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  1. Your Escape alone would destroy all of these tracks with just the guitar riff. These singles are great for the fans, but are nothing special that's for sure.
  2. Banger all the way through. Would have liked if Black Mamba was officially apart of it but it's still good. 8/10, It was lacking something that Mono had, can't think of what it is though.
  3. No way is this EP their best work. There is just no way. This stuff is the definition of mediocre. But whatever floats ya boat.
  4. This EP is going to be the biggest Meh of the year.
  5. These guys just don't stop making music. They are machines!
  6. For some reason, this guitar just doesn't sit with me well. It bugs me.
  7. Holy fuck Thank you. Monster Single. So keen to have more from these guys. Highly recommend anyone to listen!
  8. This has been on my gym playlist all week. Big riffs, big songs. Good shit.
  9. It's like of the singles "Disease" and "Afterall' had a poorly mixed Aggressive baby. Meh.
  10. Fun little listen, definitely worth checking out.
  11. Upon the first time listening to this: Guitars: Fucking awesome vocals: Eh have i heard this before? definitely pretty 6/10 for me.
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