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  1. I bet you actually like it, you are totally that guy/girl that would go the other way. Anyways, not a fan of you in general so I am bias. If it is your actual opinion then cool.
  2. Good, you troll so much.
  3. This is a YOU thing man, works like gold for me, never an issue.
  4. Literally a perfect comparison. Except TDWP still has that dirty feel no band can touch.
  5. Their album ( 8 songs ) from 2015 was slept on so hard. This band is outstanding.
  6. He sounds great, I also like that they aren't the focus. The chorus' are different.
  7. So different from Deathless and I love it.
  8. it was me being facetious , just another damn good album by a damn good band was my point, comparing aside.
  9. Screw comparing, just another killer album to a killer discography. Band knows what they are doing.
  10. yea, since Monuments is my favorite. I love this album, but you cant really go wrong with Miss May I.
  11. Their best album, Crawl and Under Fire, My Destruction are gold. Most unique album as well, Neffs' cleans are different, the melodies and the heavy is there from all their albums. Really outstanding.
  12. Extremely important
  13. So you " dont like Hardcore much anymore is a big reason". Makes it easy to dislike them. I don't care about them at all, never been a fan but I don't make music personal. I cut it off at the tunes.