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  1. I have literally understood the love for these guys, I appreciate them but I do not get it. Didn't understand it back in the day and I do not get it now but props.
  2. @dvsr yea he nails those Frank Sinatra covers, 98% on KL dont even know who he was, a legend and Brendan Urie nails his covers.
  3. His Frank Sinatra covers are what is important, destroys this, basically a solo effort now anyways.
  4. I know you arent changing, just stating I knew it wouldnt be that great because of the 2 cents, do your thing my man. Every once and a while something is good, usually when you dont hype too much. I think we are about done with this though, lets leave the rest of the thread to the music/band.
  5. I didnt know you were here to please ME, I appreciate that, had no idea that was your job. Learn something new everyday.
  6. well I knew it wouldn't be that great since you added your 2 cents in the post, hyping too much = disappoitment, it is decent though.
  7. It's alright, chug. I dig the melodic parts way more than the heavier.
  8. yea, really far from just metal actually, clearly was a quick post.
  9. Gives me Egypt Central vibes, they were fun.
  10. it was just a very weak attempt at edge, and also an awful pun. You are also very transparent, there are thousands of you on the internet, basically it is just old. You didnt violate any rules, you are just lame.