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  1. Im really looking forward to that new song they played a while back had major korn vibes
  2. man i LOOOOVED mesmer but have barely listened to the new record. It just didnt do it for me and I love numetal and the singles.
  3. I liked the more simplistic nature of the last album
  4. I was blown away by this. Real funny tidbit....So im listening to track 5 they dont like it. As im listening im thinking man this is the POD record ive been waiting years for! Than I hear the 2nd verse and im like hey WTF!? Sonny! Amazing record guys!
  5. I actually LOVED most of the last record but it took some time. Dark matter tho was just insane good. I wish luke would play with them again he has such a way with drums. Random but WTF is up with i see stars?
  6. WTF they said we would get one new song called Sever.
  7. I just wish the guitars were a little more audible. Thats been my main gripe with emmure 2.0. The guitars just sounds like noise. Like I cant discern any notes really
  8. ehhh i LOVE these guys and ive only listened once and these guys are always growers but this just wasnt to impressive. Is there album info yet?
  9. Now this is more like it. The last 2 singles were awful to me.
  10. This band has always been such an odd thing for me. I LOVE Shaleys voice and his way with melodys during omam was just insane good. Now he does his own thing and this album has lower tunings,dope riffs, melodys etc. Everything adds up to me thinking it should be amazing. But again like the first 2 records im just left feeling sort of meh about it. I will say out of the 3 records I think this is easy my favorite and ive only listened once so its impossible to make a good opinion on that. Im sure ill like it even more as time goes but I just cant put my finger on why things just arent panning out for dayshell. Obviously im not in the minority here. One thing that baffles me tho is how the fuck did recovering flames not make the record?? Its one of the better choruses out of all the songs.
  11. who mixed this record cause its fucking sooooo dope sonically. This band fucking bangs so hard but there is one thing that just kills it for me and its the choruses. Im not sure if its his voice or just the very basic stock melodys maybe a mix. Im leaning more towards his voice. He sounds amazing harsh and by no means think hes a shit singer. Just not my cup of tea.
  12. wow what a missed chance here. THey could of beefed it up red style and made it there own instead just a very basic cover
  13. Man, ive never wanted cleans more. Some of these songs the choruses just beg for a melody. God Id fuckin be all over this if it did. I just cant get into constant screams like this. Its like a fuckin tease when that sweet melody comes in and he screams.
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