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  1. This gave me some big 'Architects' vibes (the song not the band). Did anyone else feel like there wasn't a massive distinction in the different sections of the song? Made it a bit of a mess.. I like it more than I thought I would based off the teaser but its still not here for me
  2. There is some massive Parkway Drive influences on this. Whilst this is still a FFAK record. Im pretty happy with how different it sounds. Its not the best work they've done, but it's still a 8/10 .
  3. 1. Deadlights - Mesma 2. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 3. Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness 4. Silent Planet - When the End Began 5. Make Them Suffer - Worlds Apart 6. Polaris - The Death of Me 7. Bad Omens - Finding God Before God Finds Me 8. Beach Bunny - Honeymoon 9. Dream State - Primrose Path 10. Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass
  4. Some of their best work yet. Song is so bouncy and catchy with their old style still around. Love it.
  5. Its not as good as HYPERBOLE but it's still pretty sick.
  6. This is pretty catchy and fun. Keen to hear more from these guys.
  7. Was really hoping this was a beartooth cover I was wrong
  8. This is better than all the songs in the EP they just dropped. Fantastic
  9. This is very strange. I feel like Dead Rabbitts is where Craig is dumping his solo project stuff. The brand is dead..
  10. This album is something different and fun. I really enjoy the musciality of this as well. Fresh and innovative (especially that weird timing of Silence in the age of apes riff) Really happy i gave this a go.
  11. I really liked the whole album. There were a couple of meh songs (Husk, Moving On). The singles plus Iron Dice are all fucking awesome. Whoever Randy Reimann is, i need more of him. It's like a 7-8 out of 10 type of album. Not an AOTY but definitely enjoyable with a good message.
  12. The singles didn't do the album justice. This album sounds pretty fantastic. Pretty much exactly what you'd want out of a re recording of a 10 year old record. Just the very start of Never Give In sounded a bit too digital for my liking..
  13. How come Andy didn't sing on The Mortician's Daughter?
  14. Corey's lines weren't good. Guy doesn't have a good flow. Tech 9 kinda brought the song back in the 2nd verse there... But I really don't like the dad rock sound.
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