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  1. I agree it would of been cool of the vox where changed a bit. He did a few very minor changes like the intro of tourn and red cold river.
  2. man wtf is with the lack of cool guitars so far??? One big issue i have so far is the production. They had a unique tone on the last few albums now it just sounds like every other band like this. Same exact tone as slaves and sylar. I actually think the song is ok after one listen cause telle is amazing but the instrumentals have been pretty lackluster so far.
  3. uggggghhh god i miss when pearl jam wrote interesting music.
  4. WTF is this??? Is this the same band???
  5. Good song my fav from the singles so far. This is the one they wrote with breaking ben. I gotta say tho, OBAR was just too damn good. I feel like it just cant be topped. Also It drives me nuts how Red lately LOVE to do double time drums during the chorus and than slow it down the last go around. To me it always sounds sooooo much better slowed down. This song is a good example of what I mean.
  6. Used to be my favorite band. I dont think the new tunes are awful, its just not the band I fell in love with. Imagine if this song wasnt acoustic? If it had those oldschool heavy guitars i think it might be there best work since scott. At first I was excited when they hired jeff cause of how much he sounds like scott. But now having an album under the belt and seeing them live with scott and without I cant help but feel this guy is just an inferior scott rip off. I think thats why it worked so much better with chester because he did his own unique take propelling them into new territory. Eve the way jeff moves on stage just irked the shit out of me cause its like he studied scotts every move and imitates it. Its funny cause the new AIC albums without layne are my favorite work the band have done. I think that works way better for 2 reasons. The first being jerry basically is aic and people dont realize how much he sang. So even without a new singer added it still sounded like aic. The second reason is they went with someone who brought there own flavor to the table. It just really stinks thinking about the music we could of had if scot,chester,chris,layne were still here.
  7. I do agree. Dark matter even though being way more formulaic still had way better dynamics and the songs were just fun to listen to. It started the last record with the u2 song. Than burning your world down came and god damn that song is just so boring. It does surprise me they talk like the new music is on another level when it just sounds like inferior, boring radio rock. Im happy the band is happy tho and Im positive I will end up loving a lot of monomania as I did with VN.
  8. so is that the new album cover and track list?? whats the release date?! New album out feb 21 Excited its so close!! anyway this song is way better than the first one. They always have some great deep cuts each record. Really intrigued to hear misery 2. One thing tho, as much as im diggin this song they freakin LOVE that chord progression!
  9. Wait till you guys hear the 2nd single. Ex Exotype singer btw!
  10. Sorry but these single havent been a hit for me. I loved the last record to.
  11. I love this guy but all his songs souns the same
  12. what is this???? first song is pretty bad. I found this guys on the last album and was blown away. The last couple singles sound almost like a different band tho im bummed cause TBF was beast. Where is the scream guy and is this ep a joke?
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