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  1. Finally! Someone that also thinks it's okay for me to still suck my thumb and eat crayons and playdough as an adult!
  2. Yes, those bands do label themselves as such. This entire convo was just being blown of out proportion at first.
  3. Release - July 16, 2020 Genre - Post Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Gaslight (3:30) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. This record is absolutely filthy. I expected nothing less with how balls to the wall Vile Luxury was. Kudos bois
  5. Release - July 17, 2020 Genre - Hip/Hop, Alternative Rap Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Call Baba (Skit) (2:00) 02. The Cure (4:31) 03. Shoot Your Shot (4:21) 04. Call Grandma (Skit) (0:58) 05. I Thought You Were Fate (feat. Olivier St.Louis & Sainte Ezekiel) (3:33) 06. Still Strange (feat. Priya Ragu & Sainte Ezekiel) (4:24) 07. Call Ma (Skit) (1:42) 08. No Skips (feat. Ralph Real) (2:59) 09. Call Homie (Skit) (1:42) 10. Go to Mars (feat. Olivier St.Louis) (3:18) 11. Call Manager (Skit) (1:15) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  6. from what I hear, 800GB is barely enough space to download just one update of Modern Warfare Warzone, gotta get that quadruple XP with bonus crates and 4skins from momster energe drinks
  7. ah yes, windows 10 pro be best graphics card money can buy man, that shit will love you long time
  8. I get what you're saying, but he is talking about a type of instrument, not a person. And there are worse words than oriental for people to be called. Yes, you shouldn't call a group of people 'oriental' (or any other derogatory term matter of fact), but this word doesn't have anywhere near the same negative connotation as the n word, no matter what you think. Oriental just describes a certain culture in a very rudimentary way, the n word does that and insults people humanity. Offensive yes, as offensive as the n word? No.
  9. Ask him to put in a good word for you so you can be on the review site
  10. Eidola be all that you need. They have their similarities to DGD, but with a more progressive/bluesy kinda vibe (the blues influence more obvious on first two records)
  11. Ahhh yes, its almost as if a global pandemic that killed ~630k people (and counting, sadly) didn't happen. Thanks TS for making 2020 the best year eva, smh my dayum head shitty sarcastic comment. 2020 is a shit year; nothing will change that, not even TS
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