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  1. I love it. Guitar work has me headbanging. Just wish the vocals were more distinct.
  2. I was on the fence about Periphery before. But this has pulled me off. Thus goes hard!
  3. This is tight. Lauren is rising up as one of the heavy hitters in Female Fronted bands.
  4. Yeah my bad. Check their FB page and didn't see the post about the album. Assumed it was still just the single. But you're right, beyond generic.
  5. Must be pretty devastating having your album leak before the name is publicly announced. Keen on a listen though! I spoke prematurely. Still keen!
  6. Found that while these songs are new for the band and are for the most part good. I find that this isn't something with replay value. It seems to be an experience that I wanted to hear once or twice then it could literally be forgotten. I miss the old days and I appreciate the new sound. But this isn't something I'll have on everyday like their previous albums.
  7. Another "Atlantis" band to add to the list
  8. This mix is pretty bad. I'm sure the song is good but I can't see past the blur that the chorus is.
  9. Love the feeling and energy behind this one. We need more solos in metalcore like these continue to show us.
  10. Such a great year for music. 1. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 2. Parkway Drive - Reverence 3. Beartooth - Disease 4. The New Age - Placebo 5. Dream on Dreamer - It comes and goes 6. Eyes Set to Kill - Eyes Set to Kill 7. CrazyEightyEight - Burning Alive 8. Of Mice & Men - Defy 9. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone 10. Fit for a King - Dark Skoes
  11. Still listening through but the transition from Shimmering into Nitroglycerin gave me such a great feeling. I can imagine it being massive live
  12. Hell yes! If it's anything like the singles, this will RIP UP!
  13. Can't Swim easily have the catchiest album of the month and is a solid contender for AOTY
  14. Shit goes hard but I still prefer Black Mamba. Really keen for more.
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