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  1. singer sounds like jeremy of sunny day real estate, cool songs.
  2. yesss exactly what i wanted from them, thank you.
  3. I still dig trespasser by these guys, they probably won't go back to that sound though.
  4. Possibly heavy aoty for me, saw them tuesday with traitors, spite etc. Love these dudes to death, thanks ya.
  5. This things a gem, been on these dudes for a bit. Thanks ya.
  6. I always thought "4 poisons 3 words" had some static x influence too, good stuff.
  7. been looking forward to this so much, and it's def. good but i prefer the older one. i dunno, i know the songs haven't changed much but the older one just still seems darker to me which is what appealed to me.
  8. Ohhhh this is absolute sex right here, thank you.
  9. Yessss, such a good and consistent group, mucho thanko.
  10. You got it man, yea extortionist are top tier for me, I cant get enough.
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