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  1. Not really what I expected. Much softer and more alt rock as others have suggested. I think the singles are the best one the album and the rest was pretty unmemorable.
  2. EP of the year. After multiple listens, I love everything about this. I even like the short length. It's concise. Can't Swim are talented.
  3. This comes out today???? Lock me in, i'm going for a ride!
  4. I wish these guys didn't just disappear. This album was amazing in every way.
  5. Can't wait to have a good cry over this ❤️
  6. This is amazing. These guys can't put out a bad song. I couldn't be more happy they are going in a heavier direction. The lead singer's voice suits is so much! Can't wait for the EP!
  7. This is some of the heaviest and catchiest stuff these guys have done. Check them out if you haven't.
  8. So Me Against Myself is a Beartooth sound alike? I was waiting for him to announce the clarity being the cure of his disease in the intro.
  9. Not really anywhere near their best stuff but i appreciate it.
  10. After multiple listens, this is a slapper. Have had this on repeat since it came out. With all of these listens, i'd give it an 7.5-8 out of 10. It's good but Cruise is a pretty bad song (or i just hate songs about driving?)
  11. I've been trying to get into TDWP for a while. I've only really liked the Zombie EP. This song feels like a good reentry point for someone who likes modern Metalcore and likes the sad boy sound.
  12. This feels kind of phoned in...If a band like All Time Low released this song, it'd be meh.
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