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  1. Yessss, such a good and consistent group, mucho thanko.
  2. You got it man, yea extortionist are top tier for me, I cant get enough.
  3. It was supposed to be released last fall but after recording this and the album, the one guitarist who wrote a majority of this stuff was booted out for some stuff I forget what, but now the band and him have both decided on giving their royalties for this towards a charity for suicide prevention, I'm sure its on their insta or facebook. Shit is harrrrrd though
  4. Fucking yum, just yum. Little more deftonesy this time around.
  5. Wtf it took everything I had not to flip my lunch table at work, damn this is hard
  6. Too fucking good, dylan of weeping wound is on this too.
  7. daaaammmnnn empty oceans is a step up for these guys, so good.
  8. I still love this band but the edge they lost was Aidan, which is why they're getting compared to dealer. Oh well, I'm a huge fan of both, full leeennnngths.
  9. This goes soooo hard, potential aoty for me.
  10. No name was just released a month or 2 ago, otherwise that isn't very true here
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