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  1. According to my On Repeat playlist, it's 100% Hypermania - Polaris My last.fm for the last half a year also confirms this:
  2. I get that it's generic in structure but the song still packs so much kick and rawness that im loving it. This album is going to be B I G
  3. This is actually nutty. You makea da good meme.
  4. I went in with little to no expectations of this being good. I liked Anti-Socialist alot with it's catchy chorus. The singles are the best of a 4/10 release. I really wanted to like this but everything after I Don't Need you was extremely mediocre. There was very little different in all the songs as the same tone and structure stuck through until The Violence which has seemingly grown on me since it's release. The last track was different but i found the lyrical content just below par. I understand they want to have this big arena sound, but having it so... lame and uninspired is not the way to go. If you told me they wrote this album when lockdown started, i would believe you. Not as bad as what people are saying but not higher than a 6/10.
  5. Ill be keen to listen to this trying not to compare to their previous work and thinking of them as a new band like Asked Andrea.
  6. Its strange. I didn't like The Violence or TDWWWW. But these last three singles have been catchy enough to keep me entertained. Sure its not their old stuff. But I'm enjoying it for what its worth.
  7. Im so happy for new music from these guys. I'll take whatever I can get.
  8. Releasing a lackluster album and then just putting out more below par stuff? Beyond Unbroken, your first album was cool, this ain't it chief.
  9. Saw Hardcore's video on these guys. This does really give no fucks and kicks you in the face.
  10. Preview sounds interesting. Will give it a go!
  11. This is pretty fantastic. That first track was an amazing start with the last track being a almost magical ending. Very happy i checked this out.
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