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  1. After multiple listens, this is a slapper. Have had this on repeat since it came out. With all of these listens, i'd give it an 7.5-8 out of 10. It's good but Cruise is a pretty bad song (or i just hate songs about driving?)
  2. I've been trying to get into TDWP for a while. I've only really liked the Zombie EP. This song feels like a good reentry point for someone who likes modern Metalcore and likes the sad boy sound.
  3. This feels kind of phoned in...If a band like All Time Low released this song, it'd be meh.
  4. Strangely, the album art looks like I Prevail.
  5. I really liked the album. Just some good metalcore to listen to. The riff in Dead Hollywood sounds exactly like another song that has like "Shut the Fuck Up" by SYCAMOUR. Still enjoying it though!
  6. They could have put this on the album and i wouldn't have known it was a b-side. Love it!
  7. The original singer left and they have changed their sound massively. The singles they put out were underwhelming and not anything to write home about. I'll give it a go but my hopes are not high.
  8. Really liked this one! Only liked one or two singles off the last album but happy with how this single sounds!
  9. This album is pretty incredible as a follow up to their self titled. Noah's voice in the first track alone shows so much improvement from the last record and puts a statement on how the band has grown from being (for lack of a better phrase) "a sempiternal cover band" Each track offers something new and whilst it may not be the heaviest stuff they've written, each song is memorable in its own way with hooks that soar, drums that match the feel, guitars that send you through a soundscape. Solid AOTY for me. I've loved this band since their debut and am keen to jam this for the next few years.
  10. That first riff is literally off their last album right?
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