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  1. This is gonna be dope. The two singles were pretty awesome, I am sure the rest of the album is just as good
  2. I get what you did there with the dig deep pun. Check out the songs Berserker, Cursing Akhenaten, Neo Seoul, A Wolf Amongst Ravens, Your Troubles Will Cease..., and the mindblowing Pi (the Mercury God of Infinity).
  3. Same here with updating the new quality info. Just letting you know
  4. The little ambient intro is longer in the single version iirc, as is in the music video
  5. Shit, I was going to say exactly that. The songs were okay, nothing special unfortunately. Yall overhyped them. I wish they wrote more songs along the lines of Dark Passenger and Everybody Sells Cocaine
  6. After giving it a listen, yeah you right lol. I still really enjoyed the album tho
  7. Nice "review," perhaps trying adding some thoughts on it instead of 'definitive' ratings with zero explanation (you did it for one song, why not the others?)
  8. This album is the Esoteric Malacology of 2019 (although I said it is the WOKMN of 2019 earlier). Now just you wait for Warforged's I: Voice... I: Voice is the WOKMN if 2019. You're gonna shit yourself on that one
  9. They're not personally my cup of tea but I respect them for doing something different and unique. There is no need to knock on something you don't understand or the people who do like it. If you don't like it, ignore it, it's immature to belittle others taste in music because you don't understand their draw towards it.
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