonetheless. Adornment was a record I was heavily in love with too, so I was nervous about this album when the singles were dropping. This album certainly isn't up to par with Adornment by any means, but it's still solid nonetheless for what it is. Just Right, Tommy's Song, Twilight, and Desert Queen are my favorites from it. For anyone expecting anything previous sounding from this band on this album, I wouldn't.
  8. Glad this was re-mastered. Thought the original mix had Tilian's vocals unnecessarily higher than they needed to be, like too fluffy if that makes sense. That was my only issue with the original, it was fixed on this thankfully. The songs still kick ass and it's still a strong album regardless.
  9. This is such a natural progression of sound for them, I'm very much into it and I really love this band.
  10. Man, they did not fuck around with this album whatsoever. An absolutely worthy follow-up to Laugh Tracks, I enjoy a little more than it actually because the songwriting and songs are just better and this album feels so consistent front to back. Love how the songs blend into the next one, that's the shit I DO like.
  11. This is great, SO excited to hear their debut next month.
  12. Holy fuck, this record is a pure banger. I didn't know what to fully expect from this, but it exceeded my expectations for sure. And like everyone else said, the other songs on here are much better than the singles. I thought .5 was an okay record, but this absolutely blows it out of the water. Such a nice balance between heavy and experimental, they pull it off really well. Favorites are Nero Forte, Critical Darling, Orphan, and Solway Firth. This'll most likely end up in my year end list, this band got me into heavy music for a reason and it truly shows here.
  13. This was actually a solid listen, not a bad follow up to the self titled at all. If I'm There, Dethrone, Running In Circles, and Mercy I think are my favorites from it. If I'm There was a fantastic closer to this.
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