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  1. @SoapMan7 Thanks for the video! That actually sounded quite good, although the guitars are drowned out as you mentioned, but still dope nonetheless!
  2. Release - August 20, 2019 Genre - Progressive Metal, Instrumental Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. When Time Stands Still (7:26) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  3. @Draxcazel @Corpsegrind3r didn't know this was dropping, thought you'd need to see this too 👀
  4. I'm very aware of what an opinion is. But to call something trash because you don't like it is just as immature as my joke. Say that you don't like and care for it and that is a viable opinion, not shitting on something.
  5. aS i LaY dYiNg iS gOiNg tO dRoP tHe bEsT aLbUm oF tHe yEaR. As if that isn't overhyped trash.
  6. Ahhh I wasn't reading close enough, my b for being the big dumB. And woah, I like how you were civil about me disagreeing with you (most people on this site aren't like that). I respect you more now
  7. If you have never ever listened to any post-black before, Alcest is the band to start with, heck, it was the band that hooked me in. I will admit black metal on it's own is very difficult to get into. Black metal is like garlic. On its own, it is very strong and hard to eat. But you mix that garlic in with some other ingredients (post-black, atmospheric black, blackgaze, prog etc...), then you get something really easy to digest and rich with flavor. Despite having the -black metal label, Alcest truly make some beautiful and epic music. This track is no exception.
  8. Release - August 23, 2019 Genre - Post-Black Metal, Blackgaze Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Protection (5:50) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  9. Was I the only one who thought I was having a mad schizophrenic episode while listening to this? This is very interesting to say the least.
  10. I might've over exaggerated them. Their most recent album was incredibly boring (to me) and might as well have been the same song over and over. Plus the riff to Make America Hate Again is the exact same riff pretty much to Puppet Master. It was just more of the same stuff, only slightly less interesting. I just put TAIM for the lack of recent genericore obsessions on the site coming to mind.
  11. I personally hugely disagree with you regarding them being on their deathbed. To the Key of Evergreen is easily the best TDWP song and a top core song as well, and yeah, it's a relatively new song of theirs. Their music is becoming more layered and sonically interesting as opposed to the boring and bland chugging they have on their first records (its the nostalgia factor keeping people attached to those albums). This new stuff is actually good, very strong, and unique to me. Mikes vocals have always sounded like they sound like he is struggling, but he isn't, he's been doing this for the longest time and is still going strong; it is just his vocal style. The music has become more complex in the song structure, atmosphere, and such and that is what is throwing those 'real fans' who want nothing but the one-dimensional, shitty production, and overall just painfully average chug fests.
  12. You already know this, but people here absolutely eat up the generic and objectively bad -core here (ala AA, WW, TAIM, etc...) and when a -core band actually writes a unique and interesting song because y'know, they actually mature and give a shit about the music, it is nothing but shit to those people lolol. And before someone says it, yes, music can very much be objective as well as being subjective.
  13. HOT DAMN I wasn't expecting this to be posted (forgot it comes out tomorrow). I've heard nothing but fantastic things about this record, especially from a close friend who had a review copy of this. Thanks for the upload @Summers
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