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  1. Dig it, loved their previous album.
  2. Awesome movie
  3. Building off FDTD, and I have no complaints about that, dig the tune.
  4. Love that song and album as a whole.
  5. That's right, only emo people like this band. For someone who dislikes AA and " is not emo "you sure do talk a lot about both. I'm just being a dramatic emo though, don't mind me.
  6. well this is awesome, Phish feels.
  7. ahh, liking it a bit more now I see
  8. big fan of these 2 new tunes, Pale Emperor is gold
  9. These guys go at it, I bet their live show is great. Love having Pantera-esque tunes.
  10. Top tier pop punk band
  11. Sweet, awesome band and killer singer.
  12. I dont Like Feel very much, or madness. I prefer the first 2 albums. This new album is awful.
  13. This gives me Thursday vibes, that is a good thing.