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  1. @MrBullock0407 I saw that you could pay a dollar for the whole thing and i said to myself. Well I'm not cheap and it's killswitch engage. I'll give them $15 for a 6 song B-side. Why not, it's for a good cause and the government gave a lot of us stimulus checks haha
  2. I had no idea this was dropping today, until my ex-girlfriend contacted me and sent me the band camp link and info on it. I was so excited i bought it. I spent 15 dollars out of my stimulus check to help support their cause and music. I feel it was worth it.
  3. You couldn't have said it better. They released like 3 or 4 albums before they started with the covers. And the whole reason for doing the covers was because it was fun and to give people something while their waiting on a new album
  4. I wouldn't call it tainting other people's music/ I would call it improving it, making it better. most of the songs they cover are shit, but it sounds so much better when they do it. aside from hotel california and a few other songs. Even though i like OLN version, the original hotel california i like better
  5. I love still remains but i wish they stuck with the sound they had on the serpent and of love and lunacy. I liked Ceasing to breathe, but they just sounded like a lot of other bands out there. I'm glad as i lay dying made their comeback, but i wish the latest album didnt sound like all their material recycled. I love the new album though
  6. I really like this song, I'll probably like everything these guys will ever release even in the future. Their a solid band with a good sound. As for it being basic and nothing special. I wanna see you guys start a band, and release something that isn't basic or something that is special and different. I guarantee none of you can do it. If ya have, send me the links to it
  7. I've been listening to this band for a long time, and i never thought they would go this direction. I do hope this is just an intro, it does sound like one. At first i didn't know whether to hate it or like it. The electronic techno type beats is mostly the reason. But after like 5 listens it's growing on me. I just hope the rest of the album sound like them. Not sure if i would like a whole album sounding like this.
  8. It's about time this band releases something good. The last couple albums were such shit and so disappointing that i thought they would never bounce back. I thought they were done, but i guess they took a lot of what their fans were saying to heart.
  9. I agree with ya, of beauty and rage is gonna be hard to top. When that album was released i was so blown away. I had it on repeat for weeks and kept listening to it constantly for months. I still listen to it. It was that an periphery juggernaut alpha and omega that i couldn't stop listening to in 2015 lol. Both albums were released like 2 weeks or a month apart from each other. Can't really remember lol, but that's not important. What is important that OBAR was such a masterpiece that i thought then, how in the hell is red gonna top this. I think that's why gone was such a let down to a lot of people. It had some really good songs on it, but none were better than any of the songs on OBAR. Now we have the 3 new songs that were released and their so far better than Gone but imo their not better than of beauty and rage. I still love all their albums and most of their songs. Release the panic had like 4 or 5 songs i really was disappointed with. Other than that, they have a pretty solid discography.
  10. I would start with conclusion of an age, that's the album that made me fall in love with these guys. Jamie Graham was the vocalist then and his vocals are amazing. It's probably the most melodic album they have. Then move on to edge of the earth, monolith, and dormant heart. If you like all those then you can go back and check out the supreme oppressor and casting shadows. Their more like Ep's but the supreme oppressor is 7 songs i believe. Their both really good also. If you like Jamie's vocals on conclusion of an age then you should check out heart of a coward. That's the band he joined after sylosis. But he left heart of a coward before their most recent album. But he did 3 amazing albums with them. you forgot the supreme oppressor and casting shadows
  11. This song is amazing, been waiting for something new from these guys for a long time. I'm glad they didn't call it quits. I can't wait for the new album, these guys have been one of my favorite bands since i first heard them on the album the supreme oppressor. This is a good comeback song, nice to see them coming out with a banger. Most of their songs are heavy hitters, I'm just glad they didn't get softer. I do hope Josh uses a little bit of clean vocals on this album, he has pretyy good cleans. Their not as good as Jamie Graham's cleans, but they sounded good on edge of the earth
  12. It's a new bassist, his name is Lonny Eagleton. I read it on Kerrang! They announced it on Friday
  13. I can't wait to listen to this. Billy Talent has always released some damn good songs. They never disappoint, at least they haven't disappointed me yet. Definitely a solid band
  14. I really hope he is joking, because it's the other way around. Hopefully Post Malone get's as big as Ozzy was back in the 70's - present
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