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  1. Will rock this while destroying people in Montana in new Far Cry 5
  2. This is kind of cool
  3. This is ETIDs' and A Static Lullabys' child
  4. lol " for girls " seems more like a YOU issue than an LP issue. They will be ok without you.
  5. It is a great summer album and a great drive album, you are right.
  6. " good " is all relative . They have the luxury of doing what they want.
  7. Side project for a member of Strung Out and a member of Hoobastank.
  8. I love how melodic this album is, definitely their most " mature " album. Seriously talented band. Beyond pleased with this album. Also those nordic feels in the riffage on My Destruction are beyond catchy.
  9. I did not know that. Very nice news, this is just as good as Shokran.
  10. I literally only asked a question , christ.
  11. Why would you want to transcode down to a " v4 " ????
  12. So sorry man, Caliban is still killing it. Very far from dead, so sorry, so sorry.
  13. You saying Caliban is dead says it all, icing. So sorry.