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  1. The 2 bonus tracks to Like Moths To Flames - When We Don't Exist Deluxe Reissue 2012 capsize - set sail 2010 For All Those Sleeping - Incomplete Me 2014 (i think this is just lossy mastered but i thought i'd ask) Novelists - Souvenirs 2015 (if a non lossy mastered exists)
  2. can we pretend this never released?
  3. I have an uncut/unsilenced 320 i'd be more than happy to give to an admin to check themselves
  4. lets be real, V6 VBR is where its at
  5. the poo's instincts were correct!
  6. hmmmm not sure if real or transcode. Please send to admin/provider so we can all have :3
  7. I feel Fit for an Autopsy doesn't get as much recognition as it should
  8. only We Only Come Out At Night was released onto Creatures (unless others were renamed from the EP)
  9. I actually like Abandon All Ships ._.