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  1. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    agree, not sure how far back it will go, but it will go on back..... I dont just bicker about stuff either, sorry you buy into the people that dislike me.
  2. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    Those cleans at the tempo change, and the change into the groove afterwards = YUP.
  3. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    but no joke, their full length is outstanding. holy words
  4. An Argency – Eternal Legacy (2018)

    of course, who doesnt love belarusianics?
  5. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

  6. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    Comparing this to TDWP is blasphemy, TDWP really stands on their own when it comes to sound. This is good though, and so is the previous album.
  7. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    that is drastic, i just didnt know people were doing that.
  8. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    People are doing that?
  9. Slaves - Beautiful Death (2018)

    ONLY complaint is that lyrically it can be very repetitive ( meaning saying the same thing over and over, in a chorus, etc..), but just happy to like a Slaves album finally, really enjoy it.
  10. Pure Violet - Glass (Single) (2018)

    but....they are separate.....
  11. Pilot Season - A Deep Dive (2018)

    really love that grunge guitar tone they use at times, like in Replaced, love that. the genre is really strong, you arent listening enough if you think its dwindling. Opinions of course I know, but dabble a bit more, lots of good ones out there.
  12. Horcrux - The Dark Mark [EP] (2018)

    yea that other cover is much better, awesome tunes too though.
  13. Secrets - Strangers [Single] (2018)

    Yea, that album was a bunch of gobbly goo