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  1. man i became a fan on the last record cause The grooves and melody's were amazing plus the production was crazy good. I expected big things from the follow up. This feels like a step back in every way. Its like they are stuck trying to please old fans while trying to evolve. The last track was the only one that held up to DA in my opinion. A few comments were def right tho the production really has no life. If it was better im sure a lot of these would be received better.
  2. Dont fret. Just like the last record scotch ralston who has been there sound man forever did the majority of the record. While feldman did 4 of the modern pop stuff. Scotch did 9 songs. So expect 9 bangers.
  3. never heard these guys. Ill check it. Crazy this is an early leak now a days. Man i miss the early 2000's when we would get albums before they were even mastered lol
  4. Surprsied how dope this is after timfy left! Anyway sucks Timfy stopped his new band opia they were sick!! Heres his new band FLUX. They do cover songs djent style...
  5. Its weird cause on paper i would think I would love this band. But for some reason its just not clicking. I think thats why they cant seem to catch a break but keep trying. I think the issue is they just sound like SO many other (radio/rock) type bands like tdg or breaking benjamin and both of those bands do it better. well maybe not 3dg ;). I think they need to focus on trying to set themselves apart a little more on the next record.
  6. Are u sure?? cause i talked to timfy a month ago and things were still good.
  7. Hack lost two of the core members who wrote and did production. Than they release a freakin cover song? Shows me how much faith they have in the new stuff. Anway check out the band OPIA which has the og hack guitar and rapper.
  8. WOw after first listen that was incredible. I like how a few strongs were more striaght foward metal. Follow your ghost is crushing and feels like a sequel to bad thing LOVE IT
  9. Totally agree. Im a new fan that thought lifelines was awful. I LOVED the first 2 singles for this so was hyped. Man was the rest a let down. Its to all over the place and so many songs (like i said before) feel like pieces of older linkin park,i see stars songs that were done better before. After the singles I was sort of expecting something like the new the word alive which i thought was amazing. Now I wait for i see stars and issues to make things better
  10. You will be let down. Its a shame cause the heavier moments are by far the best parts of the record.
  11. Ok so im a new fan that LOVED breaking down. IM half way thru the album and im pretty underwhelmed. The first half of songs a lot of them feel very underdeveloped and like songs from other bands that were done better. Songs like gasoline and rise above remind me of i see stars ALOT but ISS does it way better. They just feel like they took pieces of other songs for example....every time you leave is basically a rock version of heavy from linkin park. I hope the rest of the record is better. At the same time This is first listen and its not possible to formulate a fair opinion on that. New songs take time to sink in so we will see.
  12. After more listens my initial excitement has died down. I loved it at first cause it is soooo similar the the superior 2nd single. Anyway after some time with it id say its just ok. It feels like its missing something like its an interlude of some sort.
  13. VERY much like the 2nd single. Almost feels like part 2. Which is a good thing!
  14. FINALLY!! This is more like it! Ive always dug dayshell but all of shaleys riffs sounded way to similar to me. This one is definitely different for him and im glad to hear it!
  15. HUUUUGE return to form. FINALLY! Its sort of like all the best aspects from all there eras combined into a clear more focused composition. The last half of the album especially is just full of holy shit moments. Great grooves this album finally won me over with mangini. His style was way closer to old portnoy with the solid grooves that just instantly get you bobbin your head.
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