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  1. I sense a lot of awesome sounds, Soilwork rules and Night Flight are awesome.
  2. Trying way too hard to be too many things
  3. He’s a sheltered elitist, but has epic yellow fever.
  4. So important, and so good, great job by the legends.
  5. best to wait to judge the actual sound when it is not 128
  6. yea, I never got it when it comes to these guys.
  7. Not sure what the issue is with this song, super catchy, nice WSS chants and pretty sweet breakdown. I dig it, huge fan of their more melodic side as they are unfair catchy.
  8. I enjoy this album quite a bit, even if it is not the first time sounds like these have been made. Luckily I am not only looking for completely original tunes, if I was I probably wouldn't have much to listen to. Really good album though, and check out We Are Perspectives album as well, it sounds like other things though so do it at your own risk.
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