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  1. FINALLY!! This is more like it! Ive always dug dayshell but all of shaleys riffs sounded way to similar to me. This one is definitely different for him and im glad to hear it!
  2. HUUUUGE return to form. FINALLY! Its sort of like all the best aspects from all there eras combined into a clear more focused composition. The last half of the album especially is just full of holy shit moments. Great grooves this album finally won me over with mangini. His style was way closer to old portnoy with the solid grooves that just instantly get you bobbin your head.
  3. Im late to the party on this band. I really enjoyed this upon first listen and thats a rare thing these days. Excited to see what other albums they have. It really reminded me of some old school punk at times while also very reminiscent of issues and that groovy low tuned riffage. FUN listen
  4. This sounds great! Never heard these guys before. When does the album come out?
  5. Oh god best song from them ive heard since tot
  6. Amazing remake! Huge TIP...Whether your an old fan like me or not I implore EVERYONE to pony up 10 bucks and get the the og soundtrack. My only complaint about the game is the new ST is really lacking. And when they do play it its barely audible. Switching over the og soundtrack made it soooo much better. They do it very smartly where old sfx are in also but they keep a lot of the newer sound fx with it so its best of both. And the camera change doesn't effect the impact of the music at all. Im honestly dumbfounded why they just didnt stick with the original as it still works so damn well.
  7. Im sorry ive never been a huge BMTH fan. Semp and TTS were decent enough tho. This new record tho is just something I cant fully get into. Are there some cool synthy pop tracks? Well yes more than some. Do the more instrument based songs (very few) all sound very similar? Definitely. Is it all bad? absolutely not! Like linkin parks last record I just cant get behind any band ditching there instruments like that when that is the main thing that drew most people in the first place. Now this isnt exactly as an extreme departure as one more light tho. Id compare it more to incubus last album. Where the good parts are good but very few and between and just makes you yearn for more.
  8. Thats actually the one thing I want to see more of from this band. More choruses like this one. A lot of there choruses feel like after thoughts
  9. The wage war single is good, but everyone is using that SAME riff now!! Erra,skyharbour. It sounds almost exactly like Architects doomsday. Its basically the new trend right now after djent. Riffs that are a little more technical and high up on the fret board that always come back to that open low e.
  10. Better than expected but still a far cry from past records. Murdered love was really good, last record had a few great songs as well. I definitely see the more modernized pop sound they were going for here. Its a shame there arent really any heavy songs. Sometimes they tease it but its to quick. And damn the production is just god awful.
  11. Wow this is good!! surprised no comments! This is right up Fraks ally
  12. Even tho the last album wasnt to good it was still WAY better than this! This is just that awful boom type shit. There is literally nothing to this song. Like i cant believe after years this is what they came up with!? Bring back truby dam it!
  13. Fuck YES. The only stuff i dug from these guys was the double album with firmament. This seems like a return to that type of stuff.
  14. I honestly dont get the huge amount of hate. All the songs are very helpish and im happy to hear the production sounds way better. My only gripe is help had so many great choruses. Beside the second single this song and the first single do that annoying p.o.d. boom type chorus. Or like the new p.o.d song. When they have a dope instrumental but the chorus has ZERO melody and just exclaims some dumb statement like WE got you! or boom! lol My hopes are still high tho as we still have many songs to go and so far it sounds like a continuation of help.
  15. Like the last 2 records, the good stuff in my opinion (about half) of each record is some of the best stuff they have ever written. But than the other half is just boring or generic. Thats 3 albums in a row. I dont get how they could have such amazing stuff coupled with stuff that is obviously not on the same level. My biggest gripe tho is songs like fly. It seems like every record jerry feels compelled to try to recapture magic of songs like no excuses or something but to me it always fails miserably. Normally when I really dont like half an album thats a big deal but the good songs are so good it sort of makes up for it. But I always feel not totally satisfied. I wish the record had 1 or 2 more songs like drone it would feel much more complete to me. Drone is apparently the next single according to jerry. Goddamn tho the album closer all i am is just perfection. This is what I talked about when I reviewed the last single. Aic are at there best when they do they slow dark brooding stuff. Jerry LOVES using those minor chords where he picks each string. All I am almost feels like a newer version of Love Hate Love from facelift I believe. Or was it sap? What does everyone think of the title track?? I think its the worst on the album with never fade and fly. Its a testament to jerry how even with layne gone and being so deep into there career he can still write stuff that holds up to the earlier work. Nick rasculiniez (korn,deftones) did all the post layne records and although some of the stuff I dont like The good stuff is so good I hope they stick with him for the next one. All in all Id give the record an 8/10
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