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  1. This record is so odd for me. OBAR was a fucking masterpiece and i really dug the heavy songs on gone. For some reason this album isnt doing it for me because it feels in a lot of ways like a retread. Yes its more consistently heavy but in the usual red way we have heard tons of times. Now the heavy songs on gone really tried new things. My biggest gripe so far tho are the choruses. Thats usually the best aspect for me but there just not pulling me in. Im sure it will grow over time!
  2. LOVE the game and the st is amazing. So happy we are getting single player dlc!! Im a little peeved tho they promised all deluxe pre orders get ST and doom 1,2,64 which i haven't received. Is it like the ST and just a delay?? Also bethesda saying the albums were not done yet thats why delay?? Thats odd. The game was delayed 6 months and the full album is in the game whats the issue? Typical bethesda. As far as the game, its great! doom 2016 showed me i can love video games again at an older age so my expectations were huge. I will say as much as im loving eternal i think i liked the more basic 2016 more. I just LOVED the simplicity. Eternal is wayyyy more of a chess match.
  3. No prob! Ill be back on around 7 ill send it. I will add i also thought the rip sounded a little to bassy not as clear as the wav
  4. Guys, the nativ album is what hes talking about. They recorded some demos with another vox before phil but thats about it. Ive mentioned a few times I have the uncompressed Wav version of the whole album.
  5. Ill be back tonight to send out to whoever else
  6. what was his involvement? cause nick produced the record.
  7. Ok so phil is ok with this?? if so ill send in the phil scream track and the demos If anyone wants these just pm me.
  8. Man another band whose last album I really dug but the new stuff is just very different. Although im glad at least this one has the chick singing which i love. I just miss those Huge cinematic instrumentals plus i FUCKING DESPISE blast beats. I feel like they just take away the groove and its to chaotic.
  9. wow that was odd. I started to really dig this band on ark so im a little bummed its so different. Still cool tho!
  10. Is this still ditching the cool guitars for that synth pop shit?? I use to love beautiful tragedy!
  11. I actually had a real fun time with this and it came out of nowhere. The girl is barely on the record Id def rec checking the rest out.
  12. Getting some early mudvayne vibes!!
  13. sucks about the loss of members. The last album was sooooo good and this is a far cry from that.
  14. OH shit this is sooo DOPE. Finally hes playing something different! I talked to him about both and he says bilmuri is almost all minor where tma is a mix of both.
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