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  1. I have the FLAC, if anyone wants it PM me
  2. Hoping we get a legit 320/FLAC today
  3. Anything on here as good as that Twin Peaks S3 track? That shit was the hottest 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Might be, I don't have spectrals for it
  5. Yep, this. Hang was fantastic, but darker and more midtempo, more in line with Double Plaidinum but no less great. This one brings back the traditional Lag feels for me, awesome stuff.
  6. 320 CD rip is out there already, fyi. Screaming Fastcore has it. Great album!
  7. He's probably the only country artist I like. He has great lyrics, an incredible band, throws tons of disparate genre-bending into the country mix and makes it sound a LOT more interesting than the typical radio schlock.
  8. Imagine thinking politics has anything to do with the quality of one's art
  9. Lmao Noel wrote virtually everything including the music for Oasis and has the far stronger catalogue with his solo records, so that's a funny statement
  10. He also produced Daytona, the best rap album of 2019, and four other killer records in a month including Kids See Ghosts, which is some of his best work in years. And even his worst shit is leagues above Post with quality, be serious lol. Ye is his weakest album by far and it still shits on Post's entire career by comparison
  11. LMFAO yet here you are listening to Post Malone 🤣 Kanye is a legit musical genius of production with several classics under his belt, Post isn't even fit to lick his track shoes
  12. Man, if you were there on Reddit / 4chan / Discord for the Great Mirage Heist, you witnessed something special. What an incredible story just to leak this album, so worth the wait
  13. Can't believe it took me so long to get into these guys. Killer album, working through the rest of their discography now.
  14. It's ok, nothing really exceptional that they didn't do better back in the DTLI / Chuck years. The Orange Man Bad lyrics are pretty awful but the music is solid so it's easily ignored.
  15. Lol no it's not, it's probably the best song they've done in years. Some of us grew up with the Cheshire/Dude Ranch era of blink and this is a nice nod to those days.
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