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  1. back to get*et*l i guess. Ill so miss the people here. I cant believe the new I see stars or chevelle i wont be talking about with all of you!
  2. Man this is a gutpunch for sure. Ive met some great people here and is part of my EVERY day morning coffee routine. Hopefully we get some big leaks to go out with! maybe love and death like the 1st record! Thanks for all the work. Man im like in shock right now lol
  3. HOLY SHIT. This is everything ID HOPED the new sevendust would be. I like this better than any song from the new 7dust album. FUcking KILLER!
  4. A little better but man I was so freaking bummed with all the members leaving. I found this band when the last record came out and i was fucking floored. AMAZING album. Than these new songs came out its basically a different band.
  5. Again i think fans are SO happy to hear actual music again with instruments and SCREAMS that they are sort of blinded and not really seeing that the songs are actually not all amazing. Glad you guys are happy! I just feel like this ep is one song slightly varied here and there. For real tho, I think every bridge on the record uses almost the same riff just altered slightly. You can tell this was made during quarantine as it feels sort of slapped together without to much thought. Ludens I thought kicked so much ass and PA was pretty dope also! The rest just feel like shittier versions of those. My opinion guys! doesnt make it fact!
  6. YES kill the flaw was fucking amazing. Its because they didnt have a producer or label!
  7. Thank you!! diving in now! The lack of singles feels good now a solid full album of fresh tracks!
  8. oh god now this is what im talking about. SO heavy and groovy these are always my favs from them. What gets me super excited is usually lately those are reserved for the super low tuning songs. I know for sure there are at least 2 of those yet to be heard.
  9. Like i mentioned this is the one thing im upset about. I LOVED those simple low tuned grooves stuff like tempest or rosemary. Im bummed he didnt stick with that this record. I had to come edit this after i went back and listened to KNY. Its amazing how fast you forget things. Tht album has 2 songs in that style and the rest is standard TONES. So after realizing that I have to say, this record is there strongest by far overall in a long time. I still wish it had 1 song in that style I love but it doesnt really matter because the rest is so damn strong.
  10. HOLY FUCK. THis completely made me excited about the bar thing. I LOVED DA this shit rips
  11. Sure the album will slay but this song really did nothing for me. Ive listened like a handful of times no desire to go back.
  12. WTF is this!? never checked these dudes this is dope!!! its filling my i see stars/volumes fix
  13. Good stuff! Im glad it sounds a little like KOI or DE as those are my favs. I will say tho the chorus on this one was a little lacking but the rest is sick!
  14. I used to LOOOOOVE this band. After from birth to burial and tater left they brought matt back. I thought nick ras would of brought greatness on the last record but i thought it was terrible radio rock and completely took away the edge they had. This album is DEF a BIG step in the right direction and feels like i might really enjoy it as time goes! Im glad they changed the tuning up finally!! Wish they didnt stick to the same thruout tho. I will say tho as far as instantly liking songs this album didnt do much for me. But thats after only one listen. At least its not like the last record i was cringing during first listen. My one gripe i can say for sure about this album tho is its very safe. No left turns to be found. From birth to burial was so freaking good i want tater back!! Whats ironic is when feeding the wolves came out i was saying I want matt back!! Bring on deftones and sevendust!
  15. I dig these guys but i hate how every record they release twice
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