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  1. Daaamn the album got my attention "Mahal Kita" is an indonesian word for we're expensive.... Surely def check them out!!
  2. I feel swan cums everywhere in the album
  3. Thanhk you very muuuch my good dude ?
  4. This is gonna be good, after 2 years Worth to wait, dont sleep on this guys
  5. Today is the greatest Thursday!!!! Thank yoou @mR12!!!
  6. Thank you as always u bring some of good nippon good music, and now im stuck in track 3!! A nice fusion and good twist @NieR:Automata™
  7. Finally an full acoustic from them Thank you for this, they give me such a ride on my younger youth!!!
  8. Dead links :'( nb : thank you for re up, whoever you are ????
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