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  1. Spun through this today for the first time in a LONG time, still one of the best records from the scene to date. RIP Aaron, you'll be missed dearly
  2. Even though I prefer Snowblood, this is a GREAT track and I hope we get more like these two songs on the album.
  3. Such a fun album, doesn't top Blue In the Dark for me...but it's super catchy and great progression for them going forward. Better Yesterday, Love Me Like You Did, So Damn Wrong, Transient Colours, and Sway are my favorites.
  4. Way better than Animals, shows better progression for them on this track. What a banger.
  5. So happy James is back, thought he was easily one of the better metalcore vocalists studio and live.
  6. Love this. Not as good as Gravity or Birdcage for me, but I think it's pretty strong and highlights their best parts pretty well. Stoked for the album, I believe it drops in April.
  7. This is the most on brand TWY song, and I love it so much.
  8. This album truly kicked my ass, might be my favorite heavy album this year. Favorites are Acid Romance, Rot In Pieces, The Mind Bends a Will of It's Own, and Don't Ask.
  9. Holy fuck, I did not expect this album to be THIS good. Anyone who listens to pop punk should not sleep on this record or this band. Favorites off the first listen are Vivid Dream, Glass Houses, Composure, Ghost, Heartsleeve, and Funeral Home.
  10. Love this, I knew they'd come through with a banger of an album. Big step up from Shapeshifter and this might be on par with Copacetic, packed full of bangers. Favorites so far on it are Sidechain, Miles Away, Breathe, and Green Eyes.
  11. After my first listen, this is definitely good but nowhere close to Feel Something for me. I gotta give it more listens since it's definitely more of a vibier album. Favorites are Love Took the Last of It, Moonlight Lines, Garden Eyes, and Tunnel Vision.
  12. There's like three songs from the new record that got leaked on here like a month ago.
  13. Never listened to this band before surprisingly, but this song is FANTASTIC.
  14. I lurked on twitter and seems the album is also called Big Vibe and it drops 10/16.
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