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  1. I'm actually really digging this. It almost feels like a mixute of "The Fountain" and "The Letdown". It's chill and a good natural evolution of their softer sound.
  2. Not a fan. Nothing stands out and the start is just... Not great
  3. These are all very good in their own way. Not really a bad cover here 👍
  4. This is different but I'm digging it 👍
  5. I found this better than Graveyard Shift but still can't get behind the lyrics. It's just aimed towards a different demographic. 6/10. Had some catchy tunes on it.
  6. Another track from a big Aussie band. What a week
  7. This track is everything that we needed following world's apart. As long as they are consistent, we have another AOTY contender
  8. This song is different in so many good ways. Good step in the right direction for the boys!
  9. Fuck this is better than anything else they've put out. Wish they could do something similar to this even for one more song.
  10. I can't tell if this is a compliment or a insult.
  11. Really not sure what it is about the lead vocalist's style of singing but it's off putting. Marcus's inclusion was mediocre at best. 4/10.
  12. This is pretty accurate. Song is fine, I feel like they missed an opportunity for a bit breakdown.
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