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  1. Hey man, just wondering but will you be upping the CD/Digital rip for the new Cave In when that's out?

  2. Lol what a stunning indictment of ypipo by a straight ygurl
  3. Fantastic album that sounds like vintage 2000s Cave In, I wouldn't at all mind if this is what they go out on. White Silence's sludgy Converge impression was fantastic, but I tend to prefer space rock/psychedelic Cave In and this totally delivers.
  4. Solid follow up to True North, but the TDS / Orange Man Bad lyricisms get pretty cringy and Brooks was a much more interesting drummer than Jamie. Still good stuff
  5. Phew, soooo much better than that joke of a song they put out a few months ago.
  6. Except Vheissu and Alchemy is their best work by a country mile. I loved TIOS and TAITA just as much as every other OG Thrice fan, but musically and artistically they got a LOT better over time.
  7. Not For Radio now has Puffy popping off all over it... kinda totally unnecessary imo
  8. How tf is the 320/flac not out for this yet
  9. Thanks for the Propagandhi!  If you want, I've got the Scene V0 here if you'd like to upload it - Victory Lap (2017).zip?dl=0

  10. V0 / proper leak is out there for this. Album slays as expected
  11. Leak quality is pretty bad, volume drops out during Un-reborn Again and doesn't come back.
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