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  1. Upcoming EP called Our Bones to be released on August 9th as per the release sidebar.
  2. YES! This song got the title track from Lateralus stuck in my head. I can totally see the Deftones similarities too!
  3. This is absolutely fantastic. I expected nothing less from this band.
  4. This sounds like the dark version Polyphia and Tesseract had a baby. This is really good, instrumentals are top notch!
  5. Thanks @Lord Rorschach, this is bound to be good
  6. The artist name is questionable too. No I will not go smoke a sack
  7. Regarding the vocals, the vocalist reminds me quite a bit of Claudio from Coheed & Cambria and I am pretty biased towards loving Coheed lol. Also, I am one of the guilty ones spamming the chat with TYS, mainly because they're relatively small and unknown and just amazing and I want everyone to know about them. Seeing them live was absolutely mindblowing, they did not miss a single note, were incredibly humble, and were just great people overall as they are world class musicians. I like that you went out on a whim and checked the record out! You should check out their two past records as well as their EP. It is all great stuff.
  8. What makes you say they're overhyped? I respectfully disagree and think they're ridiculously underrated to be quite honest.
  9. This album is going to be ridiculously good, nothing else released today can even come close to comparing. Thanks
  10. I would say this is more sludge as opposed to stoner, it just happened to be labeled as stoner.
  11. Oops my bad, I meant I was not crazy about the production, not necessarily the mixing. Thanks for pointing that out. The songs themselves are pretty good but to me it sounds as if the songs are mostly flat, and there is little dynamic range. It just sounds muddy and crackly. I am by no means an expert, but that is what it sounds like to me; I shouldn't really be saying anything though until I hear it in 320 kbps or FLAC quality.
  12. Ayyyy this is a dope record Glad to see it posted so others can check it out If you like Tesseract and/or Haken, you should totally check this out. Super good stuff!
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