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  1. You should start with Bilateral. What a fucking record man.
  2. Surprised that this wasn't even posted at all until now. Dope record, I hope a lot of people check it out. Reminds of of Chelsea Wolfe quite a bit.
  3. Holy fuck this album art is massive. Thanks for the upload, excited to check this out
  4. Going to download and listen to this because the 'Schach posted it
  5. Love the album artwork, although still debating on whether I should give it a listen or not; grindcore isn't necessarily my thing.
  6. Completely agreed. Songs are still pretty solid and bouncy but that's just it. Best track off of ArSe was Evaporate and I just wish more tracks more like that in terms of the build and release.
  7. Leaked Release - October 11, 2019 Genre - Thrash Metal Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Wave of Death (1:53) 02. Car-Nivore (Street Meat) (2:30) 03. Rum for Your Life (2:34) 04. The Last Rager (3:15) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  8. Oh well lol, its not like there aren't thousands of bands out there anyways.
  9. Yeah I totally get it though. The super slow atmospheric parts with the spoken word-esque harsh vocals are kinda hit and miss sometimes on this album, I totally agree. Also they have two different vocalists; the harsh vocalist (who plays guitar occasionally) and the clean vocalist/guitarist. But yeah, I like the harsh vocals as they sound so raw and filthy, yet the spoken word sounding harshes sound very okay in this context... Their best track (which will never change), To the Key of Evergreen, is the perfect example of them doing that atmospheric sound right with a good tint of metalcore to it, plus he does none-very little of that "spoken word" harshes on that track too.
  10. I honestly wouldn't even call them metalcore anymore. Labeling them as such gives you expectations of what to expect and thus why you're probably disappointed; because of the unsatisfied expectations. They're more experimental nowadays and dabble in post-rock and metalcore obviously, but they aren't really a metalcore band at this point. They're an experimental post-hardcore band with atmospheric post-rock elements as well as some metalcore. If you aren't into post rock/metal to begin with, then of course it'll be a huge bore as post- genres are that to a lot of people anyways. They don't just write straight bangers just like most metalcore bands do, they write slow burners that dig into your head with repeated listens. With Roots Above and Branches Below for more of the scene/crab core sound... Dead Throne for the more traditional metalcore sound. Also highly recommend the Zombie and Space EPs. Zombie is more straight up killer metalcore (one of the best metalcore EPs out there) and Space is super atmospheric and dope too.
  11. Leaked Release - October 11, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock, Indie Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Vultures (1:16) 02. Barricades (3:29) 03. I Am Goddamn (2:51) 04. Stranded Satellite (3:06) 05. Marigolds (3:28) 06. Horror Is a Human Being (4:48) 07. Black Hole Town (4:06) 08. Look What’s Become of Us (2:29) 09. Get Fixed (4:27) 10. Content Conman (2:56) 11. What’s Gotten into You? (5:34) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  12. Release - October 10, 2019 Genre - Alternative Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Sugar (4:52) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  13. I'm glad you dig them Easily my favorite release this week!
  14. It doesn't help that Imagine Dragons contributed to the track. Yes, Dan himself is ID as the rest of the members basically don't exist in their music anymore *sips tea*
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