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  1. THAT'S who it reminds me of! That was really bugging me.
  2. Pleasantly surprised with this! Last album didn't really do it for me but this is dope.
  3. Agreed! On the others there are generally 1-3 great songs and the rest are a bit generic. This whole album is going straight on my phone.
  4. Just came looking for this after it popped up on Spotify, thinking "I wonder if the album is still available" because I assumed, based on the album art, that it was a from 2003. Great track though!
  5. I actually heard this version first: And then went to listen to the album thinking it might be heavy/good. Boy was I disappointed. I feel like Danny's just quit trying on screams.
  6. Fock, that Erra feature Feels weird hearing I Am Abomination and not knowing the lyrics. Only halfway through my first listen, but so far so good!
  7. Issues, dat u?! Edit: #5 and #6 are bangers though.
  8. This was super hard - I feel like there's only really been one absolutely incredible album released this year, a few good ones and then some with decent tracks but overall mediocre to terrible (I'm looking at you, bottom three). That Narco Debut album blew my mind when I heard it (mostly by accident - thanks Spotify for actually doing something good). Do yourself a favour and give it a spin if you haven't yet. 1. Narco Debut - Strange & Ever-Changing Depths 2. Periphery - Periphery IV: HAIL STAN 3. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 4. Noah Gundersen - Lover 5. Wage War - Pressure 6. Emarosa - Peach Club 7. Commonwealth - Everyone Around Us 8. Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 9. Dayshell - Mr Pain 10. Jimmy Eat World - Surviving
  9. Just discovered this band by accident (thanks Spotify, normally I hate you but you came through this time) - loving it!
  10. Came across the KEXP session for this before hearing the album, it's rad:
  11. It's really frustrating and disappointing (again) because technically they're excellent, especially the drummer, but the songwriting is just so poor. Their first two albums still remain the best. Since then they've always sounded like a high school band trying their best to be heavy and it never quite worked for me.
  12. Fuck me. So I guess 2019 is the year of selling out and releasing pop songs. How many more bands are gonna throw their hat in the "generic, turgid pop-core" ring? Sling in some synths, a dash of hardcore and some chopped up vocals and you've got yourselves a single.
  13. Didn't particularly love the last single, but I feel like this one is even weaker and the new guy is trying to sound more like JC, especially in the verses. Edit: also doesn't that breakdown just after the 2 minute mark sound like Tapping Out to anyone else?
  14. Bleed Out and Be Nice are massive - not fussed on the others...
  15. Not really feeling the vibe. The only songs I liked/wasn't forced to skip were Tapping Out, Second Best and Beautiful Oblivion. Your Sake was okay but not really my jam.
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