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  1. I'm so happy for this album! Nick is great on this one!
  2. There are some good songs, but not a good release.
  3. Not new to the staysick lineup, their debut album was released in the label
  4. LOL, didn't knew the difference hahahaha, thanks! BTW, i still prefer him on Former Tides.
  5. I don't know where he is now, but no, not the entire original line up.
  6. The album is really good, but i miss Rene's clean, the new clean vocalist not even close to him!
  7. Nomads is one of my favorite albuns and i can't understand whats happening in this song. For me is a complete mess
  8. So good, so unique. I cant't stop listening. A masterpiece for sure!
  9. This is really good! People should not sleep on this band
  10. Not mad dude. I love how BMTH is making a difference. But it just didn't worked for AA. I'm listening the album again, trying to get into this new vibe. Well, this is not a bad album, but i feel like their lost their way trying to make this sound different.
  11. I think i just wasted my time, there's no AA at all, for me it seems they just tried to be a new BMTH and it didn't work
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