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  1. This album truly kicked my ass, might be my favorite heavy album this year. Favorites are Acid Romance, Rot In Pieces, The Mind Bends a Will of It's Own, and Don't Ask.
  2. Solid album, the song with Halsey absolutely fucking slaps.
  3. Holy fuck, I did not expect this album to be THIS good. Anyone who listens to pop punk should not sleep on this record or this band. Favorites off the first listen are Vivid Dream, Glass Houses, Composure, Ghost, Heartsleeve, and Funeral Home.
  4. Love this, I knew they'd come through with a banger of an album. Big step up from Shapeshifter and this might be on par with Copacetic, packed full of bangers. Favorites so far on it are Sidechain, Miles Away, Breathe, and Green Eyes.
  5. After my first listen, this is definitely good but nowhere close to Feel Something for me. I gotta give it more listens since it's definitely more of a vibier album. Favorites are Love Took the Last of It, Moonlight Lines, Garden Eyes, and Tunnel Vision.
  6. There's like three songs from the new record that got leaked on here like a month ago.
  7. Never listened to this band before surprisingly, but this song is FANTASTIC.
  8. I lurked on twitter and seems the album is also called Big Vibe and it drops 10/16.
  9. Real solid first single. Simple pop punk but effective nonetheless, Seaway's style for sure. I'm excited to see Ryan take over fully as their singer, since agreed he can carry this band forward.
  10. Just finished. It's a bit of a step down from Skinny Dipping (which I held up pretty high to be fair), but it's still enjoyable throughout and it feels like there's something for everybody. Favorite tracks are Like That, Hate Me (Sometimes), Eviligo, DWYW, and Jurassic Park.
  11. This record's awesome. I wouldn't put it over their debut (since I too preferred the energy they had), but it's good for what it is. I think it's a fitting and interesting route they've taken on this one. Favorites off it are Be My End, Annabelle, Thorns of Love, Four Years Ago, and All My Friends.
  12. This album is gonna absolutely crush, loved all four singles.
  13. This is such a solid album, it feels like a mix of their past two albums in one while still progressing forward in sound. Dancing On the Ceiling, Breathe You In, and The Raging Sea are my favorites so far.
  14. I really wanted this album to catch me off guard in a good way, but sadly it did not. It just comes off as boring and this band taking what they're good at and going the complete opposite direction into uninspired territory. You could tell me these songs were by any other band and I'd believe you, the sounds are all over the place here to the point where it seems like an identity crisis for them. Surprising too considering the 'different' tracks they had on TP&TP were MILES better than anything on here. It's sad because I hold LNOTGY so high in terms of the genre, and I even enjoyed TP&TP quite a bit for what it was. Also the production really doesn't do Ben's vocals ANY favors whatsoever, it's like they heard Proper Dose and wanted that kind of production for them and it just...doesn't work. Sonderland, Telling Stories, and maybe When You Know are the only songs worth keeping on here for me. No judgment obviously to anyone who loves this album, it's just not for me.
  15. Great song, so good to see these guys back. Also realized this is the closer to the album. Now I'm not a fan of bands releasing the last song on an album as a single before it drops...but this one is too good not to release and I feel like it'll close the album perfectly with how it ends.
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