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  1. This band sucks but your post is hard cringe. Hope Bernie saw this comment bro PS there's only two genders
  2. Lol was that serious? Reading👏Nietzsche👏Doesn't👏Make👏You👏Smart👏Introspective👏Or👏Deep👏Hoe👏Ass👏Zoomer👏
  3. '5 billion people' was just snark that highlighted the fact that the vast majority of people don't believe we're alone or got here by random chance, whatever your interpretation of that is. Atheism is, to me, a knee-jerk reaction to spirituality/theism more often than not. To me, it's the denial or refusal to see the inherent structure, patterns and symmetry throughout life and discern any larger meaning. To me, that's just nihilistic and comes from an egotistical fear of relinquishing control over one's own destiny. But that's just my opinion, you've got yours. People can believe what they like, and I can mock it too cuz free speech and stuff And I'd disagree that everything is fair game, there are clearly evil and negative belief structures out there with ill intent for humanity, and people who worship negative entities who do terrible things in their name, both knowingly and unknowingly.
  4. Why is that? The vast amount of people in the world are religious or spiritual for a reason. Atheism is dumb af
  5. So many edgy atheist kids in here lol Why does Christianity offend you so much, stop being pussies, it's perfectly normal to be religious Source: 5 billion fucking people vs you Sincerely, an agnostic
  6. I have the FLAC, if anyone wants it PM me
  7. Hoping we get a legit 320/FLAC today
  8. Anything on here as good as that Twin Peaks S3 track? That shit was the hottest 🔥🔥🔥
  9. Might be, I don't have spectrals for it
  10. Yep, this. Hang was fantastic, but darker and more midtempo, more in line with Double Plaidinum but no less great. This one brings back the traditional Lag feels for me, awesome stuff.
  11. 320 CD rip is out there already, fyi. Screaming Fastcore has it. Great album!
  12. He's probably the only country artist I like. He has great lyrics, an incredible band, throws tons of disparate genre-bending into the country mix and makes it sound a LOT more interesting than the typical radio schlock.
  13. Imagine thinking politics has anything to do with the quality of one's art
  14. Lmao Noel wrote virtually everything including the music for Oasis and has the far stronger catalogue with his solo records, so that's a funny statement
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