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  1. I must be in the minority here, i found this pretty fun to listen to. Whilst the first listen i was unsure and a bit confused by the direction they have taken, i believe that this album is actually pretty solid. Through Glass and Sick being my personal favorites. Lyrics aren't as top notch as we've come to expect, but they've definitely tried to simplify their sound a little, but i can say that i'm a fan!
  2. This is great. Highly recommended to people to check out
  3. Little softer than their last album but I'm still loving it. Keen to hear more from the next album.
  4. I find this funny as I thought pet cheetah was the most annoying song on the record. When he just starts saying pet cheetah over and over annoyed me alot. Which I didn't get in stressed out. /s
  5. This album doesn't have alot for me. Whilst the lyricism is good, each song seems to blur into the next with no discernible difference between songs. Just the vocalist doing some low key rapping with some emphasis on words with a basic drum beat in the background. Not a record for me unfortunately.
  6. This entire album is masterpiece. Everything fits like a jigsaw piece which allows the flow to be uninterrupted. It's great when an album doesn't feel jarring. Spencer's vocals are fucking insane. He's got to be up there for vocalist of the year. The growls and highs he pulls off are beyond impressive. He's shaped up to be one of the best vocalist in the scene. Did anyone else get chills from the breakdown in Rocking the Boat? Amazing. Solid AOTY contender.
  7. Just check out their most recent album Opera Oblivion. That'll give you all you need for now.
  8. I like it but it strikes a resemblance to something else. I can't put my finger on it.
  9. Love a bit of saviour. Get some slight make them suffer vibes. Good stuff
  10. Where have I seen this album cover before?
  11. Loving the space potato album art. The first single was alright but i'm interested to hear more.
  12. This is mad. Back to the heavy with big tones and big breakdowns. Keen to hear more!
  13. Great playing but the song seems like a bunch of ideas put together. Didn't really flow. I love Jacky but this could have been better.