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  1. I always like when this band focused on guitars. Not so much when they dont. Im not sure why but they had JR bareis from love and death record all of the guitars on the whole record which im suupppper happy about that kid rips. Im just curious if he had a hand in writing also or if he just recorded.
  2. never heard these guys but im diggin this!! it reminds me of some old numetal band i cant think of especially during the chorus.
  3. Fun fact Jr bareis from love and death and islander did the guitars on this one
  4. I cant believe i didnt love this right away. Well I do now. It basically took what I loved about the last record and made it darker. For me way better than tapping out which is funny cause I prefer straightforward metal over pop any day but issues just does pop so well. Its like a guilty pleasure band for me
  5. Funny thing is if someone described the new songs vs headspace sound/style and tone wise II would totally prefer the new songs. After a few listens tho this one is a grower. Really dig it. I still miss michaels vocals tho. Last record Michael was doing those chester bennington type belting scream/singing style and it worked great. I think if that was in this song it would of really brought it up a notch. So far id say the weakest link on the new jams are the vocal melodys or lack of.
  6. I should of trusted my initial fears when they got howard benson. Headspace was so damn good. I remember that interview they posted when Benson said he pushed them to get even more proggy and crazy. LIES!!
  7. Man this record is really shaping up great. Im glad shaley really changed things up with the sound. Whens the record out??
  8. I knew this would happen. All this time and its just typical tool. Nothing crazy amazing. Jones has to try some different tunings at least. All his stuff sounds exactly the same.
  9. I knew this would happen. All this time and its just typical tool. Nothing crazy amazing. Jones has to try some different tunings at least. All his stuff sounds exactly the same.
  10. Man the first single was so damn good. This is pretty dope but its way more generic. I still dig it but the riff doesnt sound very hack like.
  11. Again I def dig it although It does seem a little basic and safe. OBAR was such a masterpiece cause it sounded like red with immense growth. These new songs while good are just very safe
  12. Way better than last single for me. Yes the production is lacking but its because they are not recording with graves ($$$$) The song feels like a better version of the first single. Riff is similar but a little better in my opinion. Is there any more info on the album?
  13. With solar and heartmachine last record and bloodline and talking heads my anticipation was huge because I love freakin numetal. Unfortunately id say the record is far more influenced by dance music/edm/industrial than NU.
  14. So for in my opinion it doesnt have the initial holy fuck impact that mesmer had on me. My fav songs last record were heartmachine and solar. Im usually not a fan of fast tempo stuff and Ive never really been super into the industrial prodigy type bands. Lot of that influence on this album. Again this is after a quick first listen. Its human nature to reject something new so its impossible to give a proper critique just yet. Northlane always seems to grow on me over time. For example I used to hate vultures. Now I cant believe I ever disliked that song. So far my biggest bummer moment was paradigm. I wish he did cleans over that awesomely melodic chorus. Man that could of been epic. My 2nd gripe is rift and sleepless dont really feel like complete songs to me. All in all I guess I just feel a little shortchanged in getting those classic northlane songs. Talking heads clean part is by far the best melody on the album in my opinion. SO FAR
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