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  1. I am honestly beyond excited for this album, as I had no idea they had a full length coming, killer melo hardcore band.
  2. That 2014 ep went WAAAAAY under the radar, the band in general. What if you manscape?
  3. I remember those days of virus-filled download sites like Limewire as well lol. Yea I love that album and I love Thrice, bummer that happened to you as a young kid though, but I can see why it sticks with you. It means a lot to me as well, not for your reasons, much more drastic and important they are, but it was just something I found back in the day and was like " WTF this is awesome " and here we are.
  4. It is baffling to me as well, no offense to those people but I just don't understand how they go unnoticed. I agree, they so much different from their heavier and more " core " early days but they are still just as good. The Alchemy Index albums are their crown jewel though, literally has everything a Thrice fan could want. No lie though, " Artist In The Ambulance " is near and dear but not silly enough to think that is coming back, love Thrice through and through.
  5. I really enjoyed this ep, nice throwback
  6. wow, album is going to be NICE
  7. too late to edit my post BUT this is GREAT.
  8. good job @HeistMonkey121 thoroughly enjoyed your previous ep as well ( even though you hate it ) lol, keep it up.
  9. oh nice, love their previous stuff.