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  1. kind of harsh but I agree, that shit is old. Pretty boring song overall in the end as well.
  2. well, we obviously thought it was better than what this is so far and what it is shaping up to be... " Such a step back from Help " would give it away.
  3. Liking these more and more, I really enjoy Peace and the effort to do something different. Ryan sounds outstanding on both songs.
  4. This band is so good, wake up people!!! P.S. A fried bologna sandwich on wheat with normal Frenchs mustard and some shredded cheese is GOLD.
  5. Not sure why you would want this with just instruments, would be pretty boring. Never understood the metalc ore instrumental thing.
  6. The only album I have literally disliked form these guys is " Mind Games " everything else I enjoy, their most recent album is awesome in my opinion. Their best release is still their debut ep " I'm Not Dying Today ". Oh, relevant to this album, I have enjoyed the singles, but I don't listen to previews so we will see when the album shows up.
  7. Love me some Limp Bizkit, even though that is not what these guys are going for.
  8. Their previous stuff destroys this, all of it.
  9. This is VERY good, start to finish I really enjoy this
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