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  1. @Q.N3RD thank you! This was a definite switch up to my standard sound I developed in previous albums.
  2. @Smash_Adams I realize the similarity in the names
  3. @Shark3y thanks for listening! It's definitely a different kind of album
  4. @LKA thank you once again for sharing this! I'd love opinions and feed back, feel free to shoot me a PM or reply!
  5. I'm digging it! @Lord Kingdom how are you feeling about it?
  6. @GingerDrummer33 @neebnoob18 thank you guys! I'll be dropping one or two more songs in the coming weeks!
  7. @jbellaire this is the "new" Ill niño
  8. @Dwėsk if I can be completely honest.. I decided to take this name after doing some ancestral research on my family! Larroux is my family's original name.
  9. @DisturbedOne @Frak The Gods I totally agree with that but... The Violent Sound was still a phenomenal record!
  10. This is my close friends band! Im so fuckkkinggggg proud of these guys!
  11. Thank you @LKA for posting this I hope everyone enjoys this project Let me know what you think!
  12. Same here! This album is truly something else ❤️
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