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  1. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did creating it!
  2. Jesus I'm on a roll with messing up lol thanks @Voinolin! I gotta review my posts I guess.
  3. I love Frank's progression Thanks @mR12
  4. this is a compilation I threw together for everyone on here
  5. This is perfect thanks Lord Kingdom
  6. I've been a fan of Jeezy but this artwork is laughable just saying.
  7. My top contenders have gotta be Issues - Headspace Darke Complex - Project Oblivion DGD - Mothership Cane Hill - Smile
  8. This album ... RIP
  9. Darke Complex - PO Vanilla - Origin
  10. I remember the day he left Evans Blue, I thought he was done with it all.
  11. For second I thought it was a new single!
  12. Hell yessss!!! thanks @@Crash Bandicoot <3