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  1. Too fucking good, dylan of weeping wound is on this too.
  2. daaaammmnnn empty oceans is a step up for these guys, so good.
  3. I still love this band but the edge they lost was Aidan, which is why they're getting compared to dealer. Oh well, I'm a huge fan of both, full leeennnngths.
  4. This goes soooo hard, potential aoty for me.
  5. No name was just released a month or 2 ago, otherwise that isn't very true here
  6. Man this record is shaking my existence, no complaints here.
  7. i'm so hype for this, but i wonder if they'll axe morgan rutledges part or parts cuz of all this stuff lately with her.
  8. Yah they've mentioned that in a couple interviews
  9. Sickest album cover this year, and they made this track and vid real interesting, hyped.
  10. Vctms Loser Weeping wound Deadland Conform Grieve Apate Lotus eater Somewhere to call home The gloom in the corner
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