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  1. Hit the report button just above and to the right of the album art rather than making a comment because it is nearly guaranteed that staff will not look at the comments at this point in time.
  2. Release - January 20, 2020 Genre - Indie Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Hidden Parks (3:54) 02. Love Sports (3:48) 03. Slow Boat Fades Out (4:11) 04. Mr. Land Freezer (4:04) 05. Sweet Sunday Snow (4:10) 06. The New Water (3:17) 07. Paper Flower Projects (5:04) 08. You're Not in Love (3:18) 09. Nice and Clever (4:53) 10. Late Summer Night (4:50) 11. Australian Boots (3:47) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp
  3. how many times on the ep do you use "their" instead of "there"?
  4. This record is incredible. What a serene and beyond entrancing listen. Not something I necessarily listen to often, but I really enjoyed this and will most certainly be coming back to it quite often.
  5. Release - January 24, 2020 Genre - Atmospheric Black Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Aurora Stirbt (8:50) 02. Funkenflug (7:49) 03. Das Licht in mir (5:18) 04. Stimmen im Regen (9:43) 05. Einkehr (8:20) 06. Scheideweg (9:02) 07. Die Gleise an denen wir starben II (Nur ein Moment...) (2:59) 08. Die Gleise an denen wir starben II (...in Stille) (12:37) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes/ Bandcamp
  6. Legendary band in the metalcore scene. If you consider yourself a metalcore fan to any degree, then you must listen to these gentlemen.
  7. You should check out Xanthochroid (both acts of Of Erthe and Axen specifically) and that should change your mind on that. EDIT: Just realized the confusing nature in my wording. What I meant to say was to check out those records so that you find something else that sounds even more GoT-esque while still being metal, thus making this one seem less GoT-esque in comparison.
  8. Rough list for me that I created a while ago in no particular order.
  9. What a fantastic record, I highly suggest you check it out! Rhythm is the track that I keep coming back to on this record, it is beautiful. Swaying Leaves and Scattering Breath is my next favorite track.
  10. Legendary band, metal and rock music wouldn't be where it is today without these kings.
  11. You should check out more experimental music... Thy Catafalque's new record is a perfect place to start (note that 20% of that record is metal, the rest is pure bliss). Also, this record needs more Oil Rigs
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