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  1. I knew this couldn't live up to the first two albums. It's good but it kinda seems... rushed? also Ungrateful/Hate Me in ETF's top 3 albums. Fight me.
  2. Nope totally agree. One of the best albums of the decade.
  3. Of all the bands to release music today, I didn't expect this. This kicks ass but has some similarities to BFMV?
  4. Stolen Omen doesn't get enough props for how good it is. Song is amazing.
  5. Incredible. The screams by Tynan with his cleans are immense and Dylans vocals never disappoint. Don't sleep on Deadlights!
  6. This song is basically " I have a range, listen to me sing"
  7. This is a pretty good single. Nothing majorly special but good production and the vocalist is pretty talented
  8. And the laziest album cover of the year goes to...
  9. This was one of my favourite EPs from last year. Each song just has a super catchy hook and i can't stop listening to.
  10. Great EP. Could really see they had a load of potential from here.
  11. Singles were massive, incredibly keen for this.
  12. I can definitely hear the A7X comparisons. This is definitely better than some of the other tracks on the original tracklist. Definitely wouldn't flow in the album though.
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