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  1. You ever listen to any songs from bands like Alcest, Deafheaven, Saor, Sylvaine, MOL, Lantlos, Unreqvited, etc...? Def lot more atmospheric than Rotting Christ but if you liked this, you might like those bands for example.
  2. This band/album has the drums done by the almighty Dan Presland from Ne Obliviscaris, for those curious.
  3. I'd love to do whatever i can to give back to the community that exposed me to so much amazing music that I probably never would've got into any oflther way. 😊
  4. Looks like it just includes instrumentals as its a deluxe version, not a remixed version. They would usually say in the title of the album (deluxe edition etc...) if it was remixed at all.
  5. Crust punk is good in its own rights You never know, you may surprise yourself. Never thought I'd like this stuff ever but then I tried one album last year with a weird genre tag such as this and loved it. Never looked back. Although if you never really listened to stuff thats kinda similar (post-black / atmo. black) then it probably wont click so don't worry. lol
  6. Thank you @Lord Kingdom ! I've eagerly been waiting for this album I highly suggest you check this out if you haven't heard of Astronoid before! Really unique and fantastic music!
  7. @Lord Rorschach y u spoil us with these releases so much.
  8. HOW THE FUCK DID I SCROLL PAST THIS AND NOT EVEN NOTICE OJGOSGJSKLGJDSKJGLS: ITS FINALLY HERE. Not suuuuper crazy on the logo and album art here personally buut it'll grow on me with time.
  9. I absolutely cannot wait for this monster of a release. That album artwork is sooo beyond beautiful. I love the color palette as well as all the details hidden in there. That is some good shit right there!
  10. This album is Sugar Honey Ice & Tea. Nahhh, its alright. It is enjoyable, but half the songs are a huge miss for me meanwhile others are good for background music. Nothing to really dig into but still just fun to listen to here and there.
  11. Lol, meanwhile the much more nuanced and truly complex music is completely overlooked. Hyped for this!
  12. Thanks @Lord Kingdom! I hope this is a fantastic follow up to Moonbearer
  13. Sam's vocals are very okay, but the string accompaniment are what make this a quality cover. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. Rolo Tomassi for me. Daughters was like #12 for me. Shame that the truly magical albums were omitted and all the genericore albums sweeped everything else.
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