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  1. I guess when I got into the scene 10+ years ago, I thought of them as some of the makers of what we call post hardcore today. I've since changed my tune and realized they aren't. But i guess it still feels old to me.
  2. Great album if you want some Scream Aim Fire! /BFMV vibes. Banging back and forth. Another Australian band you don't want to sleep on!
  3. Limits reminds me of old post hardcore like Memphis May Fire with some elements of Issues. I like it more than Never Know which is still a fine song. I was really hoping that Come Undone was going to be another heavy track. Alas it was another middle of the road track with all singing and very reminiscent of Linkin Park. It's not bad, it's just something we've heard before. It's clear that Noah is trying to show us he has a wide range in his vocals. But having a variety similar to their self titled would do them a whole lot more service. Album art is great though.
  4. Not a big fan. Just sounds like Acid Rain part 2. The guitar work is good but apart from that, nothing special.
  5. AOTY 2017. I love every song on this album and know there are no bad tracks by Brisbane's best up and comers.
  6. I take it back. The generic word "Empire" is still the Empire of this year.
  7. Is the word Mania the new "Empire" of this year?
  8. First big breakdown of the year and I'M LOVING IT. Very excited to see them with Wag Wag next month.
  9. I've never been more disappointed that this isn't the real Deadlights
  10. 1. Bad Omens - Finding God Before He Finds Me 2. Dream State - Primrose Path 3. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 4. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 5. Northlane - Alien 6. Crown The Empire - Sudden Sky 7. Capture - Lost Control 8. Bilmuri - RICH SIPS 9. half.alive - Now, Not Yet 10. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue Special shoutout to Deadlights who released two of the biggest singles of the year imo (with no album) Sugarcoated Psychosis - Deadlights
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