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  1. it definitely did go under the radar, great album, I also don't think people realized it was him solo.
  2. the struggles in life
  3. This album is absolute gold, everything with Karl is gold as well, so what I am saying is Misery Signals is gold. Dont sleep on Karls SOLO project if you aren't familiar: https://solacecanada.bandcamp.com/
  4. Solid, just nice to hear Maynard again. Of course want new TOOL because TOOL > . This will do just fine though.
  5. Nu Metal having a great year
  6. epic meh
  7. I think it made you look bad more than the bands, but ok.
  8. Great job, GREAT job. So pumped the singer is back in the band, loved Karl though.
  9. oh ok, just seemed like you were trying as hard as the bands in the genre you were complaining about trying too hard.
  10. Tech Death has been top tier this year though, ask fans of it on this site, probably missing a lot of good tunes if you skip due to font lol.
  11. i know, just saying i think The Crusade is awesome
  12. I am one of those weirdos who thinks The Crusade is a great thrash album, lot of hate for that album, love it.
  13. This stuff is so old now, KL loves this guy though, KL is also filled with a ton of youtube kids so..
  14. Thirsty and Ungrateful
  15. This is outstanding
  16. Yea I can get it to you later on, if someone else doesn’t. Both very good eps.
  17. So you didnt donate? You said you would keep your word.