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  1. To each there own. Pretty much EVERY red single ever has been better than this song in my opinion. Even release the panic (song) was dope. This song is exactly how i feel about the new 10 years stuff. After the last album being so good I have huge expectations. I dont think the songs are horrible. They just sound more stock and like any other typical rock band.
  2. HEre is the issue....The last album was fuckin incredible. There best work. I think it was so good cause the band really focused on the elements everyone loves after the disaster of release the panic. With this album they are again doing that but are also not as cautious to try other new things which can be good and bad.
  3. Actually it wont. Anthony clarified this in an interview recently. The music business is crazy now. This is there last record that is contracted to the label. If the red fans continue to support the band when they go independent they WILL make more music.
  4. Track 6 tho! The album is odd tho. I think its blatantly obvious that when they stick to the ratm style thats when its strongest. So many great jams and a few real freakin duds. But even the ratm type songs besides a few sound sort of uninspired. But man track 6 alone makes it worth it to me. As far as the rapping goes, I expected so much more with two greats. We really need zach back. What the hell is that guy doing? that solo record thats taken over 10 years and NEVER talks about ratm. It seems the rest of the guys are open to anything but zach just doesn't want anything to do with it. Which irks me a little cause he left the band cause he felt the political climate didnt really call for them. Well now we need em more than ever!
  5. Man in typical 311 fashion some AMAZING songs and a few BAD ones. My only gripe is the fact that the last half of the album is just such a return to form its amazing. It makes the rest pale in comparison. The problem with this album is it seems they really over did the reggae aspects. The first half of the album has way to many "amber" or love song type songs. They are usually very good at album sequencing which is why i was sort of surprised when i kept going to the next track and it was again a reggae type song. Usually the band has 1 or 2 of these songs and the rest is the amazing hybrid of high energy,positive rockers. If they took out a few island suns and added 2 more face in the wind or days of 88 this would of been one of my fav 311 albums. I know people loved stereolythic which i thought was ok. It had a few gems but the good songs on Mosaic really gave me confidence that this band can still write great rock tunes. It sounds like a perfect blend of all there albums as i hear hints of evolver,transistor,soundsysem. Some songs id go as far as to bet they were originally demos from those early albums. Like I said tho, for me the good songs on the album are so good it makes up for the bad (till the citys on fire) They are better than the best songs from the last album. One last gripe to end my rant...does anyone else feel like Sa's rap skills have gone severely downhill? I think back to music and grassroots and he used to have a great flow. A lot of is rap parts feel forced, uninspired and plain cheesy which I know he has always been but not to this extent. Like the verse of perfect mistake...make you feel like a child again and again! just curious if anyone else thought this. Anyone Enjoy guys!
  6. Face in the wind just gave me so much nostalgic joy
  7. ive heard a bunch of other songs which makes me surprised they chose this as a single. So many other better choices. My man clint lowery helped write the album. The other songs are much more in the vein of the first album.
  8. 311 never disappoint! well maybe with DTOM but still! this is fuckin good!
  9. after all this time these guys have been around once again another old song redone. These guys cant write new shit huh?
  10. Hmmm the first single was amazing but this is a step back for sure. Is a new album already on the way?
  11. Im liking it I just feel like the production is not giving it the power it deserves or something.
  12. One band I can ALWAYS rely on to put out something that pushes the sound further while still sounding like the original stuff is 311. I cant freaking wait for that album.
  13. There are hints of greatness but I really was expecting more. Its much more "happy" and radio pop friendly than I thought it would be considering the interviews leading up to release. They always called it a dark,heavy record. I will say tho that No fun brought such a huge smile to my face. To hear those thick guitars again was so nostalgic. I wish the album had more tunes like this one. Album highlights are No fun,loneliest and throw out the map. Loneliest qualifies because its one of the darker tracks on the album and I always love when incubus do darker sounding stuff. It sort of reminds me of a more modern version of aqueous transmission. I expected to hear more riff oriented stuff as pointed out by the producer and I dont think there really is anything that can be considered "riffy". Besides the lack of riffs my second biggest gripe are the verses. Mike has always been a master at making moody,effect laden verses. A few songs on this album start ok than the verse comes and its mostly a bassline with minimal guitar work. I hold incubus to very high standards and I know we will never get to hear the "old" incubus sound ala make yourself and morning view again. Apparently Dirk was a HUGE influence on the early sound when even there soft songs were masterpieces making such complete records that had everything. I wouldn't call this album a back to roots album at all but it is a step in the right direction I guess.
  14. single

    Actually your wrong. I was expecting more of a morning view/crow vibe which it is a far cry from. I hear tiny vibes from both albums sonicly but are you really trying to tell me you think ANY of these songs so far stand up to ANYTHING from those 2 albums? Those 2 albums musically were so far ahead of all these singles so far. Musically,structure,uniqueness,melody's etc etc. Your right about opinions but I just find it such a stretch. Its hard for me to understand how people could think this sounds comparable to those albums. Sick sad little world and basically anything from the two albums you mentioned just destroy any of these singles. The one thing I notice that reminds me of those albums would be the dj's sound effects. Very MV esque but everything else is not. Ive always held incubus to a high standard musically especially after a crow but compared to that these songs are cookie cutter radio fare besides nimble bastard. I thought Trust fall from the ep sounded much closer to what I had expected. I also like you never thought the band was gone. I actually enjoyed INNW and adolecscents was great. If i was the first person to hear these songs again minus nimble bastard and I had to describe it I would say It sounds like a slightly more upbeat version of INNW. And by the way, MV is my favorite incubus album. You really think instrumentally besides a few noises it sounds like that?? Now I think I would be much more forgiving if the album seemed to have a solid mix of heavier/softer tracks like MV did perfectly but sadly hearing the album preview I fear thats not the case. I will admit tho hearing No fun made me giddy as it had the aggressive guitar sound and vocally was reminiscent of MV. Loneliest also sounded like a more modern version of aquas transmission or something.
  15. single

    I just want that song loneliest and im good. I do find it odd people are going crazy saying incubus are back. Besides nimble bastard this just sounds like the boring uninspired softer songs from prior albums. I actually would say most of the softer songs from if not now are better than this. And as far as single choices go im surprised that no fun wasn't one of the first released as it seemed to be one of the only songs that sound anything like the older stuff.