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  1. Everything barre "Between the Stars" is some phenomenal hard rock.
  2. I liked their last album, the singles leading up to this have been okay, nothing groundbreaking. But i like this single. It's different to what they normally do and sounds pretty tight. I just kinda wish that Tillian wouldn't put so much autotune on his voice, he really doesn't need it and it's somewhat distracting.
  3. Is that artwork the same style as Death Squad Anthem's?
  4. This made me feel uneasy throughout the listen through.I appreciate what they have put forward but it's not for me. Swallowing the Rabbit Whole is still my favourite from this.
  5. Really didn't like the singles apart from AFTA. But after hearing them in context. It's pretty dope! Definitely a good surprise to come out of today.
  6. These singles are pretty good as well! I don't think she's quite a underground pop masterpiece but she has some good stuff that COULD be compared to Carly Rae Jepson at points. PS Closer is a banger.
  7. She's actually a pretty talented artist. Don't write it off just because of the bad song. She's got some value and is worth a look.
  8. Like this is good. But it's not mindblowing. It's just a good FFAK track similar to The Price of Agony.
  9. This is HOT. Didn't realize i'd love this as much as i thought i would but the harsh vocals with the pop punky instrumentals is very ear wormy. I'll need to listen with lyrics in front of me but this one isn't going to leave my saved anytime soon.
  10. This is pretty fantastic. Don't sleep on this. Big emo vibes that has some real great moments.
  11. Bit repetitive but if they keep going with this sound I'd be happy with it. Pretty catchy!
  12. Leaving Things Are Better off is a mistake. I'm hoping it's a similar sound to the Ep at least
  13. invalid response. Please rate single using one of the following numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 Thanks PondSwanDuck
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