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  1. Will rock this while destroying people in Montana in new Far Cry 5
  2. This is kind of cool
  3. This is ETIDs' and A Static Lullabys' child
  4. lol " for girls " seems more like a YOU issue than an LP issue. They will be ok without you.
  5. It is a great summer album and a great drive album, you are right.
  6. " good " is all relative . They have the luxury of doing what they want.
  7. Side project for a member of Strung Out and a member of Hoobastank.
  8. I love how melodic this album is, definitely their most " mature " album. Seriously talented band. Beyond pleased with this album. Also those nordic feels in the riffage on My Destruction are beyond catchy.
  9. I did not know that. Very nice news, this is just as good as Shokran.
  10. I literally only asked a question , christ.
  11. Why would you want to transcode down to a " v4 " ????
  12. So sorry man, Caliban is still killing it. Very far from dead, so sorry, so sorry.
  13. You saying Caliban is dead says it all, icing. So sorry.
  14. Would be cool with English lyrics.
  15. You're insane, Caliban still rules and rules hard.
  16. This is literally outstanding, so good.
  17. Yea I wasn't being serious, sorry for that. Chat really doesn't get things across well. I really enjoy this album though, its different.
  18. This is a YOU thing man, works like gold for me, never an issue.
  19. Literally a perfect comparison. Except TDWP still has that dirty feel no band can touch.
  20. Their album ( 8 songs ) from 2015 was slept on so hard. This band is outstanding.
  21. He sounds great, I also like that they aren't the focus. The chorus' are different.