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  1. Still listening through but the transition from Shimmering into Nitroglycerin gave me such a great feeling. I can imagine it being massive live
  2. Hell yes! If it's anything like the singles, this will RIP UP!
  3. Can't Swim easily have the catchiest album of the month and is a solid contender for AOTY
  4. Shit goes hard but I still prefer Black Mamba. Really keen for more.
  5. Nitroglycerin caught me off guard. That shit goes way too hard.
  6. This album is the right amount of everything. Right amount of screams, emo and hardcore. The catchiness of this is off the rails. Also My Queen >
  7. Loved this. Super catchy. Keen to listen to more of these guys.
  8. No one seems to be mentioning how great this album cover is. So foreboding...
  9. Thanks for this. These guys need more exposure. The singles were great!
  10. I found the lyrics emotional and compelling but I can't get behind the rest of it. The guitars sound very similar with little change and made the album sound very similar all the way through without a concernable difference between songs. 6/10 for me. It's good, not as good as everyone is making it out to be
  11. Solid single. Was really hoping for the "Newborn king of Rock n Roll" but this song is catchy as fuck. Reminds me of the disgusting b sides for some reasons
  12. One of the best lists for sure. Loving it.
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