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  1. I knew the sleep would be strong on this.
  2. Endless Nights is GREAT, nothing wrong with a little variety especially when they can crush a ballad type song.
  3. Nice post, really like this album
  4. I am not hung up, I just like it more, thats all
  5. Will be their best , new stuff is very good.
  6. delete this, been pushed back.
  7. Second best after To Plant A Seed and it's not even close.
  8. Yes
  9. Everything they do best is on this, outstanding release.
  10. it definitely did go under the radar, great album, I also don't think people realized it was him solo.
  11. This album is absolute gold, everything with Karl is gold as well, so what I am saying is Misery Signals is gold. Dont sleep on Karls SOLO project if you aren't familiar: https://solacecanada.bandcamp.com/