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  1. so good, still so good, wont not be so good.
  2. Brandon Saller is a killer singer, great choruses. I feel like a lot of people forget that they released " Long Live " in 2015, that was a killer comeback album IMO. This album has some real good songs on it, I really only dislike 2 of them I think Terrified is really good
  3. nah, just that ep so far, but def get on Across The Sun.
  4. YES, so good, the singer was in an older band Across The Sun, I highly recommend checking them out. Their album " Before The Night Takes Us " is on Spotify, along with a previous EP. They were very very good.
  5. exactly what instrumental is good for, I can't just listen to it like a normal album with vocals.
  6. Bjorn " Speed " Strid . Their earlier ( not Stabbing The Drama earlier ) is much like this, not new for them, pretty much what they are.
  7. The music > The Artwork ( for you warriors )
  8. I am not sure if anyone here knows who Terror In Haddonfield is, but they have a killer horror movie themed album out Before I Turn sound like a more polished version of them, both awesome, highly recommend. This is what I heard, so dont get angry, worst comes to worst you had a decent band shared.