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  1. Far from their best but not bad either. I dig it.
  2. This is really good, new vocalist is great!
  3. Not only do they make great music, their artwork is always on point.
  4. I love the album already. Great song.
  5. I love his voice, also I actually really liked their previous song "Hurt", I thought it was good personally. This song is pretty good imo.
  6. I dig it. This and Crystal Ball>>>>>>>Dead and Gone
  7. Looking forward to finally seeing Death Stranding gameplay, also I'm pumped for new Dragon Age, Splinter cell, gears 5, bloodborne 2, etc. Let's just hope most of these are legit. I hope they are. And I'm looking forward to seeing Last of Us 2 gameplay. And more spider-man ps4 footage.
  8. Damn I really dig this album, definitely my favourite by them.
  9. I love this, can't wait for their new album.
  10. This band can do no wrong.