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  1. Man, if you were there on Reddit / 4chan / Discord for the Great Mirage Heist, you witnessed something special. What an incredible story just to leak this album, so worth the wait
  2. Can't believe it took me so long to get into these guys. Killer album, working through the rest of their discography now.
  3. It's ok, nothing really exceptional that they didn't do better back in the DTLI / Chuck years. The Orange Man Bad lyrics are pretty awful but the music is solid so it's easily ignored.
  4. Lol no it's not, it's probably the best song they've done in years. Some of us grew up with the Cheshire/Dude Ranch era of blink and this is a nice nod to those days.
  5. Pretty sure this was a direct shot at people who disliked the first single lol
  6. Hey man, just wondering but will you be upping the CD/Digital rip for the new Cave In when that's out?

  7. Lol what a stunning indictment of ypipo by a straight ygurl
  8. Fantastic album that sounds like vintage 2000s Cave In, I wouldn't at all mind if this is what they go out on. White Silence's sludgy Converge impression was fantastic, but I tend to prefer space rock/psychedelic Cave In and this totally delivers.
  9. Solid follow up to True North, but the TDS / Orange Man Bad lyricisms get pretty cringy and Brooks was a much more interesting drummer than Jamie. Still good stuff
  10. Phew, soooo much better than that joke of a song they put out a few months ago.
  11. Except Vheissu and Alchemy is their best work by a country mile. I loved TIOS and TAITA just as much as every other OG Thrice fan, but musically and artistically they got a LOT better over time.
  12. Not For Radio now has Puffy popping off all over it... kinda totally unnecessary imo
  13. How tf is the 320/flac not out for this yet
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